Who Makes Continental Tires? Complete Guide

There are different players in the car parts market, each trying their best to have their brand stick out. In tire manufacturing, there are Continental Tires. It is a popular brand that produces exemplary tires. Who makes continental tires? Many car owners have this question, wanting to know its background.

Your choice of tire brand determines how long the parts will serve you before going for a replacement. Continental Tires has a reputation of quality and diversity, something that sets it apart from its competitors.

Hang on as we look at who sells continental tires to quench your curiosity.

Continental Tires

As earlier mentioned, continental tires are among the finest, bring you the real deal in material quality. There are several tire types under this brand, for use on different vehicles and driving conditions, an edge of versatility.

Some of the markets that this tire company serves include standard cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and that of commercial utilities like tractors. There are also tires for advanced driving, such as those of sports cars. In short, you can find almost every tire type you need from this dealer.

You can explore Continental Tires’ amazing catalog from its website.

Continental Tires’ Manufacturer

Back to the main topic, let us focus on who makes this tire brand. This brand operates under the Continental AG umbrella. It is a multinational corporation, with its headquarters in Germany. Continental has been in business for over a century and a half, as it started its operations in 1871.

Initially, this company focused on rubber manufacturing. As the 1900s approached, Continental ventured into tire manufacturing. At this time, automobile technology was evolving fast. This entity majored in the production of plain tread car tires. It was a smooth transition when looking at its performance at the time.

Continental has the distinction of being the first company to produce grooved vehicle tires. Combined with the excellent stint in plain tread tire manufacturing, the entity grew immensely. In the 1920s, it merged with other companies in rubber production. The result was the largest company in Germany.

Presently, the Continental Corporation is available in many countries, with many to come in the future as part of its expansion plan. It is present in most major world trading regions.

Types of Continental Tires

One of the significant selling factors of this tire company is its versatility. This attribute is evident when you look at the different types of continental tires. When looking at the type of tires, there are two major classifications. These are suitability to driving conditions or quality and environmental conditions.

On quality, there are three types; premium, performance, and sport. Premium tires are ideal for a smooth riding experience, with quality being a contributing factor. Performance is for powerful vehicles, like those that go off-road or racecars. Finally, sport is for sports uses, for example, the Continental Grand Prix 5000 for bicycles.

Highlighted below are the different tire types this manufacturer has to tackle various environmental conditions.

Summer Tires

If you drive in summer conditions, or a hot environment, summer tires are an option to consider. These tires undergo thorough engineering to make them fit for hot surfaces. The main point of focus is the grip, for anti-slip properties. This property comes from the dedicated rubber construction, with the grip able to handle dry and wet surfaces.

Another amazing thing about Continental summer tires is that they have low rolling resistance. This is significant in fuel economy as there is a reduced drag rate. Its design appears more contoured, sporting fewer grooves than winter tires. This construction ensures there is a perfect contact patch for efficient braking.

Winter Tires

Continental winter tires, as their name hints, are suitable for driving in cold conditions. This tire features a large percentage of natural rubber, essential to prevent it from freezing when temperatures dip. It makes them fit to handle ice and snow-covered roads. The flexible treads also make for effortless movement on wet roads.

A thing that you will notice with the winter tires is that treads have deep-set grooves. It is advantageous when driving on snow-covered roads, as they dig deep into the snow for a perfect grip. Additionally, there are small slots on the tire surface for a traction boost.

All-Season Tires

This type of tire combines the characteristics of summer and winter tires. They are fit for your car if you live or drive in places with fluctuating weather. They offer an excellent value, as you do not need to buy new tires when it turns hot from cool and vice versa.

On perusing the catalog, you will also encounter Continental run-flat tires. This type has the backing of the self-supporting RUNFLAT technology. These tires continue running even after a puncture and can cover a distance of 50-miles before you get a replacement.

Continental Tires Sizes

When getting a new tire, you have to be keen on their sizes. In this case, we look at the cross-sectional width of the tire. You will see this value on the side of the tire in a set of numbers. The first number denotes the size. The digit is mostly in millimeters, though some show in inches. You can use a unit converter to show you the value in your preferred units.

Sticking to its diverseness, this tire maker stocks over six different tire sizes. For the best driving experience, ensure you get the right size.

tire size meaning

Most Common Tyres Sizes
125/70R-16 135/70R-13
135/70R-15 135/80R-12
135/80R-13 145/60R-13
145/65R-15 145/70R-12
145/70R-13 145/80R-10
145/80R-12 145/80R-13
145/80R-14 155/55R-14
155/65R-13 155/65R-14
155/65R-15 155/70R-12
155/70R-13 155/70R-15
155/80R-12 155/80R-13
165/50R-15 165/55R-13
165/55R-14 165/60R-12
165/60R-14 165/60 R-15
165/65R-13 165/65R-14
165/65 R-15 165/70R-13
165/70R-14 165/80R-13
165/80R-15 175/50R-13
175/50R-15 175/55R-15
175/55R-16 175/60R-13

Continental Tire Prices

Price is a crucial factor to consider when buying tires. With a focus on cost, do not always seek affordability. A cheap part may end up being of low quality, meaning you have to replace it sooner. Instead, look for value. Get a tire that offers you the perfect bargain, in that it is affordable and has amazing characteristics.

Continental Tires’ price is pretty steep compared to most brands. There is justification for the price as the tire maker invests a lot to come with top-grade tires. The wheel parts are very durable and will last you for ages. In short, Continental products are expensive but offer you the best value for your spending.

Pros of Continental Tires

Continental wheel parts have plenty of advantages, the most evident being quality. As previously stated, Continental tire company invests a lot of time and resources to come up with efficient wheel parts. The high quality translates to durability.

The other impressive thing about the parts is their performance. On the road, the tires will offer ample traction, courtesy of the grip from the treads and grooves. Their depth will vary depending on use, where winter tires have deeper grooves than summer tires.

Continental has a diverse collection to meet different driving needs. Besides those for regular cars, there are truck, bicycle, tractor, and motorcycle parts. You also get ideal tires for performance-based vehicles or sports cars.

Cons of Continental Tires

The main drawback of tires from Continental AG is their costliness. The tires have a steep price that many cannot afford. The good thing is that you get the best out of the tire in areas like longevity and performance.

The other disadvantage is that Continental is not present in some countries despite its rapid expansion. However, it has dealers who handle its products as it works towards achieving a global presence.

The Average Life of Continental Tires

How long do Continental tires last? This is another common question for those interested in this brand. As you now know, the tire maker spares no effort when it comes to quality. It means that its products are high-grade and will last you for ages.

Typically tires should last for 5 to 10-years if you maintain them by performing routines like tire rotation. While many brands claim their products have a 10-year life, few live up to this assertion. Continental products are among the few exceptions and may slightly exceed this time limit. For your safety, and comfortable driving, change tires when they reach their age limit.

Who Makes Continental Tires


Q: Is Continental Tire Owned By Michelin?

Michelin is a giant tire manufacturing company based in France. Among its competitors is Continental, which gives it a run for its money, particularly in the European market. Contrary to beliefs, Michelin does not own Continental. The only relationship that exists between the two companies is the competition to emerge as the market leader.

Q: Are Continental Tires Any Good?

Continental tires are among the most popular around the world. The brand’s marketing appeal is its product quality, one of the finest in the industry. Furthermore, the wheel components are very efficient on the road. You can see this on winter and summer tires.

If you want car tires that guarantee you longevity, Continental is a great consideration.

Q: Are Continental Tires As Good As Michelin?

Continental and Michelin take the top 5 spots of the most prominent tire manufacturers globally. This means that the former does all it can to live up to its competition. As such, Continentals products match up to Michelin’s, though each has an edge of uniqueness that allows them to thrive independently.

Q: Are Continental Tires Made In China?

Continental Tires is an entity that operates under the wings of Continental AG, a German company. This means the tire manufacturer is German and not Chinese as many assume. However, there is a Continental Tires manufacturing plant in Hefei, a city in China. The plant is one of the largest in the Asian country.

Q: Which Is The Parent Company Of Continental?

Continental Tires is part of the larger Continental AG, which deals in automotive parts. It is a legitimate company that has been in the auto industry for over a century. Other parts Continental deals in are brake systems, car safety, and chassis parts.

Q: Do Continental Tires Last?

An attribute that you will appreciate with Continental’s tires is their durability. The firm uses high-grade rubber to develop its products. The tires undergo further testing to ascertain that they are sturdy enough for different driving conditions.

They have a lifeline of 10-years, after which, you have to replace them. For better service, perform maintenance tasks like checking the pressure. Also, know the symptoms of bad tires for prompt attention.

Final Word

Continental Tires is renowned manufacture of tires that is present in many parts of the world. This piece gives us an insight into this company, giving us an idea of its goods and services. Continental is a reputable firm that you can consider if you want quality tires for your car.

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