Easy Tips on How to Clean Mechanic Hands

After working on your car, whether repainting, changing fluids, or changing worn-out parts, your hands are bound to get dirty and greasy. Your hands are a symbol of how hard you have worked to accomplish that repair. If it is your first time experience with greasy hands, you will find yourself wondering ‘how to clean mechanic hands?’ Simple bar soap and water may not perform all the tricks and remove all the grease or dirt. There is definitely a better solution other than spending an hour at your bathroom’s sink, as vividly demonstrated in this YouTube video.

If you find your manly hands greasy and mighty dirty always, it would be best if you tried some special tactics meant to clean your messy hands. Our today’s topic will take you through a step-by-step process on how to remove ingrained dirt from your hands.

How to clean mechanic hands Step by step guide?

Getting Ready

First things first, you need to get ready for the cleaning process. Ensure that you have all that you need at your disposal before you start cleaning the mess at hand. For this mechanic’s hand cleaner recipe, you will require petroleum jelly, dish soap, sugar or salt scrub, mineral oil, and wash soaps. After a hard day’s work, you need to clean your hands immediately after exposure to prevent your skin from getting stained. It may as well be worthwhile to note that dry or calloused skin is highly likely to absorb grease or engine oil; thus, you should always keep your hands moisturized.

Although each one of us believes in a specific hand cleaner that is bound to work, however, grease or oil still requires to be cleaned. Having this in mind, there are certain creams out there devoted to protecting you from getting your hands too greasy. You need to always remember that it takes a lot of months to repair any skin damage on your skin from many years of neglecting skincare.

how to clean stained hands

Wash off Excess Grease or Oil

Using a bar soap and some water, wash your hands thoroughly to remove as much grease or oil as possible. However, you will find that some grease or stains are tough to remove from the ordinary soap in some parts of your hand. At this point, you can use the heavy-duty dish soap that breaks down the grease stains further.

Always protect your skin from any blemishes by washing them thoroughly before stains become too adhered to your skin. Hand cleaners need some type of scrubbing if at all they have to work to protect your skin.

Using a Spoonful of Sugar or Salt

This is a handy tip that is easy to perform after a greasy day. It helps remove the tough grease and oil stains from your hands. Put a tablespoon full of your crystallized home sugar into some water and stir to make a paste.

Before rinsing the sugar solution off, consider buffing your palms using a pumice stone. You may also use one of the old toothbrushes to scrub both your nails and fingers. The extra scrubbing helps the sugar or salt solution to do its job in clearing that stubborn grease in your hands. You should then follow up with some more soap and water. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways how to clean mechanic nails.

It is advisable to use a washcloth and warm water while scrubbing your hands. Alternatively, you can use a creamy body wash. Soaking your hands for about five to ten minutes in a hair conditioner and warm water mixture makes it easier to remove any dead skin that may have trapped the grease or engine oil that does not want to budge.

Fight Oil With Oil

This might seem like a uniquely strange idea, but it is possible to remove grease from your oily hands using a different kind of oil. You may use olive or baby oil as they are usually gentle on the skin while still being aggressive on tough stains.

You should begin by placing a small-sized dollop of oil on your palms and rub it gently between your hands, knuckles as well as between your fingers. Allow a few minutes before you rinse and then follow up with a great solution of detergent and water. If, after this process, your hands still feel or look greasy, you can try another oil drop and redo this process.

In case you have been curious about “how do mechanics remove grease from hands,” it is no magic. Try this homemade remedy for greasy hands, and it is sure to leave your hands looking cleaner than ever before.

Using WD-40

The WD-40 compound is an oil-based lubricant with a variety of uses such as unsticking zippers, loosening the tight bolts/screws, and even silencing the screechy/noisy doors. Moreover, this commercial product is renowned for removing tough stains such as grease and engine oil from your hands.

You simply need to spray the solution on your hands and then rub them together. Allow a few minutes and then use a paper towel to wipe off the lubricant from your palms. Afterward, you can wash your hands with a water-soap mixture. Repeat as need be, but more often than not, a single scrub should work just as fine. This is simply how to clean hands without stressing too much.

Repair the Damage

After you spend all the time trying to bluff out the tough stains and working with the chemicals, your hands will undoubtedly end up being gnarly. For intense damage, ensure you make yourself heated spa mitts.

Also, you can wear a pair of gloves to sleep in. It may appear weird to your partner for one night, but they will definitely appreciate it the following morning when you wake up with soft hands. And maybe the next time, you could try plastic gloves and an oil barrier cream. You can also place your hands on a warm water bottle and relax for a bit. The warm water in a bottle opens up your skin pores.

Hand Care

Now that you have clean and fresh hands with no ingrained dirt, you ought to consider using an after-care solution. This is the last stage of a great hand care routine. You should recondition and moisturize your skin, although this is often overlooked.

Rehydration of your skin after the damage done by the elements from all the hard work is crucial. Consider using a hand care lotion frequently to stimulate a natural recovery of your skin. It helps leave the skin smoother and more subtle.

How to Clean Mechanic Hands

In Conclusion

With that said, you are now well equipped with ways of how to clean mechanic hands during a hard day’s work. Many a time, greasy or oily hands are a cause for concern as to whether they will clean and be back to normal. Fortunately, with a simple homemade formula, your hands can be looking cleaner than before. Just follow this guide to the latter, and you will have your hands looking spick and span. The feeling of having our hands clean again is certainly worth this process, and it is easy to follow through as well.

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