Can I leave my car at U-Haul?

Moving properties have become relatively cheap in United States, thanks to U-Haul. U-Haul is a car rental company that renders several services, including renting trucks, trailers, etc. This is one of the most patronized rental companies in the US.

However, in many cases, car owners cannot drive the rental and private car simultaneously. This has prompted many to ask, can I leave my car at U-Haul centers? I will answer this as we progress, as well as questions regarding rentals at U-Haul.

can you park a u haul on the street overnight

U-Haul car parking policy

If you drive your car to a U-Haul center to rent their truck, you will need a place to keep your car while you drive the truck away. So you may ask, can I leave my car at U-Haul? Most U-Haul centers will let you park your car at their business locations. They will, in fact, show you a good place or a marked area to leave your private vehicle.

However, some U-Haul locations with limited space don’t allow parking of any sort. And what if I am not their customer? Can I leave my car at Uhaul without renting their vehicles? Yes, you can. However, you need to understand their car parking policy.

Firstly, all personal vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. This means U-Haul is not liable for damage or other issues incurred while your vehicle is parked in its business locations. While this is true, one can’t dispute the fact U-Haul centers are safe in that they have trained representatives and 24/7 cameras watching people entering and leaving their stations.

Secondly, each location that allows parking has specific durations in which you can park your car. So how long can I leave my car at U-haul? Some U-Haul centers allow car parking overnight, whereas others let you park only for a short time. This they tell you beforehand.

To them, such cars attract thieves to their centers, which they won’t take responsibility for if anything happens. Check with your specific center to know how long you can leave your car at their centers.

Again, those leaving their cars overnight must wait till the center resumes the next day before they can access their car. Except you won’t need your car earlier the next day, don’t let your car stay there overnight.

U-Haul requires all paperwork, including driver’s license, car registration, make and model. This is to ascertain you’re not parking a stolen car at their station. So ensure you get them ready before going there. You will also need to leave a duplicate key with U-haul so they can move your car if needed.

Lastly, U-Haul charges a parking fee of $20 or more daily, depending on your location. This fee must be paid in advance either via cash, credit card, or cheque. The longer you leave your car, the higher this fee. More so, this fee is for storage alone, so don’t expect any additional services.

While this is not one of U-Haul’s parking policies, ensure your car is insured so you get protection in case something happens to your car while parked there. This should answer those asking do you need insurance to rent a U-Haul.

Leaving your car overnight

Many U-Haul centers allow overnight parking. However, note that you can’t access your car the next day until the center opens. Secondly, car theft mostly occurs at night, so while it’s okay to leave your car there, set your mind on anything.

More so, some centers only offer short-term use due to limited space. Be sure to inform your U-haul center that you will leave your car overnight to avoid towing.

Parking spots for customer vehicles

Some centers with limited space don’t have parking spots for customer vehicles. And therefore don’t allow parking at—whether long or short term use. However, those locations with parking spots don’t reserve space for anyone. In these centers, parking is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Call ahead to inquire if your chosen center allows parking. And if they do, I recommend asking if spots are available to house customer vehicles. This allows you to make necessary plans before going through with the rental.

Avoiding ticketing or towing

One way to avoid ticketing or towing is to follow the signs and park your car properly. If you are given a marked area, occupy only that spot. More importantly, don’t leave your car there for more than the agreed period you paid for.

If you’re leaving your car for an extended period, say 30 days, let their management know. Parking your car for that long without informing them will force them to tow it to their long-term storage facility. Plus, you still get to pay for all the time your car stays there.

Frequently Asked Questions —FAQs

Why did U-Haul charge me twice?

U-haul charging your account twice may be an error due to their representative processing the card multiple times. You can ask for a refund by contacting the U-Haul customer rep. Ensure you include the evidence of the debit in your complaint if you have one.

However, sometimes, it may seem that they charged you twice, but that isn’t the case. U-Haul generally places a hold on your credit card for local rentals. This held amount is usually the total cost of the service rendered to you. When you return the rental, U-Haul then uses the amount held to pay for the amount due.

If the amount held is more than the rental cost, your bank should return the rest to you; reach out to your bank. More so, if you owe more than the amount held, U-Haul will charge you again. To avoid these misconceptions, try checking the U-Haul return policy before renting.

Can you drop U-Haul off at other locations?

Yes, you can drop U-Haul at locations different from where you rented it, whether in town or across the country. U-Haul has over 20,000 locations across the U.S. that work in synchrony. However, this is only possible for one-way rentals.

For in-town rental, you will have to return the vehicle to the exact location you picked it from. Doing otherwise may incur extra charges. What about situations where the rental is not due to be returned? Can you park a U-haul on the street overnight?

Yes, you can; just ensure you look for safe places to prevent moving truck theft. So, where can I park a U-haul overnight? You can park in restaurants, RV parks, storage units, casinos, hotels, and Walmart. I recommended inquiring first; some of these places charge a parking fee, while others do not allow parking at all.

Does U-Haul have a live chat?

U-Haul has a live chat that allows customer representatives to attend to customers’ complaints. However, they are not always on the ground. You can reach them via phone numbers and email.

How old do you have to be to rent a U-Haul in Florida?

You must be 16 or older to rent a trailer and 18 or more to rent a truck in Florida. You will also need to provide a government-issued driver’s license. And more importantly, ensure you are capable of paying for their service. So what happens if you don’t pay U-Haul? They will let you leave after signing a document stating you will pay them later.

However, this is usually within a very short period and expensive. If you still refuse to pay, they will go through the court system and, in the worst-case scenario, report the debt to one or all credit bureaus. This is why U-Haul insists customers pay before renting their truck.

Also, discuss how long you will keep the truck so you don’t incur an extra fee. So, how long can I rent a U-haul trailer or truck? It depends on the truck you opt but usually between 24 hours to 31 days. One-way rental allows up to 31 days. In contrast, in-town rentals allow only 24 hours.

Final Words

Those asking, can I leave my car at U-Haul should by now have an answer. However, while most centers allow parking, some with limited space do not allow it. I recommended contacting your local U-Haul centers and asking if there are available spots to leave your vehicle. More importantly, read their car parking policy and follow other instructions to avoid ticketing and towing.

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