Can I Put EZ Pass on Dashboard: All About EZ Pass Installation?

E-ZPass revolutionized toll collection, and it is vital to the phasing out of manual toll payment, which is responsible for traffic congestion. Many people get it wrong when installing E-ZPass transponders; ushering in our main discussion, can I put EZ pass on the dashboard?

While you can install E-ZPass on your dashboard, there is the risk of toll collection antennas failing to read its signals. As per E-ZPass mounting instructions, you should fit the transponder between the exposed windshield roofline and rearview mirror post or behind the rearview mirror.

An unread E-ZPass attracts fines and penalties that better be avoided. To prevent such penalties, we will guide you on how and where to put EZ Pass on the dashboard if you prefer it that way.

how to place ez pass on dashboard

Can I Put EZ Pass on the Dashboard?

You can install the E-ZPass transponder on any spot, provided it can effectively communicate with the readers in the toll collection lanes. Some prefer fitting the transponder on the dash for many reasons, like aesthetic purposes, problems with the windshield, or they have multiple cars. Moreover, some newer vehicles may have devices that affect E-ZPass signals.

Regardless of why you want the device on the dashboard, you must ensure that the toll collection equipment can read its signals. Please note that for some cars, the readers can easily communicate with the transponder if it is on the dashboard.

Online auto forums offer varied insights on installing EZ Pass on the dashboard. On Jeep Cherokee Club, user Raylee2484 kicks off the discussion by inquiring whether an EZ pass is readable if placed inside a compartment on Jeep Cherokee dashboards. Some contributors to this discussion had an easy time, while others, like mreg376, reported inconsistent performance.

A conversation on the VW ID Talk forum also references mounting the transponder on the dashboard. User ixlr08 reports having encountered zero issues placing E-ZPass on his Jetta’s dash. Still on the same discussion, Trunkenbold, a top contributor on the forum, inquires about installing the device at the back of the infotainment screen, a suggestion many contributors support.

You should check out similar discussions in other reputable forums for a better understanding of having E ZPass on the dashboard.

Where Is the Perfect Place to Mount E-ZPass?

As a rule of thumb, you should mount the E-ZPass transponder in an area with minimal blockage for effective connectivity to the readers. The perfect spot for the device is the side of the windshield, near the rearview mirror, where antennas can easily detect them.

This spot should be free of tints and other materials that can block signal transmission. Before installing E-ZPass, you should clean inside the windshield for perfect adhesion and communication.

Some may prefer having the gadget on the dashboard, armrests, and many other areas. The problem is that such areas may interfere with signal reception.

You should note that we are talking about internal transponders, which are the most commonly used. There are also external transponders that are handy for special situations, like where the car’s windshield affects the signal transmission. The best place to install an external E-ZPass is around the front license plate.

It is quite complex for motorcycles, as there are no clear mounting instructions, plus motorcycles come in numerous designs. Many riders place the device inside their shirt or jacket pockets.

does e z pass work anywhere in the car

How to Put EZ Pass on Dashboard

It is generally not advisable to have your E-ZPass on the dashboard as it may be hard to detect it. However, some circumstances may prompt you to fit the device on your dash. Follow the below steps to install E-ZPass on the dashboard properly.

Step 1: Identify A Suitable Spot and Clean It

Start by identifying a suitable spot on the dashboard, free from obstructions. Clean the dashboard to eliminate dust and other debris for the device’s firm attachment.

Step 2: Attach the Velcro Strips or Holders

E-ZPass comes with a set of Velcro strips for easy attachment. Attach one set of Velcro strips on the dashboard and the other on the transponder. Alternatively, you can get an E-ZPass dashboard holder with a suction cup, available on most online auto parts retailer platforms.

Step 3: Fix the Transponder

You now position the transponder, making sure that it can adequately communicate with readers. Make necessary adjustments for its effectiveness.

Step 4: A Test Drive

The final step is a test drive to see if the device can communicate with the toll readers. You must reposition it if its signals can’t reach the antennas.

Regarding installing E-ZPass on your dash, you follow the provided instructions, only substituting the windshield part with the dashboard.

Where to Put EZ Pass on the Dashboard

You cannot afford to go wrong with E-ZPass installation, as a wrong move means zero communication, subsequently exposing you to penalties. When fixing the device on your dashboard, you should identify a clear spot where its signals can reach the readers. The area should have no possible interrupters, mostly electronic devices.

A test drive will reveal whether the positioning is correct or needs changes.

Related Queries

What Is the Best Place to Put the EZ Pass on A Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y is a midsize SUV manufactured by Tesla since 2020. The E-ZPass transponder is among the many devices it supports that you should install on the windshield for better reception. The best spot to have the transponder on the Model Y is behind the rearview mirror. You can attach the EZPass with the provided Velcro strips or use a transponder holder, which is highly adjustable.

Optionally, you can place the transponder on your dashboard, provided the readers can detect its signals. You may also go for an external transponder that you install on the license plate mounts. Always follow E-ZPass installation instructions for the best results.

Where Do You Put the EZ Pass on The Tesla Model S?

The ideal place to install the EZ Pass transponder on the Tesla Model S, like with most vehicles, is the windshield around the rearview window. The positioning varies depending on signal reception, and you should set your sights on the best spot.

The windshield is one of many areas to fix the transponder, as sites like the dashboard and armrest also work fine. Furthermore, you may opt for an external transponder for aesthetic purposes or if windshield installation may affect the reception. You place the exterior EZPass on the license plate mounts.

Does EZ Pass Work Anywhere in The Car?

Ez-pass can work anywhere in the car as long as it can effectively communicate with its signal readers. The windshield is the best place to have the EZ Pass, as it is easier to detect.

Other areas to put the EZ Pass transponder are the dashboard, license plate mounts, and armrests. Some motorists prefer holding them by hand when they use the tool collection lanes. The downside of these installation points is that they are a hit-or-miss affair, and you risk having an unread gadget.

Where to Put EZ Pass on Windshield?

As per EZ Pass fitting instructions, the windshield is the perfect place to put the device. You should attach it on the inside, some inches lower from the roofline, closer to the rearview mirror. Alternatively, you can fix it behind the rearview mirror post.

When putting the E-ZPass transponder on your windshield, you can use the provided Velcro straps, which allow you to effortlessly remove and reattach the device when necessary. You can also use EZ Pass holders, which have a suction cup for a firmer grip on the window. The holders let you turn or change the device’s configuration without detaching it.

What Is the Difference Between EZ Pass And SunPass?

EZ Pass and SunPass are toll collection systems that work with transponders for accessible toll collection. SunPass is a product of the Florida Department of Transportation, created in 1999 by the Office of Toll Operations, currently a division of Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

While the two systems are almost similar, primarily in their execution, they vary in many ways. First, it is their geographical coverage, with EZ Pass being used in most regions, mainly the Eastern, Southern and Midwestern USA. On the other hand, SunPass is mainly used in Florida, though it spreads its services courtesy of interoperability agreements with Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas toll systems.

The other difference between EZ Pass and SunPass is their respective managing agencies. Several authorities manage the EZ Pass system in their respective territories, such as the New York State Bridge Authority, Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and Delaware Department of Transportation. SunPass operates under Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, a division of the Florida Department of Transportation.

Sun-Pass has been compatible with E-ZPass since 2020. SunPass facilities accept E-ZPass systems and vice versa.


E-ZPass is a game-changing concept in toll collection, with many people adopting it for a smooth driving experience. The position of the E-ZPass transponder is critical to its functionality, with instructions recommending the windshield as the best area to fix it.

Can I put EZ Pass on the dashboard? Yes, you can have the gadget on your dashboard if you determine it to be the most suitable location. Other areas to install the device include the armrest or the license plate mounts if you have an external transponder.


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