Why My Car Needs Jump Start But Battery Is Good

When your car requires a jump when the battery is good, it shows that other parts that directly affect the ignition or battery are failing.

The battery is an essential component of the ignition process but not the only component. It relies on other components like the alternator, which also plays a crucial role in the ignition process.

Also, the alternator keeps the battery charged while the engine is running. It ensures the battery has enough charge when the engine is switched off. This charge will be used to start the vehicle.

When the alternator is bad, the vehicle will always require a jump start, even when you have a healthy battery.

Other factors, like clogged fuel lines and damaged starters, will require a jump start when damaged, even though the battery is in good condition.

Car Needs Jump Start But Battery Is Good

Why my car needs Jumpstart, but Battery is good.

The battery is not always the cause of ignition problems; other factors could cause the vehicle not to start. While entangled with these issues, jump-starting the car could be a temporary fix to the problem.

Below are why a car needs a jump start even when the battery is good.

Damaged alternator

A damaged alternator will not properly charge the battery; this means that the battery will always end up dead. Once the battery is dead, the vehicle will require a jump to be able to start.

The alternator is primarily responsible for ensuring that the battery is charged if the vehicle is being driven. An alternator is powered by the engine, allowing it to charge the battery while the engine is running.

Once the alternator is damaged and stops functioning, the battery will also constantly die.

In addition, a battery that constantly dies will soon develop weak cells and be unable to retain charges. The alternator must be fixed fast to prevent the battery from getting damaged.

Damaged cable

A damaged positive cable will cause the need for a jump start, even with a good battery.

The positive cable connects the battery to the alternator. One of the functions of the cable is to carry electrical current from the alternator to the battery. It is how the battery is being charged.

When the positive cable terminal is not connected, or there is a problem with the cable, the battery will not charge. The battery will constantly require a jump start to start the vehicle.

Dirty or corroded terminals

When corroded or dirty, the terminals will not be able to conduct electricity properly. It means that the electrical current coming from the alternator will not be able to get to the battery. Also, the battery will not be able to supply electrical current to start the vehicle.

Sometimes, the terminals may be dirty, damaged, or improperly fixed when driving. A situation like this could lead to the battery dying and needing a jump start.

Due to the location of the battery and how exposed they are, it is easy for dust and water to get to the terminal. It is why the terminals need to be constantly cleaned.

Damaged starter

Once the starter is damaged, it may require more electrical input to start the vehicle, leading to a jump start. In some cases, when the starter is completely damaged, you are faced with “new car battery won’t jump start” You will need to get the vehicle towed in this case.  

The starter is a small motor in a vehicle that gets the engine running. Its relay is located between the battery and the starter motor, which is how the starter receives power from the battery.

A way to know that the starter is damaged is when the car clicks but won’t start unless jumped.

Clogged Fuel Line

Another reason a vehicle may need a jump is a clogged fuel line. Fuel plays an important role in the ignition process. When the fuel line is clogged, little or no fuel goes to the engine.

Furthermore, the battery power supply might not be sufficient to start the vehicle with a clogged line because more power is required. It may lead to jump-starting the car.

However, jumping the vehicle with a clogged fuel line will not solve the problem. You could be faced with a “car starts after jump but wont start again.”  

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car battery needs jump start every time

What to do if you Face These Problems

When facing a car won’t start issue, even with a good battery, you first need to find out the cause. Check the alternator, battery terminals, wires, and factors that could cause the issue.

Once you can find the source of the problem, then you can proceed to fix the problem.

Below are ways to fix a “car struggles to start, but battery is fine” problem.

Test and fix the alternator problem

The first step to fixing an alternator problem is testing if the alternator is working fine. To be able to do this, you need a multimeter. You will not be testing the alternator but the battery.

Touch the battery terminal with the prong while the engine is off. It should read between 12 to 13 volts. Start the vehicle and place the multimeter prong on the terminal again; the reading should increase, ranging from 13 to 14 volts.

However, when the engine is on, if the multimeter reading is the same as when the engine is off, then the alternator is bad.

You may need to make further inspections on the alternator; if it is damaged, have it replaced.

Fix damaged cables

Examine battery cables, especially the positive cable connecting the battery to the alternator. Watch out for corrosion, exposed water, broken connection, and more.

Once the cable is examined and you find any serious damages, ensure to replace the cable. Do not try to fix the cable or manage the damage; it could lead to serious damage to the battery and alternator.

Clean terminals

Check the battery terminals for dirt and corrosion; if you find any, clean the terminal. To clean the terminal, get baking soda and warm water. It will make a good neutralizing solution for cleaning battery corrosion.

Mix the baking soda in warm water to make the mixture solution. Get a rag and deep into the solution. Wipe the corroded terminal using the rag and solution to clean the corrosion.

Avoid dumping the mixture over the top of the battery. It could cause the battery cell to get weakened and neutralize the sulfuric acid inside the battery.

Replace the damaged starter.

In other to replace the damaged starter, you need good electrical knowledge. The starter can be located between the transmission and the engine. It is below the left bank of the cylinders at the driver’s side. If you cannot find the start, use the vehicle’s manual.

Once the start is found, you must disconnect and replace the damaged starter with a new one.

If you lack electrical knowledge, you should have a professional repair.

Fix the clogged fuel line.

If you have been able to confirm that the fuel line is clogged, the next step is to find a way to flush the line. In order to do this, you will need an injected cleaning. You can find the product in any store close to you.

Disconnect both ends of the fuel line and insert the injected cleaner into the line. Press down on the injected cleaner and ensure the fluid comes out of the other side of the fuel line.

Press down on the injected cleaner until the fluid from the cleaner flow smoothly through the line. Then insert the fuel line back into the vehicle.

Final Words

One essential knowledge you need is how to jump-start a car. It will save you from difficult situations and buy you more time to fix the issue with your vehicle. Ensure that after jumping your car, try and get the car fixed. We recommend that if the battery is fine and still requires a jump-start, you take the vehicle to a professional to fix it.

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