DuraTrac vs. KO2: A Comparison of All-Terrain Tires

A standard feature of off-road vehicles is the all-terrain tires, supported by a robust suspension system. The tires are sturdy, showing a high resilience, suitable for handling rugged terrains. You will encounter several all-terrain tire brands in the market. This leads us to the DuraTrac vs. KO2 discussion, where we look at the top brands.

In this debate, we look at the tires’ attributes to know which one is the best for specific driving conditions. Before reviewing the two brands, it is prudent to check the all-terrain tires buying guide.

Things to Consider Before Buying All-Terrain Tires

To get the befitting tires for your off-road car, you have to consider a lot of things. Below you go with some of these factors.


You should always consider the price of the tire, seeing that it meets your budget. Should I go for cheaper all-terrain tires? If you are new to the off-roading world, you may get the temptation of going for cheap tires. However, such tires may have some flaws, like cheap construction, forcing you to spend more on repairs and replacements.

The right move is to go for a tire that offers the best value. Pick one with excellent features, like durability but at a reasonable price. Avoid second-hand tires as they may break down unexpectedly.

The Terrain

Off-road tire construction targets various terrains. Some tires are suitable for snowy trails, while others do well for rocky surfaces. Understand your terrain and get an idea of the befitting tire type.


A defining factor for off-road vehicle tires is the deep treads that offer ample grip on different surfaces. Be keen on the tread, with most auto enthusiasts encouraging you to go for the deeper ones, more so if you drive on rocky and rugged trails.

The sidewall

Thin tire sidewalls look sporty, and it is understandable if you fancy it. However, if you want a tire for your off-roader, the sidewall should be thick for cushioning and giving you a smooth drive. You are sure of zero tire sidewall damage, which can be pretty frustrating.

duratrac tires

DuraTrac vs. KO2 Differences

DuraTrac is a product of Goodyear designed for all-terrain driving. From Goodyear’s site, DuraTrac has the tag of a workhorse, perfect for a rugged surface. The all-terrain tires sport a sturdy construction; thus, they offer rim protection and boost winter traction and performance.

On the other hand, KO2 is BFGoodrich’s line of all-terrain tires. The selling appeal of these tires is their robust nature, translating to excellent performance on various kinds of road surfaces.

To understand the DuraTrac vs. KO2 differences, we will take you through crucial tire attributes.

DuraTrac vs. KO2 Snow

Snow is a major obstacle when driving and requires robust tires with deep-set grooves for effortless driving. As we head to the DuraTrac vs. KO2 snow discussion, we look at the tread design on each tire. The former has deeper treads, which enhance its traction on different surfaces.

With ample traction, you have an assurance of a smooth drive with minimal chances of slipping. KO2 tires perform well on roads with a thin sheet of snow and provide comfort.

DuraTrac is the best brand for winter conditions due to its stability, coming from the deep tire grooves.

DuraTrac vs.KO2 Noise

Noise can be a nuisance when driving and makes many people uncomfortable. On the DuraTrac vs. KO2 noise debate, the latter is the better. KO2 tires emit less noise when driving owing to their smaller tread incisions. You will have a comfy drive with no nuisance when driving on highways.

DuraTrac tires can be relatively noisy due to their wide tread pattern and thick blocks. The noises are noticeable when driving on the tarmac.

DuraTrac vs. KO2 MPG

As per KO2 vs. DuraTrac Reddit discussions, the consensus is that the former does well consumption-wise. It is probably due to the tread design, which will offer minimal drag. On the other hand, DuraTrac tires have deep-set grooves, which provide more traction, hence more drag. The result is more consumption. However, the difference is not that significant, roughly a unit or two.

DuraTrac vs. KO2 Price

Price is a critical element when looking for an ideal off-road tire. DuraTrac has a higher cost, but you can justify its costliness by looking at its features. It is perfect for the most punishing terrains, owing to its deep grooves and block design.

KO2 tires are cheaper, but that does not mean they are not good. Their performance is excellent and offers a smooth ride on various road surfaces.

DuraTrac vs. KO2 vs. Wildpeak

Falken Tires’ Wildpeak brand is another option to consider for all-terrain driving. DuraTrac vs. KO2 vs. Wildpeak, which is the best? Each of the tire brands has an area of prowess. DuraTrac is perfect for a rugged or rocky surface, while KO2 performs well on many terrains, assuring you of noiseless driving.

Willdpeak tires have a tread design that features a silica compound. It is for the aggression needed against wear and tear and to handle wet driving conditions, like muddy or snowy roads. This Falken Tires product also nails performance and has impressive looks to boot.

KO2 tires

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are DuraTracs Worth The Money?

You realize that DuraTrac tires have a pretty steep price tag if you consider the cost factor. It may discourage you, but you have to consider the value offered. DuraTrac gives you the best in durability and performance, particularly on rough surfaces like those covered in rocks or snow. The redeeming appeal is the deep groove design and thick sidewalls.

As a driver exposed to harsh driving conditions, DuraTracs will be worth every penny spent. The tires are long-lasting and will save you from repair and replacement expenditures.

Is Goodyear DuraTracs Noisy?

Noise is a mainstay in off-road driving due to the nature of the surface. Tires such as Goodyear DuraTrac have deep treads, essential for traction. DuraTracs may be noisy when driving, courtesy of the thick block and the tread pattern. Despite being noisy, the sound will not be such a nuisance to affect your experience on the road.

Are DuraTrac Tires Good On Ice?

Driving on ice is one of the most challenging undertakings. The vehicle may slip, owing to the nature of ice. To beat the problem, you need tires with deeper grooves and a thick block to offer maximum traction. DuraTrac tires have all these attributes, boosted by durability. It translates to an efficient companion when driving on snow, ice, and rocky roads.

How Many Kms Are DuraTrac Tires Good For?

A durable tire will have your back for a decent time, shielding you from repairs or replacements, which are pricy. DuraTrac is a stable all-terrain tire with a mileage of roughly 40000. It is equal to 64000 kilometers, an excellent value for off-road driving.

Are KO2 Tires Worth The Money?

KO2 tires are a product of BFGoodrich, a company that spares no effort to ensure quality. KO2 tires offer the best value as it has a reasonable price compared to other off-road tires. The construction is exemplary and suitable for both everyday and off-road driving.

The tires are also noiseless and do well on snowy, dusty, and muddy roads. And they are suitable for SUVs, light trucks, and vans, assuring you of excellent performance.

What Does KO2 Mean On Tires?

BFGoodrich manufactures the KO2 tires, suited for all-terrain driving. KO2 means Key benefit for On and Off-road driving. The 2 references the tire’s generation;  it is a second release under the KO brand. Definitive features of the tires are all-terrain traction, block stability, supported by locking 3-D Sipes, and 20% tougher sidewalls.

How Long Do KO2 Tires Last?

You weigh the durability of tires based on their mileage. Among the crème of off-road tires when considering durability are KO2 tires from BFGoodrich, boasting a solid construction. They have a mileage of around 50000, equal to 6 years of service. It is an impressive mileage for tires built to handle rugged roads.

Why Are KO2s So Expensive?

All-terrain tires are special tires, meaning they won’t cost the same as the standard ones. KO2 tires, BFGoodrich’s answer to all-terrain driving, are expensive compared to most tires under this company’s catalog. The main reason is their robust construction, relying on modern tire-building technology to withstand harsh road conditions like snow, mud, dust, and rocks.

Final Word

As an off-road driver, you need to be keen on the wheels your car sports. For easy rescue, this article introduces you to two reliable brands in DuraTrac and KO2. You can see their respective selling points, such as durability, performance, and noise levels. Pick and choose the most suitable brand matching your off-road requirements.  


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