DeWalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 – Which is Better in 2024?

A miter saw is a practicable workshop tool that you use for making crosscuts on wooden surfaces. Dewalt is one of the best workshop equipment manufacturers, and we will look at its miter saw models. Here, we have the Dewalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 discussion, focusing on their features to see the finest one for particular situations.

Keep in mind that both of the miter saws are of the 12-inch double bevel type. Let us look at each piece of equipment to understand its functionality.

Dewalt DWS779

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Commencing our discussion is the dw779 miter saw. As previously hinted, its blade has a diameter of 12 inches, which is ideal for several sawing applications. The sturdy carbide saw runs on a power 15-amp motor of 3800 RPM.

This is an excellent value, as you have power and stability on your hands, capable of dealing with even the toughest woods. The choice of carbide for the blade is reasonable, as it is less prone to breaking or weakening when cutting through hard material compared to steel.

For stress-free use, you will need the DWS779 stand. It is a structure where you attach this equipment for stability and portability when you move it. Unfortunately, this accessory is not included in the package. You buy it separately.


The DWS779 is highly functional, guaranteeing stability and accuracy when in use. For stability, there is a clamping mechanism and double horizontal steel rails. There are also linear ball bearings, which will ensure you have a neat cut and enhance this saw’s durability.

Still, on the DWS779’s functionality, you will appreciate its flexibility. The saw can bevel 0-48 degrees, both to the left and right. For beveling, you have to unlock the saw from the back. It has ten positive stops, allowing you to get the desired angle.


Additionally, it has a precise miter system, which you run via a cam-lock miter handle. You can change the miter angle to 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left using the handle. The miter gauge has ten positive stops for achieving an accurate cut.

The scales on the DWS779 saw are easy to read and won’t fade due to their etching on a stainless steel surface. You can attach a DWS779 laser unit, which provides a beam that you follow when cutting wood for accuracy.

The saw has several moving parts for effective use. The sliding saw can move back and forth, making it convenient and safe to use. The railings are also movable to accommodate various wood sizes. When not in use, you can lock the moving parts.

For safety, the DWS779’s blade has a cover to protect the user. When you move the blade head, the cover moves in the opposite direction to expose the blade. A provided dust bag collects the dust from the sawing action, enhancing cleanliness in the working area.

Pros of Dewalt DWS779

The Dewalt DWS779’s apparent selling point is its power. It runs on a 15-amp, 3800 RPM motor. It is powerful enough to cut through tough woods effortlessly. Furthermore, this power tool is very resilient, featuring top-grade materials like stainless steel and carbide, which are less prone to wear and tear.

Convenience is another thing to appreciate about the DWS779. It is easy to set up, use, and maintain. The scale is clear, and you can use it for beveling and mitering with ease. At 56 pounds, this miter saw is pretty light, and you can easily move with it.


A problem that you may encounter when using this Dewalt product is noise. It might be too much if you are sensitive to noise. You can deal with this issue by having protective gear, such as earmuffs.

The DWS779 is a corded tool, meaning you will have restricted movement when using it.

Dewalt DWS780

The Dewalt DWS780 is a corded miter saw that runs on a powerful 15-amp, 3800 RPM motor. Like all Dewalt products, the DWS780 does not disappoint when it comes to quality. Stainless steel is its primary material, with the blade being a carbide build.

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The 12-inch blade is very effective for cutting. With the power boost from the motor, it can handle tough loads without deteriorating. However, you should only use it for wood and not metal.

The DWS780 has dual horizontal rails and a clamping mechanism for accuracy and durability. 

The clamping mechanism makes this utility stable as you use it. There are tall sliding fences that with crown molding support of up to 7.5 inches. 

The DWS780 has an innovative gearbox design that improves its vertical cutting capability.

A look at the Dewalt DWS780 compound miter saw listing; you see more of its functionality. It is a sliding saw, meaning you can move the saw head back and forth. Sliding saws are easy and safe to use. This miter saw will give you neat miter cuts and can move 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left for this application.


A noticeable element of this power tool is its precision. A standout feature that upholds its accuracy is the CUTLINE Blade Positioning System. This technology uses an LED light system, which shines a beam on the wood you are working on. The beam shows you the path to follow when sawing for a perfect cut.

Moreover, there is an adjustable miter detent plate with ten stops, which also enhances accuracy. The cam lock miter handle will aid you in getting quick and precise mitering angles. A bevel scale ensures you get a suitable angle when making bevel cuts.

The DWS780 weighs 56 pounds and has a slightly compact frame. This translates to portability, as you can effortlessly carry it and move with it. In addition, it is safe for the user, courtesy of a blade cover. This feature will protect you from accidental injuries from coming into direct contact with the saw.

Dust management is a walk in the park due to the provided dust bag. The dust bag holds up to 75% of the dust coming from the sawing process.

Pros of Dewalt DWS780

The Dewalt DWS780 is a durable workshop tool that will serve you for a long time with zero signs of degradation. It sports high-grade materials that are resilient.

The other advantage of this Dewalt unit is its precision. It relies on the CUTLINE Blade Positioning System, which aids you in getting an accurate cut on wood. Other elements, like the beveling scale and an adjustable miter detent plate, uphold this tool’s correctness.

The DWS780 is portable due to its relatively low weight. As such, moving with it is stress-free. A dust bag effectively handles 75% of the dust produced when using this miter saw.


An unfortunate thing about the Dewalt DWS780 is its price, which is steeper than most miter saws in its class. This sawing implement produces a lot of noise when running, which will make some people uncomfortable.

It is a corded tool that limits your mobility.

Dewalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 Differences

The Dewalt DWS779 and DWS780 have many similarities. To an inexperienced eye, they appear to be the same product. The two Dewalt power tools share a 15-amp motor, a 12-inch saw, and a sliding design.

Despite the likeness, the two are very different. A standout contrasting point is the DWS780’s inclusion of an LED guiding light for precision. On the other hand, the Dewalt DWS779 light kit uses laser technology. According to DWS779 vs. DWS780 Reddit discussions, the laser LED technology on the DWS780 is more effective than the DWS779’s laser.

The other variation between the two tools is price, with the DWS780 being costlier. The high price tag is probably due to the tech advances it has, intended for convenience.

Looking at DWS779 vs. DWS780 forums on the internet, you will see some users suggesting that the implements have varying weight values. However, this does not appear to be true, as per information provided on Dewalt’s site.

Dewalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 Performance

A power tool’s performance is a critical area to look at to get a reliable workshop utility. In the case of the Dewalt DWS779 and DWS780, the performance scope appears to be the same. Both units use a 15-amp, 3800 RPM motor, which is powerful and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

The DWS780 ups its functionality courtesy of the CUTLINE Blade Positioning System. This technology utilizes LED lights for accurate cuts. The conclusion is that the DWS780 is slightly better than the DWS779 performance-wise due to the precision cutting technology.

Dewalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 Price

Price is the key point of consideration when getting a power tool. If you want a cheaper option, go for the DWS779, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper than its counterpart. Is the DWS780 worth it? When you weigh the DWS780’s features against its cost, you see that the spending is justifiable. The main supporting feature is the LED technology for accuracy when cutting wood.

DWS779 vs. DWS780 Weight

With our focus on the DWS779 vs. DWS780 weight debate, you have to realize that there was an older model of the DWS779, which weighed around 70 pounds. It was heavier than the DWS780, which weighed 56 pounds. The higher mass value affected its portability.

The good thing is that the newer model has a reduced mass, weighing the same as the DWS780. So, when talking about mass, it is a tie between the two Dewalt power implements.

Is The Dewalt DWS779 Discontinued?

A quick perusal of Dewalt’s website will show that the DWS779 is still part of the catalog. However, speculation is that it is getting phased out, and the DWS780 will replace it. While not confirmed, it appears true, considering the similarities the DWS779 and DWS780 share.

How Much Does The Dewalt DWS779 Weigh?

The Dewalt DWS779 had an older model that was quite heavy at around 70 pounds. Upgrades led to a reduction of its mass, and presently, the unit weighs 56 pounds, similar to its counterpart, the DWS780. The lightness translates to portability, an essential factor to consider when getting workshop equipment.

Are Dewalt Miter Saws Good?

Dewalt is a renowned manufacturer of power tools, including hammer drills, oscillating tools, and miter saws, among many more. All of its products are top-grade and resilient to wear and tear. In the case of miter saws, they are highly functional and error-free. They are suitable for both large-scale and small-scale operations.

Does The Dewalt DWS779 Have A Light?

You can accessorize the Dewalt miter saws with light for precision in cutting. The DWS779 does not come with a light, but it is compatible with a laser guide light. There is also a more efficient XPS system, which uses LED lights.

Can DWS780 Cut Metal?

The DWS780 is a sturdy miter saw that can cut through hardwoods with ease. Despite its robustness, you should not push its limits by using it to cut metal. Using it for metal will degrade its carbide blade and make it less effective.

What Blade Comes With The Dewalt DWS779?

The Dewalt DWS779 is a robust tool featuring resilient parts. The blade is a carbide build, an excellent material that does not degrade fast and leaves a better finish on the surface. The material’s quality also contributes to the saw’s speed.

Does The Dewalt Miter Saw Have A Laser?

A standout feature of the Dewalt miter saw is the CUTLINE Blade Positioning System. It uses an LED light to show you the cutting path for faultless operation. This technology is present on the DWS780 miter saw.

Final Word

Dewalt is a leader in workshop and mechanics tools. This piece looks at two of its most popular miter saws, the DWS779 and DWS780. We can see that the two are very similar, except for a few features, like the LED light on the DWS780.

If you want a highly practicable tool, the DWS780 is a great pick. On the flip side, if you want an affordable tool, go for the DWS779.

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