Ford BMS Reset – All the Easy Hacks

Are you experiencing battery monitoring system issues on your Ford ride? If yes, you are not alone. Our customers have experienced it a lot, and it’s not something you should worry about. However, it’s essential to fix every car problem, no matter how small they are.

In this article, I’ll explain Ford BMS reset procedures, What the BMS does, signs that it has failed, and diagnosing procedures. You’ll also learn the cost of resetting a Ford BMS. But first, what is Ford BMS?

ford bms reset

What is Ford BMS

The Ford battery monitoring system (BMS), also called the battery control module (BCM), monitors battery conditions and takes necessary actions to extend the battery life. The Ford BMS sensor is connected to the negative battery terminal to monitor temperature, voltage, and current. The BMS has markings that tells the software/hardware dates/versions.

Taking a 2017 Ford F-150 as a case study, the BMS sensor has two wires. Presumably, one of these wires provides data while the other provides power. But is BMS really necessary? Battery management systems are essential for reliable and safe battery energy storage systems operations.

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What does the Ford battery management system Do?

As explained earlier, the Ford BMS monitors your battery conditions and takes necessary actions to extend the battery’s shelf life. For instance, if the BMS sensor detects excessive or parasitic battery drain, it may turn off some electrical components to prevent the battery from dying.

The electrical components the BMS may shut off include heated or cooled seats, rear defrost, cooled/heated seats, stereo, climate control fan, navigational system, and heated steering wheels.

The car computer will trigger a message on the information display center to tell the driver that the BMS has deactivated some system components. The message or warning light doesn’t mean there’s any electrical problem or the battery requires replacement.

The warning light could mean the battery is bad, disconnected, or not charging. Also, replacing your car battery may trigger the BMS. Don’t panic if the BMS message comes on after changing your battery. There’s no cause for alarm. All you need is to reset the BMS.

What is BMS reset, anyway? The principle of resetting the BMS is to restore the car battery management system to a default setting. The reset will also clear any warning light on the dashboard.

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What are the symptoms of BMS failure?

While the battery monitoring system enables safe and reliable operation of the energy storage, they tend to fail. Here are the symptoms of BMS failure. Most of these symptoms are found in electric and hybrid vehicles, while few others are seen in internal combustion engines.

  • The whole system does not work after the system is powered
  • BMS is not communicating with the PCM
  • Unstable communication between the PCM and the BMS
  • Warning lights or error message
  • The temperature difference is too large
  • Battery charging issues
  • Temperature is too high or too low.

ford focus bms reset

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How do you reset Ford BMS (Methods)

Resetting a Ford BMS is quite simple. Anyone except dummies can do it. You may require some tools depending on the methods you choose. Whether you are looking for a Ford F150 BMS reset or a Ford Escape BMS reset procedure, these methods will do the trick.

Method 1: Reset without a scan tool

Just like I said earlier, the procedures for this reset is straight to the point. To reset the BMS, you’ll need to do the following.

Step 1: Get inside the vehicle

Get inside your car and shut all the doors before touching anything. Don’t turn on the radio, the AC, or any other system. Put the car key into the ignition and switch it to the ON position.

Step 2: Flicker the lights

Flicker the lights five times. Pull the headlight knobs towards the steering and let the indicator blink five times. You should be done with this within 10 seconds.

Step 3: Press the brake pedal

Depress the brake pedal three times once you finish flickering the lights. Push the pedal all the way down and release it fully like you do when bleeding the brakes. If you don’t do this properly, the BMS reset may not work.

Step 4: Watch the battery light on the dashboard

After the aforesaid steps, watch the battery light on the dashboard for a confirmation of a successful reset. If everything is done successfully, the battery light will appear on the dashboard (if it’s not already there) the light will stay lit for 10 seconds. After that, it’ll blink five times and disappear.

Step 5: Start the vehicle

After completing steps 2, 3, and 4, turn off the ignition and remove the key. Reinsert the key again and start the car this time. Once the vehicle starts, the battery sign will disappear from the screen.

If the battery sign disappears and there’s no BMS-related message on the screen, you have successfully reset it. If you don’t get this confirmation, you may have to repeat the steps or try another method below.

Method 2: Using a scan tool

There are different tools available in the market that you can use to reset the BMS. These tools come with specific instructions. Follow the instructions on the tool you bought.

Method 3: By doing nothing

Your Ford vehicle comes with an owner’s manual. And these manuals state that you can reset the BMS by doing nothing. Yes, read that again! However, this only works when the BMS comes up after charging or replacing your battery.

According to Ford car manuals, here are the steps you need to follow

  • Install your battery and shut off the truck
  • Lock the truck doors
  • Leave the vehicle overnight or at least 8 hours before unlocking it
  • Unlock the truck and insert the key into the ignition
  • The message will disappear.

All these methods work for the 2016 Ford F150 BMS reset, 2013 Ford Escape BMS reset, and other Ford models.

How much does it cost to reset Ford BMS?

Factors like your Ford model, the dealership or service center you visit, and any additional diagnosis or repairs needed determine the cost of resetting a Ford BMS.

However, you can spend $0 to $300 for a Ford battery monitoring system (BMS) reset. You won’t pay any money if you decide to run the diagnosis yourself without a scan tool. But if you choose to contact your dealership, you may be charged up to $300.

Final Words

Now that you know Ford BMS reset methods and procedures, you can easily reset your battery monitoring system every time the message pops up on your dashboard. As explained earlier, even if you’re not a DIYer, you can reset the BMS by doing nothing. All these methods are effective. So, you can choose any of the methods that is easy for you. If the one you choose doesn’t work, try another method before contacting your mechanic for further assistance.

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