How Many Satchels for a Garage Door?

There exist myriads of garage door types that operate manually or automatically with electric motors and sensors. In the game of Rust, the garage door is one deployable structure, crafted with 300 metal fragments and 2 gears that players can mount in a wall frame.

If you are conversant with such garage doors, you will notice that it opens vertically. While this structure appears resistant to certain damages, including fire, melee, and bullet, you can destroy it with a certain amount of explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo and satchels.

Thus, knowing “how many satchels for a garage door in Rust” is crucial if you seek effective means of creating such ruin. This article showcases valuable information to help you achieve an incredible gaming experience.

garage door satchels

What Is A Satchel Charge?

Satchel charges are small explosive packages that some players consider an unpredictable raiding tool. These items help destroy the buildings of opponents in Rust. Remember, this destruction occurs as a means of looting rival bases.

However, there is a likely possibility for the satchel charges to “dud.” Hence, the likeliness of this weapon not to function when thrown, leaving players in immense need of a re-ignition. This garage door Rust destroys weapons lacks a real detonation time, and occurs randomly.

So, even when they go off instantly, you might face a few cases where they don’t. But, once thrown, it is highly recommended to react promptly, escaping the area before the effect. Kindly note that many gamers only opt for this tool to teabag their opponents or as a recourse, considering how expensive it can be. 

Not only are satchels time-consuming to craft, but you would also need them in significant amounts to exert certain damages. Please note that satchels take 40 seconds, which could be a game-changer in some cases. While doing this, it is imperative to protect your base from similar advances.

If you consider making satchel charges, you would need the following supplies.

  • 1 rope
  • 720 charcoal – for making gunpowder
  • 80 metal fragments – for preparing Bean can grenades
  • 480 sulfur – for making gunpowder
  • 10 clothes – to create a small stash
  • Woods – for making a furnace to smelt ores

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Removing Garage Door in Rust Using Satchel Charges 

The deployable garage door in Rust has excellent features, such as the absence of wings (that ensures it doesn’t need additional space) and its outstanding durability. However, one soft side of Rust garage door is its vulnerability to satchel charges, which folks can employ as the last resort to knock down opponents.

Below are a few tricks to employ when deploying satchels for taking down garage doors in Rust.

  • You should start with wooden garage doors since they are prone to burning and can serve as a sample.
  • While throwing, be sure to apply more than a pouch each time and do so from a safe distance.
  • Kindly take note of where the satchel charges drop; they should land on the door to ensure proper damage.
  • Satchels are common to fizzle out at times, but pick up the broken satchel and re-ignite it.
  • Once the satchels bust, the garage door would be removed.

Note: The cheapest way to destroy a garage door in Rust is crafting 3200 sulfur using 1 C4 and 40 explosive rounds.

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How Many Satchels for Garage Door

It takes approximately 9 satchel charges to destroy a garage door of Rust Labs. You might wonder why there is so much forces employed for this task. The precise answer is there are no available planting locations to reduce the number of satchels since the garage door lacks any weak sides.

Thus, based on the speculations above, making a satchel charge would take gamers about 4,320 sulfur, 6,470 charcoal, and 720 metal fragments to prepare 9 satchel charges. Nevertheless, the dud percentage may cause you to utilize more than 9 satchels; hence, the need to keep additional ones in your case.

How many satchels for sheet metal doors?

You should know that satchels appear more active for sheet metal doors, and you may need just 4 satchel charges to get such deployed items down.

how many satchels do you need for a garage door

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Related Queries 

How Much Damage Does 1 Satchel Do To A Garage Door?

In the context of garage doors in Rust, satchels can potentially cause significant damage. When detonated near a garage door, the force generated by the explosion of a single satchel can be at best, 475. Immense but not enough to blow a garage door in Rust.

How Much Sulfur Do I Need For 9 Satchels?

When crafting a satchel, you would often need 480 sulfur to prepare the gunpowder. Since players need 9 satchels to take down their opponent’s garage door, you should look forward to getting about 4,320 sulfur. You need this supply with other materials in their required amounts to get ready for the attack.

What Amount of Gunpowder is needed for a Satchel?

When it comes to damaging garage doors in Rust, the amount of gunpowder needed for a satchel is crucial. The ideal amount required can vary depending on the size and purpose of the satchel. Here, the standard amount of gunpowder needed for a satchel bomb is 720 charcoals and 480 sulfur.

How Many Satchels Do I Need To Scrap A Door?

The number of satchels needed for taking down garage doors varies, depending on the type. However, you would need:

  • 9 satchel charges to destroy a garage door
  • 2 satchel charges for taking down a wooden door
  • 12 satchel charges to demolish an armored door
  • 4 satchel charges for pulling down a sheet metal door

How Many Satchels are Needed for A Sheet Metal Door?

A metal sheet door in Rust seems fragile compared to a garage door or an armored door. Thus, you would need fewer satchels to demolish this door type – it requires at least 4 satchels to pull it down.

What Amount of Explosive Ammo is Needed For A Double Sheet Door?

It is no longer news that Rust double sheet metal doors are weak for explosives like the “timed explosive charge.” This issue is persistent even when such a door type is resistant to melee weapons. But, you need 63 explosive ammo to take down such doors, and the tool could be either of the following:

  • M249 5.56 Explosive Rifle Ammo
  • LR-300 Assault 5.56 Rifle Explosive Ammo
  • Explosive 5.56 Semi-Automatic Rifle Ammo
  • M39 Rifle 5.56 Explosive Rifle Ammo

Final Words

Garage doors are a common element in Rust, and this structure is often sited within wall frames. While this structure is highly durable, you can employ certain tricks to get it down and loot your rivals.

Satchels are excellent options, and you should know “how many satchels are for garage door destruction.” As indicated above, you would need 9 satchels, and this write-up should guide you on how to craft this weapon and use it appropriately.


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