How To Disable Onguard Collision Safety System?

Most vehicles, especially modern ones, are fitted with an OnGuard collision safety system as a protective measure to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. However, this safety system may not be as enjoyable as when you have complete control of your vehicle.

Understanding how to disable the OnGuard collision safety system is not rocket science. The step-by-step process can be learned in a few minutes. Everything you need to know to enable you to disable the OnGuard collision safety system of a car has been provided below in this article.

How to Disable Onguard Collision Safety System

how to reset onguard collision safety system

DIYers stand a better chance to understand the OnGuard troubleshooting guide; however, anyone can learn to disable the system. It is pretty easy to disable OnGuard collision safety system if you carefully follow these step-by-step procedures.

The procedures are not anything like rocket science. Although, DIYers may get it faster than none-DIYers; in any case, the steps are pretty simple to understand.

Turn off the ignition switch and battery disconnect switch

A car’s front Power Distribution Center (PDC) will be at risk of damage if the OnGuard collision safety is disabled without the ignition switch being turned off and the battery disconnect switches being shut off.

So, first and foremost, before removing the fuse, turn off the car’s ignition switch and also ensure to shut off the car’s battery disconnect switches.

Identify the PDC – Power Distribution Center

Once the power has been turned off, proceed to locate the Power Distribution Center (PDC) beneath the window on the driver’s side. It is most likely on the front compartment under that window.

The front of the Power Distribution Center (PDC) has a black plastic box that is mounted in place with two thumbscrews. The box is held in place on the back wall of the PDC compartment under the window on the driver’s side.

Open the PDC – Power Distribution Center

After locating the Power Distribution Center, it is time to identify the fuse inside the PDC. To do this, loosen those two thumbscrews on the cover of the black plastic box. Once it is open, locate fuse 1 inside the box. It is a 2A fuse located at the top of the PDC box on the left side.

Remove the PDC fuse

Once the correct fuse is located in the PDC, the next thing is to remove that fuse with care. After that, reverse the process used in opening the box to lock it back in place. Simply put the cover back in place and tighten up those two thumbscrews to hold it back in place.

After locking the box back in place, turn the battery disconnect switches on and get the power restored again to the coach. The simple steps above provide a way out of how to reset  OnGuard collision safety system.

Ensure to keep the removed fuse in a place where you can always access it safely. This is important in case there is a need to go back to the way it used to be; then, you can easily pick up the fuse and fix it back.

The guidelines above can also be helpful in understanding Meritor Wabco OnGuard troubleshooting.

onguard disabled service vehicle


Q: How do I disable collision mitigation system international?

To successfully disable the mitigation system, first of all, press the two arrows (up and down) on display. Ensure to hold them as you turn on the key. After that, release the two arrows (up and down) keys.

While the key is still on, you can start the motor without turning off the key; then, the collision mitigation will go off immediately.

Q: How do you turn off distance warnings on Cascadia?

To turn off the distance warning on Cascadia, simply engage the CNCL button, which regulates the speed of a car. When this button is pressed once, it enables the system. To disable it, press it again.

Once the CNCL button is pressed to disable the distance warning, you will not have any issue with the warning again as you drive. This operation is quite simple; all you need to do at first is to identify the control button, which is usually located on the car’s steering column.

Q: How do you disable collision mitigation?

It is pretty easy to understand how to disable a collision mitigation system in a car without breaking a sweat. To do this, locate the CMBS OFF button on the car’s steering wheel’s left side around the panel. Then, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds.

After 2 seconds or thereabout, the system will release a beeping sound and display a message in the MID. The message is usually in this form, “Collision Mitigation Braking System OFF.” Once you see that message, the collision mitigation system has been successfully disabled.

This is also helpful for those asking how to disable the collision mitigation systems in Peterbilt 579 diagnosis. However, it may require a little more insight.

Q: What is adaptive cruise fault?

Adaptive cruise fault is when the radar sensor on a car’s adaptive cruise control can no longer detect other vehicles in front of it while on the road. This is usually caused by dirt or snow/ice covering in the grille of the radar sensor.

Once this happens, the instrument panel would display a message, “Radar Blocked.” If you come across this message, take a moment and see your vehicle manufacturer’s manual to understand this component and how to go about it. You can also see an expert auto mechanic.

Also, note that the cruise control switch is the answer to those asking how to disable the Bendix wigman system. It only requires switching off the control system.

Q: How do I turn off lane departure warning?

The button that controls the lane departure alert (LDA) is located on the vehicle’s steering wheel. So, to successfully put off the warning system, kindly find the lane departure alert (LDA) button first. The switch has a design that looks like a car veering off its lane.


After locating the button, press it to turn on the system; then, press it again to disable the LDA system. Once this is done, the warning system will successfully turn off.


The process is quite simple, when next you need to turn off the lane departure warning in your car, simply remember the button by design in the similitude of a vehicle veering off its lane.

Final Words

Manufacturers of different vehicles design several control systems to enable drivers to have a safe and satisfactory driving experience; however, sometimes, these systems can be boring and distracting.

That is why this article has addressed the issue of OnGuard collision safety system. Since you’ve learned how to disable OnGuard collision safety system, this will no longer be an issue to worry about. Kindly refer back to the step-by-step guide to digest the procedures properly.

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