How to Get a Hummingbird out of Your Garage?

Hummingbirds have a unique speed and an excellent ability to fly in any direction, but they become frightened when stuck in a garage because they are not equally clever in finding their way out. Hence, you need to know how to get a hummingbird out of your garage.

It is common to have a hummingbird trapped in your garage, flying backward, forward, and upside down. You should know that the bird keeps trying to fly further up, hoping to find its way out without understanding that the roof is a barrier. 

However, the goal is to get the Hummingbird out of your garage as calmly as possible so as not to scare it, ensuring you help the bird go out before it gets tired. When it comes to such rescue, you can rely on the details in this piece that can help you out.

What Attracts a Hummingbird to My Garage?

Bright colors like orange, red, yellow, or purple are an intense attraction to hummingbirds because they are the colors of flower nectars where they find their meals. 

Various electric garage doors have a red, dangling release handle in their opener. While you can use it to operate the door manually when the electric door gets stuck, this could lure a Hummingbird into your parking space. The bird may sight this red handle with a somewhat flower shape on a garage door opener and thinks it can find nectar there.

Most hummingbirds fly out when they cannot stick their tongue into their supposed red flower. However, some fly up instead of flying out through the door, so they fly around the roof or ceiling, searching for an escape route until they get tired. 

That’s how it gets stuck in your garage, and that’s why you shouldn’t wait for it to find its way out because usually, it can’t, even when the door is wide open. If you leave the bird, it’ll struggle and rest. Then, repeat the cycle till it becomes completely exhausted and dies. 

Another reason that attracts a hummingbird to your garage is its search for a resting place. Most garage types appear safe to a bird that needs rest, so you must know how to catch hummingbirds without hurting them and let them go safely.

how to get a hummingbird out of your garage at night

How Do I Prevent Hummingbird from Getting into My Garage?  

A hummingbird can pretty easily get stuck in a garage, and when it’s nighttime, it is necessary to learn how to get a hummingbird out of your garage at night. However, it may be best to prevent it from getting into your garage in the first place, and here are some tips:

  • Seal all doors and windows that lead to the garage.
  • Fix a physical barrier such as a fence or bird net around the garage to stop the birds from flying in.
  • If your garage has a chimney, it is best to place a chimney cap on it so the birds won’t fly in through the chimney.
  • Positioning objects that scare birds in front of your garage work too. Such objects could be decoys like hawk eyes or fake owls.

Getting Hummingbirds Out of Your Garage

How do I get a hummingbird out of my garage during the day or even at night? Here are the options to try out.

Help the Hummingbird Find an Escape Route

Undoubtedly, finding an escape route is the best thing to do for the Hummingbird; help it escape. You can use a long object such as a mop or brush to reach for the bird and help it out of the garage door. 

However, if it becomes agitated and flies back in, leave the doors open for it to fly out on its own. Be careful when handling the Hummingbird because it can get injured easily because of its delicate nature. 

Use a Hummingbird Feeder

You can place a hummingbird feeder at a height near your garage door. The bird will fly to the feeder for food and might fly out of the garage completely. If the bird flies back into the garage, close the garage door and open it after a while. Then, catch the bird with your hands, take it outside the garage, and let it go.

Another option is to fix a net over the hummingbird feeder so that the bird gets stuck in it when it flies to the feeder for food. Then, you’ll gently bring the bird out of the net and let it go. That is how to catch a hummingbird with a net to help it fly outside. 

Lure the Hummingbird Out with Bright Objects

You can employ objects with bright colors to lure the bird close to the garage door. The thing could be a mirror, light, or red flowers. Move it around the door area, make the bird follow till it gets close to the door and flies out.

Make the Garage Dark

A dark garage usually makes it easy to get a hummingbird out because the bird’s activity reduces in the dark. So, you can wait until night to remove the Hummingbird, or; you make the garage dark by closing its windows, doors, and curtains.

The bird will likely settle in a spot because of the dark. Be sure to open the door after a while and let it fly away at the sight of the blue sky.

Get a Fake Owl

An owl signifies danger to the Hummingbird. So, you can get a fake owl from a hardware store to scare the Hummingbird stuck in your garage and make it fly away. Ensure you place the pseudo owl where the bird can see, and you may clap your hands to add some noise.

Open All Garage Doors and Windows

Irrespective of your garage door type, the simplest way to get a hummingbird out of your garage will be to open all the doors and windows so that the bird will fly out when it sees the bright sky outside the garage. But, if this method doesn’t work, you should try other methods listed above.

how to get bird out of garage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What does a hummingbird flying into your garage mean?

Usually, a hummingbird flies towards bright colors such as red or yellow. It looks like flowers the bird finds food in. So, when a hummingbird flies into your garage, it means that there is something brightly colored and shaped like a flower in your garage.

Q: How do I get a trapped hummingbird out of my house?

The quick tips on how to get a hummingbird out of your house are:

  • Ensure that there is no source of added commotion such as loud noise, ceiling fans, pets, and children.
  • Close the doors to other rooms and windows that could lead to other rooms in the house.
  • Reduce the Hummingbird’s confusion by removing or covering all bright-colored items such as toys, throw pillows, and other house decorations. Turn off bright lights too.
  • Leave all doors and windows wide open to provide the Hummingbird with various exit points.
  • Try luring the bird outside by placing a hummingbird feeder at the exit closest to the bird. Other bright-colored objects or a bunch of flowers will still work if there’s no hummingbird feeder at hand. 
  • Try shooing the bird with a long broom to make it fly out of the house. You can also scoop the Hummingbird gently into the long broom and take it outside the house to let it fly away.

Q: Can a hummingbird live outside the house?

Yes, hummingbirds can live outside the house as they don’t stay in homes like some bird species. They can live near humans in their cup-shaped nests in tree branches. You can attract a hummingbird outside your home by dropping feeders and flower nectars.

Q: Is it OK to touch a hummingbird?

Yes, you can touch a hummingbird to save it. The bird doesn’t carry diseases; therefore, you are not at risk of falling sick by touching it. However, if a hummingbird is sick, it is best to take it to a licensed organization for animal rescue for proper health care.

Q: What does a hummingbird flying into your house means?

When a hummingbird flies into your house, it shows that there are colorful objects in the house that attract it. Hummingbirds always fly towards objects with colors and flower shapes because that’s where they get food.

Final Words

Hummingbirds are clever and beautiful little creatures, but they are not so bright when lost in a garage. That’s why it needs your help to get out of the caged condition. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to get a hummingbird out of your garage to help it fly out safely. And when you do, you’ll be glad you took the step to save its life.


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