How to Get Blood Out of Car Seat?

Bloodstains clot fast and if not removed early can soak and stick to the inner parts of the car upholstery, leaving dirty marks on the surface. Plus, leaving the bloodstain on the car seat will attract germs and bacteria that could affect your health.

The different methods of getting blood out of a car seat depending on the fabric of the car seat. It is advisable to clean car seat stains occur instead of allowing them to dry up as they’ll become more difficult to remove.

So, instead of beating yourself around because of the bloodstain, search for the most effective methods on how to get blood out of car seat upholstery and get to work. Here’s a well-detailed article on over 7 different methods on how to get blood out of a car seat.

How to Get Blood Out of Car Seat 

There are several ways bloodstains could be removed. However, it’s not advisable to use auto-detailing products with harsh chemicals.

Here are 7 options you could try when getting blood out of a car seat. Some of these methods can help when cleaning and conditioning car leather seats.

how to get period blood out of leather car seat

Cold Saltwater

To use the cold saltwater method, follow the procedure below:

  • Spot the area with the bloodstain. You could use a paper towel or cotton cloth to clean off the excess blood. Ensure you don’t rub stain so you don’t spread the blood to other areas.
  • Dab the stained area to remove the excess blood. When the cloth you’re using gets soaked, use another one.
  • Prepare a saltwater solution by mixing one cup of cold water and 2 teaspoons of salt. Ensure you don’t use warm or hot water as it could make the stain on the fabric permanent.
  • Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the area with the bloodstain. If you don’t have a spray bottle, improvise by dipping a clean cloth into the saltwater and cleaning the stained area.
  • If the bloodstain is large, start cleaning from the edges to the center to avoid the bloodstain from spreading to other parts.
  • To absorb the excess solution, dap a dry cloth on the stained area. Continue to spray and blot the area until the stain disappears.
  • Once the stain disappears, rinse the spot thoroughly with a cloth dipped in cold water. Do not scrub the spot, just dab to soak out the excess solution.
  • Gently press the area with a paper towel to dry it.

Water Solution or Dish Detergent

This method also applies to how to get blood out of a car seat belt. The steps to follow in this method are:

  • To prepare the solution, mix 2 cups of cold water with a tablespoon of dish detergent in a bowl.
  • Soak a white clean towel in the solution and apply it to the stained area.
  • Gently scrub the stained area with a soft brush.
  • Rinse off the solution by using a wet clean cloth to dab the area. If the stain refuses to clean, apply the solution and scrub again.
  • Rinse the stained area again till the solution completely dries up on the area it was applied on.
  • Use a dry towel or cloth to completely dry the area.

Damp Rag

You could use the damp rag (cloth) to soak out excess blood. See the steps to follow below:

  • Dab a rag on the stained area.
  • Ensure you don’t scrub the area so the blood doesn’t go deep into the fabric, thereby causing the stain removal hard.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works better for stains that are hard to remove (stubborn stains). When it comes to how to get blood out of leather car seats, hydrogen peroxide also works. The steps to follow when using hydrogen peroxide are:

  • Dip a clean dry cloth into a little amount of the solution (hydrogen peroxide).
  • Gently dab the cloth on the area with the bloodstain.
  • When reapplying more of the solution, use another section of the clean cloth.
  • Then, dip another clean cloth into cold water to dab the stained area. The aim of this is to take out the excess hydrogen peroxide.
  • Allow the seat to air-dry.

Baking Soda Solution

The steps to follow are:

  • Mix a tablespoon of baking and 2 tablespoons of water in a bowl. Stir the solution well.
  • Soak a clean cloth in the solution and dab it on the stain. Allow for not less than 30 minutes.
  • Dip a clean cloth in cold water and use it to rinse off the solution by dabbing the area.
  • Then, use a soft towel to dry the area.

Meat Tenderizer Paste

Below are the steps to follow:

  • To create the paste, mix cold water with 1 tablespoon of meat tenderizer.
  • Use your finger to apply the paste to the stained area. Allow it for about an hour.
  • Then, use an old toothbrush to scrape off the paste gently.
  • Thereafter, use a wet towel to remove the crust and dry thoroughly.


Here are the steps to follow when using lemon to remove blood stain from car seat:

  • Dab a slice of lemon on the stain.
  • Allow it for a few minutes. Ensure the lemon doesn’t dry up on the seat, as it’s capable of destroying seats and carpets when allowed to dry.
  • Dip a towel in cold water. Use it to rinse off the lemon from the seat.

How to Get Blood Out of Car Seats


Q: Does baking soda remove blood?

Baking soda is one of the best products to use when trying to remove blood stains from car seats. It is made up of highly effective and efficient ingredients that can remove stains. Aside from that, it is reliable and fast.

All you need to do is apply a small portion of the baking soda to the stained area and allow it for some minutes. Thereafter, use a vacuum to clear out the baking soda. Baking soda also applies when it comes to how to get blood out of the carpet.

Q: How do you get dried blood out of fabric?

You don’t have to get fussy just because a bloodstain dried on the fabric. It is very possible to get rid of the stain.

You could use hydrogen peroxide, a saltwater solution, lemon, or baking soda solution. If the stain doesn’t disappear after the first time you apply any of the solutions, repeat the steps till the stain goes off. Hydrogen peroxide is most effective for stubborn stains.

An enzymatic cleaner is also a perfect option. The cleaner called Blood Buster will give the best results and it is designed specially to clear out the blood and other organic-based stains.

Ensure you follow the right steps to get the best results. In addition, you could use soap and cold water to clean off the stain. This will help keep the spot wet and reduce the bloodstain on a car seat.

Q: Does vinegar get blood out?

You can use vinegar to get blood out of the car, but, it is not highly effective in taking out bloodstains. However, one major advantage of vinegar over other solutions is that it is less likely to bleach the stained area. It’s an excellent method to use when it comes to how to get blood out of tan car seats.

The best vinegar to use when getting blood out is white vinegar. It is mildly acidic. It breaks down the fibrin that holds a bloodstain together, causing it to clear off. In most cases, you may still find some patches of the bloodstain after using vinegar.

All you need to do when using vinegar to get blood out is to soak the stained area with a small amount of vinegar. Allow it for a few minutes. You could even go ahead to blot the vinegar to get rid of stubborn hair.

Q: Does salt remove blood stains?

Certainly, a mixture of salt and cold water can do the magic. Salt is an effective dehydrator that can pull out liquid from things. All you need to do when using at to remove blood stain is; apply it on the area to draw out the blood on the car seat.

The salt and water mixture doesn’t have to be watery. You can mix it into a paste (slightly solid). Apply it on the area with the bloodstain. Allow it for about 30 minutes. Rinse or wipe the stained area with cold water or a damp cloth respectively.

Q: Does vinegar remove old blood stains?

You can use vinegar to remove old blood stains from your car seats. It is one of the most reliable methods on how to get Gatorade out of the car seat.

Interestingly, white vinegar is one of the easily accessible blood stain remover products at home. When using vinegar to remove old bloodstains, first pour a relatively small amount of the vinegar on the stained area. Allow it to soak for about five to ten minutes. Blot the area with a clean damp cloth. Then, use a clean cloth to dry (soak out) the excess vinegar in the area.

Q: Can toothpaste remove blood stains?

Of course, it works like magic! You may be surprised that your toothpaste can remove blood stains. If you’re looking for how to get period blood out of a leather car seat, toothpaste will be effective.

You just need to follow some steps. The first step is to use your fingers to apply the toothpaste to the stained area. Allow it for a few minutes. Then, rinse it off with cold water. While rinsing it, use your fingers to gently rub the fabric. Thereafter, use soap to wash the affected area and rinse with water (cold).

Q: Is OxiClean good for bloodstains?

OxiClean is a combination of a baking soda variant called sodium percarbonate and the powder form of hydrogen peroxide. So, OxiClean is good for bloodstain removal. It is one of the effective methods on how to get period blood out of car seats.

To use it to remove blood: Mix a tablespoon of OxiClean with two tablespoons of water. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and apply it to the bloodstain. Allow for two to three minutes. Then, rinse it off with cold water and use a towel to dry the wet area.

Q: Can nail polish remover get rid of bloodstains?

No. Nail polish remover is made of acetone (a solvent). Therefore, it is not advisable to use nail polish remover to get rid of bloodstains because it can irritate the fabric used to make the car seat. Plus, you should keep it far away from your eyes because of the fumes it produces.

Instead of using nail polish remover to get rid of blood stains, use other products like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a saltwater solution, and many others.

Q: What is the best stain remover for dried blood?

The best stain remover for dried blood is hydrogen peroxide. Even though hydrogen peroxide is rated as the best blood stain remover, it has a disadvantage. Its disadvantage is that it bleaches different fabrics. So, if you’re asking: “will hydrogen peroxide bleach car seat?” you’ve found the answer.

Therefore, don’t use this product without diluting it by adding 2 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. If possible, add more tablespoons of water to avoid the fabric of your car seat from getting damaged. You could test the diluted solution in an invisible area before applying it to the stained area.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, blood stains are one of the most stubborn stains to clean. Besides, time is of the essence in this case because when the bloodstains get dried up it’ll be more difficult to clean. So, it’s advisable to clean the stain when it’s still fresh (wet). You can check how to clean car carpets if the stain extends to the car mats.

With the help of the detailed methods above on how to get blood out of a car seat, getting rid of blood stains on your car seat should be an easy peasy. If you try out any of the methods and it doesn’t give you the desired results, try out another way and keep repeating the process until the bloodstain is completely gone.

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