How To Put A Steering Wheel Cover On?

Like every other vehicle part, the steering wheel deteriorates as days go by. Here, installing a steering wheel cover will prevent your steering wheel from deteriorating earlier. The steering wheel cover lessens the driver’s fatigue and provides additional grip on the wheel. On its top, it improves driving comfort.

Steering wheel covers add extra aesthetic feeling to the car interiors. A good wheel cover can be a value-added feature to spruce up and add texture to the dashboard. They are available in major auto parts shops. To your ease, they require no tools to install or set up.

If you are searching for how to put a steering wheel cover on, we have your back. Steering wheel covers installation is just one of the easiest do-it-yourself upgrades every motorist can do on their vehicles. We’ve provided detailed instructions to walk you through.

How To Put A Steering Wheel Cover On

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install a steering wheel cover. These steering wheel cover hacks is all you need to install a steering wheel cover.

Measure The Steering Wheel

measure car steering wheel cover

Get a tape and measure the steering wheel’s dimension. Write the steering wheel diameter. The steering wheel usually measures 14 to 17 inches. You can get this measurement by stretching the tape across the steering wheel. To get the wheel circumference or grip thickness, wrap the tape around the wheel. The wheel thickness ranges from 2 to 5 inches.

Once you have determined the steering wheel’s diameter and circumference measurement, think of the type and style of the steering wheel you want. When choosing a steering wheel, think of the aesthetic appeal and how much grip it’ll add to the wheel. There are chances your new steering wheel cover won’t fit if you fail to measure the steering wheel before buying a cover.

Installing Steering Wheel Cover

how to put a rubber steering wheel cover on

Get a clean rag or towel and isopropyl alcohol and wipe the steering wheel. This practice removes any dirt and debris on the steering wheel that may get caught under the steering wheel cover.

Purchase a steering wheel cover that matches your measurements. Stitch style cover requires you to sew it after covering it on the steering wheel, whereas the stretch style will fit in like a glove. There are a variety of colors, styles, and designs you can choose from.

Get a steering wheel cover that will enhance the interior aesthetic feeling of your baby ride. For example, if your interior is black with red infotainment buttons, consider using a red or black steering wheel cover.

Remove the Styrofoam stuffing or carbon card on the new steering wheel cover. Manufacturers make steering wheel covers with a variety of materials. Depending on the sort your new steering wheel cover is made of, your new cover could be stitch-fitting and loose-fitting or stiff and tight-fitting. The last cover material is usually rigid and flexible. If you go for it, use a blow dry to soften it for easy installation.

Start from the upper side of the steering wheel. Align the steering wheel cover on the upper side of the wheel. Gently unwrap the cover until it covers the lower side. Stretch and mold the wheel cover from both upper sides till it gets to the lower part.

If you notice off-fitting, adjust the cover by pulling it until the mistake is corrected. Once done, pull the bottom of the cover over the wheel and ensure everything is perfect. You can search for a YouTube video on how to stretch a steering wheel cover for visual presentation.

Sewing Steering Wheel Cover Guides

As alluded to above, some wheel covers are stitch style which requires sewing. These types of wheel covers are usually large and loose. Most of them come with sewing materials in their kit. However, some do not come with any sewing material. If you purchase the later ones, use lacing strings to bind the wheel cover.

The dimension of your wheel should determine the length of your string. Sew the cover, bypassing the needle thread under the thread on the cover. Ensure you tighten the thread when sewing to fit properly so it won’t Lose unexpectedly.

Sewing Steering Wheel Cover Guides


Should I put a cover on my steering wheel?

Vehicle steering wheels enable the driver to control the movement of a car. It connects to the suspension system through the steering column. Automakers fix horn contact on the center of the steering wheel. It plays a critical role in optimal vehicle drivability.

It’s crucial to protect the steering wheel since it plays a significant role in controlling the vehicle. And the best way of protecting the steering wheel from wear and tear is by installing a steering wheel cover.

Aside from protecting the steering wheel from wear and tear, it also offers an aesthetic feel to the car interior.

Why is it so hard to put on a steering wheel cover?

Installing a steering wheel cover can be as easy as ABC. But that’s not always the case. Remember, steering wheels come in various diameters and circumference sizes. The diameter can be 14 to 17 inches, whereas the circumference sizes are 2 to 5 inches.

Installing a steering wheel cover can be frustrating and unnerving if you purchase a smaller size, I.e. if the steering cover is not stretchy enough to cover the wheels enough.

Are steering wheel knobs illegal?

Steering wheel knobs are illegal in most states. There’s an exception for disabled drivers. These laws and regulations vary from state to state, even from county to county. So, it is best to check your local law to see if it is legal in your area or not.

Steering wheel knob spinners are legal for commercial vehicles like dump trucks and semi-truck drivers.

Steering wheel knobs delay a vehicle’s quick response, especially during a collision. They also interfere with proper road feedback. In some countries like the UK and some states in the United States, a driver will get state approval before installing it.

Do steering wheel covers protect the steering wheel?

Steering wheel covers protect the steering wheel from wear and tear and add extra beauty to the interior. It also enhances the overall driving experience.

Installation of steering wheel covers prevents natural wear on the steering wheels from normal day-to-day use. It wears off instead of the wheel itself.

Are steering wheels universal?

All aftermarket steering wheels are universal. This means they can fit any vehicle. While one steering wheel can fit many cars, it requires an adapter called a wheel hub or boss kit.

However, not all aftermarket steering wheels fit all vehicles. Why is it so? There are significant differences in the ‘boss bolt’ that holds the steering wheel and the steering column. When considering a replacement, check the dimension and specifications and ensure it’ll match your old wheel.

How much does it cost to replace a steering wheel cover?

Getting a steering wheel cover is cheap and should cost between $20 to $100. Having a professional mechanic fix it will not cost you a fortune either. If you don’t know where to fix it, you can search for a steering wheel cover installation near me.

A Google search with this keyword will find all nearby installation centers. Your local auto mechanic can install it. The service charge for installing the steering wheel cover can go between $70 to $150, making $90 to $250 for both parts and the service fee.

Final words

At this point, you’ve seen the importance of installing a steering wheel cover. It is an addition you shouldn’t take for granted.

It protects the steering wheel from wearing out while adding a touch of beauty to the car interior. It should also give you confidence in the wheel as it grips the steering wheel firmly.

This article has explained how to put a steering wheel cover on so everyone will understand. It’s time to add that extra touch on the wheel.

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