How to Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading?

The windshield is a crucial part of the car helping in visualizing the road ahead. It is a glass construction that prevents wind from hitting the driver and passengers, which can be pretty uncomfortable. In this piece, we focus on how to stop a windshield crack from spreading.

Like most glass constructions, cracking is a common problem. Most of the time, the crack starts like a small line, and may not be visible. However, if not attended to, it may spread and cause issues like a leaky windshield or spider webbing.

Causes of windshield cracking include impact, like that of small rocks and other heavy objects, and heat stresses, due to expansion and contraction. Aging and sun rays are also factors that contribute to cracks in the windshield.

Let us now look at how to prevent the windshield crack from spreading.

Stopping a Windshield Crack from Spreading

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Once you notice that there is some stress on this car part, you should act fast to prevent it from getting worse. Start by parking your vehicle under a shade to reduce exposure to sunlight and heat. As earlier mentioned exposure to heat and direct sunlight can lead to cracks.

If you notice that the windshield cracked overnight, there is a high chance it was due to heat fluctuation. Also, defrost the windshield in the right way using minimal impact.

Once you deal with the temperature issue, you can opt for a temporary fix for windshield crack. A reliable one is using a windshield repair kit. The kit has a special resin and adaptor that will reduce the stress around the crack and prevent it from spreading.

The other solution to rely on is superglue. This answers the common question: will superglue stop a windshield crack from spreading? The bonds from this adhesive material are strong and will hold the crack, stopping its expansion.

Nail polish will also do a good job of getting the crack in check. Apply clear polish on both sides of the windshield to fill the crack as you look for a permanent solution.

Permanent solutions to a cracked car window include professional filling or replacement, which you can get done from auto repair shops.

Drilling windshields to stop crack also works, but requires experience and care to pull it off perfectly.

how to fix a cracked windshield yourself

Why a Cracked Windshield Is Dangerous

Can I drive with a cracked windshield? Yes, you can drive with a windshield with cracks, though it depends on the extent of the damage. If the cracking is severe, you put yourself and other road users in danger.

First of all, you will have poor visuals, especially if you have spider web cracks. As the name hints, this type of crack spreads like a spider web and maybe an obstruction. You will have to strain when focusing on the road, more so in conditions like darkness and fog. It may lead to accidents.

The damage is also a ticking time bomb, especially if the windshield glass is not the reinforced type.  

In this case, any impact may cause the glass to fall off, presenting a risk of cuts and other bodily harm.

Moreover, you may face fines from traffic authorities if they deem your car unroadworthy.

How Do You Fix A Cracked Windshield Home Remedy?

When you notice a crack on the windshield, you do not have to worry as there are home remedies to try out. You start by cleaning the area around the crack to make it fit for applying an adhesive. The following are some of the solutions to bank on in how to stop a windshield crack from spreading DIY solutions.

You may opt for a windshield repair kit, using the resin and windshield adaptor, or applying nail polish on both sides of the crack.  Superglue, with its robust bonds, will also hold the crack in place and prevent it from extending.

Tips for Fixing a Cracked Windshield

You can check out the following tips to know how to handle a cracked windshield and prevent the stress and stop the stress lines from spreading.

  • Park The Vehicle Under A Shade: If you notice this type of damage on your vehicle’s windshield, you should park it under a shade. As previously stated, temperature fluctuations can cause cracks and spread them to other areas. When you park under a shade, the moderate heat levels will prevent cracks and worsening of existing damage on the window.
  • Seal The Crack: Sealing the crack ensures that the damage does not extend past manageable levels. You can use items like superglue and nail polish to secure the crack and curb its spreading. For the best outcome, apply the adhesive or nail polish on both sides for a sturdy bond.
  • Seek Professional Help: If the windshield crack is serious or you feel uncomfortable driving with it, you may seek professional help. Here, experienced personnel will handle the problem by filling the crack or replacing the windshield. The former is more affordable and a worthy pick if the crack is small. If the stress lines are widespread, replacement is the go-to option.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q: Can A Crack In A Windshield Be Stopped?

Cracks on the windshield are a common occurrence, and it is prudent to counter their spread as it may be expensive to handle if more pronounced. There are several ways to deal with cracks, like using nail polish, super glue, or a windshield repair kit. However, they are temporary solutions. Filling the crack and replacing the windshield are permanent solutions.

Q: How Long Does It Take A Windshield Crack To Spread?

When your windshield cracks, it may take a short time to spread further if not attended to immediately. If you drive recklessly and pack in places with high heat and direct sunlight, it will take a couple of days to have the windshield featuring different crack patterns.

Conversely, if well-tended to, like using superglue and other filling material, you can hold the crack for a considerable time until you get a permanent solution.

Q: Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Windshield?

Gorilla Glue is a strong polyurethane adhesive. In case of a crack, you can use a little bit of it to stop the stress line from spreading. Do not use too much of it as it may cause the clouding of the windshield.

Q: What Is The Strongest Glue For Glass?

When your windshield gets damaged, you may need a temporary solution to hold your back before replacement or any other permanent option. You can use glue, such as superglue or Gorilla Glue, to prevent the stress from expanding. They are ideal solutions due to their strong bonds.

Final Words

A crack on a car windshield can be pretty frustrating as you picture replacement and repair costs or driving with a window in such a condition. The good news is that there are solutions to this problem, and you should not worry.

As you prepare for professional repair services, you can prevent the crack from spreading by using household items such as superglue and windshield resin. In addition, you can go for nail polish or drill the area to apply the filling.

In this article, we present you with solutions for dealing with a cracked car window. Do not forget to perform standard maintenance practices like cleaning inside the windshield.


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