Who Makes Interstate Batteries?

Cars often have batteries that power various components needed for their smooth running. Therefore, your vehicle needs the best battery, and one excellent option available in the market is Interstate batteries. Reasonably, people are keen on knowing who makes Interstate batteries.

Automotive batteries are a necessity for cars, as they help start the vehicle, providing electric currents. These electric currents are often ‘needed’ by the electric-powered starting motor that effectively starts the engine. Interstate Batteries are the products of one of the most reputed brands and are pretty strong, providing a robust performance.

With their outstanding performance, Interstate batteries also come at an affordable price. This article will reveal the remarkable features of these batteries, their various types, and the manufacturers of Interstate batteries.

who owns interstate batteries
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Interstate Batteries

Beyond doubt, a bad battery can be a complete ruin of one’s day. But have you ever imagined your car stopping right in the middle of nowhere and the vehicle wouldn’t start due to issues with the battery?

Well, it would be best to get a new replacement if your vehicle’s old batteries are in bad shape or you start noticing some signs of a bad battery.

While there are innumerable options, Interstate batteries seem suitable for various cars. As a result, car owners can access different Interstate batteries that work well for a wide range of vehicles.

Although car batteries do not last forever, you can rest assured that these batteries are highly durable. In addition, the design of these batteries reaches the highest standards within the industry and can serve a wide range of vehicles.

Even as this battery line provides one of the best options you can find, they come at a fair price. But, again, their easy maintenance makes them an outstanding choice, and their AGM options come designed to be maintenance-free.

Their durable and thick plastic casing makes them safe from various external elements, and it would interest you to know that these products offer long-lasting services. Since they don’t discharge within a short period, you can run your car without replacing the batteries soon.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries?

The Interstate battery system of America markets and distributes batteries as a privately owned firm does. However, these Interstate batteries are products of Brookfield and Exide Technologies. Founded in 1952, the company also markets motorcycles, lawnmowers, marine/RV, mobility, and other lines of batteries.

These batteries were formerly a product of Johnson Controls, a firm that manufactures about 65% of the marine, truck, and automotive batteries marketed in the United States. Nevertheless, Brookfield and Exide Technologies recently partnered with Interstate Battery System and are now the sole producers of these batteries.

The board chairman of Interstate Batteries is Norm Miller, who began as a traveling salesman for the firm and worked through, emerging as the CEO. The headquarters of this firm is in Dallas, Texas.

However, the company has a distribution network with over 200,000 dealers spanning various areas of the world. You have Interstate battery dealers in Canada, Honduras, Haiti, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Bermuda, Bolivia, and other regions.

In 2007, the firm received the title of the best battery from an independent survey conducted by Auto Techs’ Frost and Sullivan. There are other notable awards, and another noteworthy success was the sale of about 1.5 million batteries within one month in 2010. So far back in 2017, Interstate Batteries reportedly sold nearly 18 million batteries.

Who sells interstate batteries?

You can find various advanced auto parts stores selling these batteries. Kindly note that Interstate Batteries holds over 200 retail corporate and franchise stores. Again, the firm produces one of the best batteries in the industry and recycles them. The company is one of the top recyclers and sells thousands of recycled batteries to various consumers.

Different Types of Interstate Batteries

There is a wide range of Interstate batteries, including 6 Volt batteries and  12 Volt batteries. But the common ones you can find in the market include:

MT Battery Line: This Interstate non-AGM battery offers standard performance and can effectively work for cars and trucks in moderate climates.

Marine Battery Line: If you seek a battery that can perform deep cycling and start, the products from this line seem like the perfect option. Again, these batteries are very durable and have excellent longevity.

AGM Battery Line: This option comes sealed after being filled with acid, and as such, they appear spill-proof. Thus, these batteries are free from maintenance, making these products easy to handle. The primary applications for this battery are Powersport due to its efficiency.

MTP Battery Line: As a non-AGM battery, this product is designed to offer high-cranking performance within areas having moderate to cold climates. Interestingly, these options have the most extended battery life.

Marine RV: Most consumers prefer this battery as the best for outdoor performance, offering folks comfort and providing the necessary power for high-demand electronics.

Some of the top-performance Interstate batteries that most car owners approve of include:

  • The Interstate 12 Volts battery, 35 Ah, works well for small conventional cars
  • The Interstate 12 Volts, 110 Ah, which happens to be maintenance-free and comes as an AGM battery
  • The Interstate 12 Volts battery, 75 Ah, is designed with VVRLA technologies and appears spill-proof.

Pros of Interstate Batteries

Interstate batteries come as the most suitable option available in the market, as many batteries suit different vehicles. Thus, car owners can rest assured that they will find one that appears compatible with their car.

These batteries come with sturdy construction and have thick plastic casings. The good news is that the batteries are free from maintenance, making them easy to use. Moreover, since the batteries from this product line do not discharge quickly, you can rest assured of their durability and extended service life.

Most Interstate batteries comes completely sealed and do not require one to add more water. In essence, such batteries rarely have issues resulting in low water; hence, you wouldn’t complain about the battery not holding a charge. Another outstanding feature of these batteries and why many car owners go for them is their compact size. With such portability, you can mount and dismount the battery with much ease. In addition, their association with AAA (American Automobile Association) is evident of the trustworthiness people are fond of.

Given the outstanding features of these batteries, it seems surprising that the price is fair. Indeed, the brand offers its batteries affordable, ensuring that most consumers can quickly get one replacement for their dead car battery.

In a bid to reduce pollution within the environment, Interstate batteries come designed as recycler options. In essence, the manufacturers make use of the lead extracted from old batteries. Thus, they do a great deal in reducing possible environmental pollution.

Cons of Interstate Batteries

Not a surprise or shock that there are a few downsides of Interstate batteries to be forewarned and one of them is the complaint from most reviews, relaying that these batteries tend to expire before the stipulated warranties. Nevertheless, they still last long and duly serve their purposes compared to other options in the industry.

Again, some folks complain about the poor customer service from new staff. But, these staffs tend to learn more with time and treat their customers with high esteem as the firm has always done.

where are interstate batteries sold


Are Interstate Batteries any good?

Interstate batteries come with high ratings, as they emerge as one of the best in the industry. In addition, these batteries come designed to appear sturdy, providing reliable and high-performance services.

Interestingly, there are many products working well for a wide range of cars. In addition, the thick and durable casing keeps the batteries safe from extreme conditions, making them last longer and duly serve their purposes.

Does AutoZone sell Interstate Batteries?

AutoZone does not specialize in an Interstate line of batteries, and as such, you would not get one there. However, AutoZone is one of the most recognized stores for various car parts and seems like the best plug for battery replacements.

You can find the best brand of batteries in this auto store with much ease. But for some reason, there are no Interstate batteries here. Nevertheless, there are other excellent options that you can look out for at AutoZone.

How long do Interstate Batteries last?

Interstate batteries have excellent longevity, lasting for an average period of three to five years. However, the durability of the battery depends on its use and exposure. Folks who tend to drive often may need to replace their car batteries more often than those that drive less.

On the other hand, exposure to extreme conditions may leave the battery in bad shape. If you think of the right time for a battery replacement, you should consider the factors mentioned above. Thus, it would help if you kept your vehicle’s battery in good condition to avoid issues that would leave it wholly damaged.

Is Costco Interstate Battery good?

Costco Interstate batteries are excellent and appear among the long-lasting options that you can find. In addition, these batteries offer a reliable power supply and come with fair warranty programs. Thus, you may want to consider getting one for your vehicle.

Interestingly, these batteries come at affordable rates even though they are pretty durable. So, consumers can get both top-performing services and high quality at a fair price, which is quite remarkable.

How much are Interstate Batteries at Costco?

Costco Interstate batteries come at a fair price, which varies based on the type and size. However, the average cost of these batteries starts from $50 up to $100. Thus, you can contact and provide Costco with the details of your car model to help you get the correct battery that fits your car’s needs.

Kindly note that Costco also offers a refundable fee of $15 that you get upon returning your old or dead car battery. Certainly, such action helps reduce the amount of pollution that occurs in the environment.

Final Words

Cars make use of rechargeable batteries that control various electrical components of the vehicle. Thus, it is a must to get a top-performing battery to replace the dead one in your car. One excellent option that you can find is the Interstate batteries. As is said, these products are durable and pretty reliable.

As for queries who owns Interstate batteries, well, it is pretty clear by now that Interstate Batteries is a privately owned firm, emerging as the top distributor of batteries. This article has shared everything on who makes Interstate batteries and the products they offer.


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