Top 10 Best Car Battery Brands – 2024 Reviews

A battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Unfortunately, the battery will eventually fail, and you will be required to replace it with a new one. The period a battery lasts will depend on various factors. Each vehicle has unique requirements of a battery. Knowledge of the best car battery brand will make the purchasing process easy for you.

Some of the things you need to look at when buying a battery are durability, cost, and compatibility with your vehicle. The number of battery manufacturers has increased, making the buyer confused about the best brand in the market. This article will shed light on the top 10 car battery brands you should consider.

Top 10 Car Battery Brands

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Taking good care of your battery increases its durability. However, the battery discharges, and performance deteriorates as time passes. The only solution to this is getting a replacement.

The best time to look for a good battery brand is not when your vehicle has stalled on the road. With the right information on batteries and the best manufacturers, it will be easy to make an informed decision. Here are the top car battery brands you will get in the market:

1. Optima


Optima Battery is one of the most popular brands in the segment of battery production. Optima Company was founded in 2012 by Johnson Controls. Their headquarters are located in Milwaukee, USA. This company produces batteries for both automotive and marine. This company invented high-performance AGM vehicle batteries used on military and commercial vehicles and convenience-free lead-acid batteries.

Optima Brand has continued to develop its brand by introducing spiral cell technology. In 2017, the company went ahead to develop a computerized battery charger and maintenance. Optima brand has three types of batteries. Their batteries include RedTop, BlueTop, and YellowTop.

Each of these batteries is meant for specific purposes. The RedTop battery is ideal for normal engine starting. The alternator monitors the state of charge immediately and provides the battery with power when needed. Optima YellowTop is among the best AGM car battery in the market. It is ideal to use in modern accessory-loaded vehicles.

The Optima BlueTop battery is of two types. Use the BlueTop with a dark grey case when you require a dedicated starting battery. This type should not be used in cycling duties. The BlueTop with a light grey case is ideal for both deep cycling and starting. This is a great deep-cycle battery featuring high cranking power.

2. ACDelco


Another popular brand for car batteries is ACDelco. This company was formed in 1916 by General Motors. Their headquarters are located in Michigan in the United States. ACDelco batteries are available for commercial, military, trucks, and passenger vehicles. You can get these batteries from any part of the world.

ACDelco batteriesare well known for their high performance and meet all the required standards. The battery terminals are made to withstand corrosive conditions. They also feature large reservoirs enabling them to hold a charge for several years.

One of their best batteries is the ACDelco Advantage battery. This battery has high cycling capacities and is spill-proof. It is made with a valve-regulated recombinant technology and an Absorbed Glass Mat design. This feature gives this battery three times more durability compared to conventional batteries.

3. Odyssey

odyssey battery

Odyssey is another great brand for people looking for a long-lasting and high-quality car battery. Odyssey batteries are made by EnerSys Energy Products Inc. Their headquarters are located in Reading, USA, but their batteries are available worldwide. Odyssey has batteries available for marine, Powersports, trucks, heavy-duty, recreational, and fleet vehicles.

Odyssey has over 100 years of experience in battery manufacturing. They have assembled stations in 17 nations, making it easy to meet the customers. These batteries are outstanding because of their long service life, extreme temperature tolerance, extended life cycle, and vibration resistance.  

Odyssey batteries do not need any watering, thanks to their sealed and AGM design. The company has various battery lines, which include the Extreme series, Performance Series and Pro series. The Extreme Series has incredible deep cycling capabilities rapid recovery. This makes them ideal for imports and luxury vehicles.

Odyssey Pro Series features a faster recharge compared to other conventional batteries. This makes the function perfectly with a start and stop technology. The Performance Series has a high reserve capacity making it suitable for cars featuring a lot of accessories.

4. Duracell


Duracell is a common name in the automotive industry. They are known for their experience, reliability, and quality. They are among the top producers of the best car batteries in 2021. Duracell was founded in 1920 by Philip Mallory and Samuel Ruben. They have two main headquarters, one situated in Gevena, Switzerland, in Bethel, Connecticut, USA.

Duracell batteries are found in all parts of the world. Their batteries are available for yachts, camping caravans, motorboats, mobile homes, snow groomers, agricultural and construction machines, trucks, vans, busses, e-cars, and other autos. The batteries offer you great strength and extreme solidness even when working in outrageous conditions.

There are lines of Duracell batteries. They are Starter, Advanced, Extreme EFB, and Extreme AGM. Duracell Advanced batteries offer you optimum power for starting, and it is an ideal choice for modern vehicles. Duracell Extreme EFB is suitable for small/medium vehicles and LCVs, featuring only the basic stop-start features. For vehicles with complex stop-start functions, Duracell Extreme AGM is the best choice.

5. Bosch


You have probably come across the Bosch batteries auto parts shops. It is one of the widely used batteries among vehicle owners due to its affordability and high performance. It offers some of the best budget car batteries. Bosch has been in the market since 1886, and this tells you that they have great experience in making their products.

Bosch was founded by Robert Bosch. The company’s headquarters are located in Gerlingen, Germany. Bosch batteries are available for e-vehicles, trucks, passenger vehicles, and military and commercial vehicles. You can get batteries from any part of the world.

Bosch battery has four lines that include S3 Value Performance, S4 Quality Performance, S5 Premium Power, and S6 High-Performance AGM. Bosch S3 battery is the right choice for older vehicles with less electrical equipment.

The S4 version is an all-around battery that focuses on mid-size vehicles with an average number of electrical accessories. Bosch S5 batteries are ideal for premium vehicle segments, including imported, upper-class domestic, and cars with many electrical consumers.

These batteries offer you dependable power even in high-demand situations. Even in extreme cold and hot climates, the S6 High-Performance AGM batteries satisfy the highest power supply and starting standards.

6. Interstate


Interstate is among the most trusted battery brands in the USA. It was established in the 1950s by John Searcy. This brand has one of the most affordable car batteries. Their headquarters are located in Texas, the United States, but the batteries are available worldwide.

Interstate car battery is available for RVs, marine, agricultural, automotive, trucks, heavy-duty lawns, and garden autos. This battery brand has 5 different lines, including M, MT, MTP, MTX, and MTZ. The diversity makes it easy for the company to meet the different needs of car owners.

The Interstate MT batteries are mainly made for people living in hot climates. The MTP batteries are for people living in cold climates that drop below freezing points. MTZ is Interstate’s top-end line. This battery is ideal for high accessory load vehicles giving them strong starts and premium performance.

MTX AGM batteries by Interstate offer premium performance and long life to vehicles that require AGM. It is also ideal for vehicles with several extra accessories and plug-ins. The M-line is made with standard starting power. It is a great option for car owners looking for value at an affordable price.

7. DieHard


DieHard is another great manufacturer of vehicle batteries these days. This company was founded in 1967 by Sears Roebuck and Company. Their main purpose in making their batteries was to have them last longer than the vehicle. They may not have accomplished it entirely, but they are almost there.

DieHard battery manufacturers use the latest technology in production to ensure that they meet the new vehicle’s power demands. The batteries are available worldwide for small engines, marine and power sports, cars, trucks, and heavy-duty farm autos. The batteries are reliable, durable, and powerful.

This battery brand has five lines that will help you improve your vehicle’s performance. They include DieHard Platinum AGM, DieHard Platinum, DieHard Gold, DieHard Silver, and DieHard Red. The battery capacity and well-rounded performance enable them to work well even in extreme cold weather conditions.



NAPA auto parts are among the best battery retailers for almost all applications. This company manufactures batteries that offer you years of dependable service ranging from lithium-ion batteries, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), lead-acid wet cells, and lead-acid gel cells.    

NAPA has four battery lines: NAPA Power, The Legend, The Legend Premium, and The Legend Premium AGM. NAPA premium offers value, powerful performance, and dependable reverse and starting capacity. It is maintenance-free, and its construction is high quality.

The Legend is known for its durability and legendary starting performance. It features different internal reinforced components, which protect its performance. NAPA legend Premium is the elite choice for people looking to maximize their starting performance. The battery is built to work even in extreme temperatures.

The Legend Premium has a high reserve capacity which keeps emergency power. The highest in the NAPA battery line is the Legend Premium AGM. It features 20 times vibration protection enabling it to give the best starting power. This AGM battery is spill-proof making it extremely safe to use.

9. ExpertPower


ExpertPower was established in 1987. The company has worked quite hard to earn its good reputation and become among the most dependable battery brands in the industry. ExpertPower’s global network offers a wide variety of storage solutions, storage equipment, and support services.

ExpertPower Company has 3 series of batteries. They include Sealed Lead Acid, LifePO4 Series, and Power Stations Batteries. The Lead-Acid series have been made with Absorbent Glass Mat technology providing superior performance and reliability.

These batteries have been made for use in light cyclic and general-purpose float applications like medical devices, emergency lighting, fire and security systems, toys, and UPS.

LifePO4 series is designed for electrical energy storage or electric vehicle applications. This ExpertPower battery series is made with lithium iron phosphate giving it exceptional calendar life and cycle life. The batteries can be found in designs optimized for either high power density or high energy density.

ExpertPower Power Stations series is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. It features USB charging ports, an AC outlet, and a DC carport. These features will help keep your accessories like phones and laptops charged and CPAP and other large applications.

10. XS-Power


XS-Power was founded in 2005 but has managed to become among the best battery brands in the industry. The company was established by Scotty Johnson. Their headquarters are located in Tennessee in the United States. XS-Power supplies its batteries worldwide.

XS-Power batteries are available for audio, Powersports, marine, racing, recreational, commercial, military, and passenger vehicles. The company has around 7 product lines enabling them to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Right Car Battery Brand

Once the battery wears out, the only option is a replacement. Batteries differ and vary depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the battery’s features match your vehicle’s requirements. Here are things to take into account when choosing a top battery brand for your vehicle:

top car battery brands


The first thing you should look for in a battery is its size. The battery should fit in the battery tray securely and snuggly. Most brands come with various battery sizes for different vehicle types.

Therefore, before you settle on a battery brand, ensure that they have the right size to work for your car. The battery size is usually indicated on your owner’s manual in the battery section.

Battery Age

Batteries are of different ages. Newer batteries will last longer than older batteries. Before you settle on a battery brand, check the manufacturing date of their batteries. Vehicle batteries are considered fresh if they are less than six months from the manufacturing date.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity refers to the battery’s standing power. It is approximately the time the battery continuously supplies the minimum voltage required to run your vehicle if the alternator fails. Batteries from reputable brands have a great reserve capacity that enables the vehicle to run on battery alone if the alternator malfunctions.  

It is prudent to consult the user’s manual and see the reserve capacity that the car manufacturer recommends for your type of vehicle. Buy a battery with RC ratings that fall within the range recommended by your car manufacturer.

Cold-Cranking Amp Rating

The cold-cranking amp rating measures the ability of the battery to start the vehicle in extremely cold temperatures. During cold seasons, engine oil becomes thick, making it difficult to ignite some vehicles.

Some car battery brands have batteries specifically meant for extreme temperatures. Other battery brands, however, have batteries that serve in all conditions. If you leave in extremely cold places, it would be recommendable to get a battery with a high cold-cranking amp rating.


Maintenance is another crucial thing to look at when buying a battery for your vehicle. Battery manufacturers have come up with free and low-maintenance batteries. Low-maintenance batteries feature a cell cup on top, and it is used to add water. This type of battery is preferred by people who live in warm climates.

Maintenance-free batteries are sealed completely and do not require water. Most brands have AGM batteries that are maintenance-free. Though these types of batteries are expensive, they will save you big time.


Batteries may not always work as the manufacturer promises. Therefore, most reputable brands give their customer a warranty to guarantee quality. When choosing a battery brand, consider the replacement period. The warranty period differs depending on the brand and battery.

Type and Position of Terminals

Different battery brands position battery terminals differently. The position of the terminals on a battery is crucial since it affects its polarity. Having close contact with the vehicle’s metal shell can lead to a short circuit damaging its electronic component.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Brand Of Car Battery Is the Best?

The best car battery brand will depend on the user’s need. Different brands have different features to meet the various customer requirements. Therefore, when looking for a good car battery brand, begin by checking if their batteries meet your vehicle’s requirements.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend the features needed for your vehicle. It will be wise to check those recommendations on your user’s manual and compare them with what various brands offer. However, some of the best battery brands are NAPA, Optima, Bosch, and ACDelco.

Which Car Battery Lasts the Longest?

The durability of a battery will depend on various issues; one of them is how well you maintain it. You may have a high-quality battery, but failing to maintain it properly will reduce its lifespan.

AGM batteries are maintenance-free, but you still need to ensure no build-ups on the terminals and have a mechanic run a battery test on it once in a while. Also, consider buying a ‘fresh’ battery since it will last longer than old batteries. Newer versions of lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries may last longer depending on how you use them.

Are Walmart Car Batteries Good?

Walmart vehicle batteries are reliable, durable, and of high quality. These batteries are made manufactured by Johnson Controls. This company is known for making some of the best batteries worldwide, like Varta. At Walmart, you also get the best car battery prices for new batteries. They also do not charge new battery installation.

Who Has the Best Prices on Car Batteries?

The price of a car battery will depend on its type, feature, and also brand. The best places to buy car batteries at good prices are Salvo Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, PepBoys, Autozone, and Walmart. Walmart, however, tends to have the best prices compared to the others.

What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Car Batteries?

Various factors bring the difference between a cheap and an expensive battery. Most expensive batteries are high qualities, but this does not mean that all cheap batteries are bad. Cheap batteries tend to use PVC and other materials to slow ion flow between plates, while expensive ones use rubber.

Another notable difference between cheap and expensive batteries is their wiring. In most cases, cheap car batteries feature low-quality wiring, which wears out fast and leads to leakage. Expensive batteries tend to last longer compared to cheap batteries. AGM batteries are more expensive than other battery types.

AGM batteries feature a fiberglass layer that separates plates and seals them off completely. This makes these batteries impact-resistant and safe to use. It also leads to increased output and decreased charging time. Therefore, before you settle on a cheap battery, consider its reliability, safety, and durability.

Final Words

The choice of the best battery brand will depend on your need. The above top 10 car battery brands review will guide you and make your search easier. The brands discussed in the article are well recognized, and they have passed the test of time. The brands have different lines under them to ensure that they take care of the diverse customer requirements.  

Before you settle down on a certain battery brand, it is advisable to go through your owner’s manual. There you will find your car manufacturer’s recommendations, and they will help you narrow down to the best car battery brand. Also, go through the reviews given by previous users about their experiences with the batteries.


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