Is EZ Pass Accepted In Florida: An Insight Into The State’s Toll Collection System

Electronic toll collection systems have revolutionized toll collection, making it easier for motorists to pay their fees. Their adoption has led to the phasing out of toll booths, which contribute to congestion.

There are numerous electronic toll systems serving various parts of the country. Some systems are state-specific, and you cannot use them in other territories.

Is EZ Pass accepted in Florida? EZ Pass is acceptable on most of Florida’s toll roads after EZ Pass and SunPass (Florida’s electronic toll collection system) got into an interoperability agreement. Read on to learn more about using EZ Pass in the Sunshine State.

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What Is E-ZPass?

EZPass is among the most prominent electronic toll collection systems that debuted in 1987 and was first implemented in 1996. According to estimates by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, over 83% of vehicles used E-Z Pass to pay tolls when crossing its six tunnels and bridges.

Where is EZ Pass accepted? The system is compatible with toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in Eastern, Southern and Midwestern USA. The interoperability of EZ Pass is possible courtesy of its Interagency Group (IAG), comprising similar systems in different states. It allows motorists to use a single transponder on various toll roads manned by the member agencies.

Like many others, this automated toll collection system relies on transponders, which communicate with readers on toll lanes. The readers detect signals from the transponders and initiate payment for the toll. You get the EZPass tag after establishing an EZPass prepaid account.

You should install the E-ZPass tag on your windshield for better communication with the readers. Other users prefer having E-ZPass on the dashboard or armrests, though it is not advisable, as the antennas may fail to detect the tags.

Is E-Z Pass Accepted In Florida?

Contrary to popular belief, EZ Pass has been acceptable in Florida for a decent time due to its partnership with the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX). CFX is an independent agency founded in 2014 and oversees toll road affairs in some Greater Orlando counties. It is also in charge of E-Pass, an electronic toll collection system.

CFX joined the Interagency Group in 2017 and started accepting E-ZPass payments on roads it manages from September 1st, 2018.

SunPass is among Florida’s most famous automated toll systems, managed by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE). SunPass could only work within the state for a long time, prompting its announcement of an interoperability pact with EZPass in 2012. SunPass facilities started accepting EZPass tags in May 2021. E-ZPass facilities also accept SunPass transponders, though it should be the latest version, the SunPass Pro.

Is EZ Pass good in Florida? With EZ Pass, you can use the toll roads of many states, including Florida. It is an excellent option for interstate travel, especially if moving across Eastern, Midwestern, and Southern USA, due to its vast interoperability.

Can You Use E-ZPass Instead Of SunPass In Florida?

As hinted earlier, SunPass facilities will detect and bill E-ZPass transponders, while EZPass facilities can read SunPass tags. This follows an interoperability agreement that came to action in 2021. It is convenient for moving around the state, especially if you use E-ZPass in your home state.

While you can use SunPass instead of EZPass when driving out of Florida, it should be the latest version, the SunPass Pro. You can get it from SunPass stores or reputable online auto parts stores. On how to get EZ Pass for Florida, you can move with the transponder you use in your state. Alternatively, you can purchase it from its website or tollway stores.

What if I have both E-ZPass and SunPass tags in the car? In such a situation, you should only use one transponder to avoid double billing. Can I use my EZ Pass in a rental car in Florida? Yes, you can transfer your E-ZPass tag to your rental car in Florida. However, some car rental firms have their billing methods for tolls, or they may provide their tags.

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How Do Tourists Pay Tolls In Florida?

Florida is a top tourist destination, mainly due to its warm weather. Tourists visiting the Sunshine State can pay their tolls in many ways. For a long time, before automated toll collection systems became mainstream, cash payments were the most convenient way for settling tolls. Cash booths accept any cash you have and will give you change. However, you must have the required amount in coins at unmanned tollbooths.

Electronic toll collection systems provide a simple and efficient way of clearing your tolls in Florida without wasting time in the booths. Sometimes, back then, you could only use SunPass, E-Pass, and other systems native to Florida. This is no longer the case, as you can pay using E-ZPass and other compatible automated toll collection systems.

No need to worry if you don’t have cash or a transponder, as you can opt for the Toll-By-Plate payment. For this payment method, a camera captures your vehicle’s license plate, and a Toll Enforcement Invoice will be sent to the registered owner. Besides the incurred tolls, you also pay a $2.50 service charge.

What if traveling on a rental car? If you hire a vehicle, you can use your transponder or one provided by the rental firm. Leading car hire companies have arrangements where you can clear your bills via the Toll-By-Plate system.

Can I Drive From NY To Florida With E-ZPass?

New York and Florida both accept E-ZPass, meaning you can travel with the transponder through toll roads connecting the two states. The tolls will vary depending on the route you use. Some states between the New York-Florida route don’t use E-ZPass, such as South Carolina and Georgia.  

How Expensive Are Tolls In Florida?

The cost of using Florida’s tollways depends on your location, type of vehicle (number of axles), distance, and payment method. The toll rates appreciated after a revision in the summer of 2023. The table below summarizes the tolls in Central Florida’s Turnpike Mainline effective from July 1st, 2023.

Mile Post SunPass Rate Toll-By-Plate Rate
2 axles 3 axles 4 axles 5 axles Extra axles 2 axles 3 axles 4 axles 5 axles Extra axles
296– CR470 $1.16 $2.32 $3.48 $4.64 $1.16 $1.45 $2.90 $4.35 $5.80 $1.45
289- US 27/Leesburg North $1.45 $2.90 $4.35 $5.80 $1.45 $1.72 $3.44 $5.16 $6.88 $1.72
288- Leesburg Plaza $3.18 $6.36 $9.54 $12.72 $3.18 $3.46 $6.92 $10.38 $13.84 $3.46
285- US 27/Leesburg South $1.45 $2.90 $4.35 $5.80 $1.45 $1.72 $3.44 $5.16 $6.88 $1.72
278- Minneola $0.86 $1.72 $2.58 $3.44 $0.86 $1.16 $2.32 $3.48 $4.64 $1.16
272- Winter Garden $0.58 $1.16 $1.74 $2.32 $0.58 $0.86 $1.72 $2.58 $3.44 $0.86
259- Orlando $0.58 $1.16 $1.74 $2.32 $0.58 $0.86 $1.72 $2.58 $3.44 $0.86

From the table, we can see that it is cheaper to use the automated method. Moreover, you pay more if your vehicle has more axles. You can use an online toll calculator to determine how much to pay from one point to another.

What Happens If You Go Through A Toll in Florida Without A Pass?

When using a toll lane in Florida, transponder or cash payments are the most convenient ways of settling your tolls. If you fail to pay your tolls, you get billed via Toll-By-Plate, which is costlier and claim a service charge.

A camera will pick up your vehicle’s registration detail and send the bill to the registered owner. If you also don’t clear your bills in this manner, you may be subject to a Vehicle Registration Stop or forwarding to a collection agency.

How To Buy E-ZPass In Florida

EZPass is acceptable in Florida, and it is an excellent option if you frequently travel out of state, due to its compatibility with most toll systems in other regions. The easiest way to buy E-ZPass in Florida is by visiting E-ZPass’ website and selecting your state’s corresponding partner, in this case, the CFX. Please follow the same steps of applying for the E-Pass, starting by creating and funding your account.

You will get the device delivered to your address in a few days. Optionally, you can buy it from online stores like Amazon or local marketplaces like Walmart.

How Much Are Tolls From Florida To NYC?

If traveling from Florida to New York City, you must factor in the toll, among other expenses, such as fuel costs. The payable toll depends on your route, vehicle type and payment mode. Obviously, the longer the route you use the more you pay.

Regarding vehicle type, the consideration is the number of axles, with the more axles the car has, the higher the toll. Additionally, your pay mode determines how much you part with for your journey. You pay less if you have a transponder and more via Toll-By-Plate.

The total toll is averagely $30 to $58 for two-axle cars and more for vehicles with more axles.  You can use an online toll calculator to help you determine how much you must pay from Florida to New York City.

Final Words

E-ZPass is one of the most widely adopted electronic toll collection systems and you can now use it in Florida. In the past you had to use E-Pass or SunPass, which are Florida’s toll collection systems.

E-ZPass partnered with these two systems, meaning you don’t need a different transponder when travelling to the Sunshine State. Always ensure you have the tags properly installed to avoid penalties due to unpaid tolls.


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