Longest Car in the World, The American Hero, Renovated to Its Glory

Yes, you have heard it right. This is car 40 feet longer than its previous 60 feet version. So, now the automobile industry can boast of a car 100 feet and 1.5 inches long. This will top the longest car in the world 2022 list, needless to say, the crown of the top 10 longest car in the world. Not to drop your jaw now; there is more to wonder.

This car can bear the space and load capacity of letting a helipad land on. Of course, the helipad is on the car roof and steel bracket mount. It runs on 26 wheels and can accommodate 75 people inside with several TV sets placed inside. No, you will never go for long without refreshment as this wonder car allows a refrigerator inside. More so, a swimming pool to earn the tag of the world’s longest car with swimming pool.

longest production car in the world
Image Credit: Guinness World Record

Do you think that only the gigantic length and the mentioned luxury have earned it the Guinness Book Record? Maybe, but you have to digest more of its amazing features. You perhaps never imagined a car ever to have a mini-golf course inside it, a bathtub, waterbed, jacuzzi, diving board, and more. Yes, The American Dream has all been put inside and has earned the fame to be the world’s longest limo interior. Enough of the features; now let’s learn about the history and its journey since its birth and restoration to honor.

The World saw its first, with eyes broadened and mouth gaped to their capacity, in 1986 in California, extending to 60 feet in length, sitting on 26 heels, and two Cadillac V8 engines for the two ends. It hit the Guinness World Record then and with the further extension of 40 feet is to defat its former version.

However, the car flew to its fame at its arrival and stirred crazy attention not only among automobile lovers and enthusiasts but to the showbiz world. And through its frequent featuring in numerous feature films then, it became known to movie fans or a fraction of mass people as well. But the craze had been on the wane within a few years as this much big a car is not meant for everyday use, and a vehicle of this gigantic stature cannot hit the road at want. Like the presidential car charade, you need to pre-plan the tour, start, turn, and park.

So, when the film people lost interest in using the car, mainly for the huge maintenance cost, sitting unused and unloved has become the fate of the heroic limousine car. And it practically did so for years before Michael Manning encountered this showpiece listed on eBay. At first sight, he fell for the car and owned it by placing a winning offer. He got it shipped to his technical school situated in Nassau County, Long Island.

He succeeded in buying from eBay auction list for sale and shipping it, but his dream of restoring the car to its original state and shape stumbled because of fund scarcity. So, it was destined to sit idle and develop rust for at least 7/8 years behind Manning’s building in Mineola.

But Manning didn’t cease to dream of restoring and renovating the car and finally agreed to partner with Michael Derez for the renovation leading to the present car that is a feast to the eyes. Thus, it made way to Florida to undergo the much-awaited restoration under the supervision of Michael Derez, who owns the Derezland Park Car Museum and Tourist Attractions in Orlando. As per Manning, the restoration initiative began two years and a half earlier, costing around 250 thousand dollars. And the renovation required the rotting shell of the limo and three donor Cadillacs.

Are you tempted to step inside the longest production car in the world? Yes, on top of the mentioned kingly setup, the head-to-toe carpeting featured with leather, vinyl, and LED lights will welcome you.

Manning as a partner was always by the restoration undertaking and saw it dissembled. He realized that the custom fabricated giant structure put six Eldorados together intervened by a custom fabricated frame in the middle roofed by an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser hood for good measure.

The famous car customizer, Jay Ohrberg suggested adding more than 40 feet to the already Guinness Record winner 60 feet. Thus renovated, The American Dream is now 100 feet and 1.5 inches or 30.538 meters long, victoriously claiming as the longest car in the world interior.

However, to fathom the depth and length of the restoration process, you have to listen to What Michael Manning says, “When I found the car, it was in a deplorable condition. I’d say on a scale of one to 10, it was minus one,” With his typical New York accent, Manning term the pre-restoration rotting car to be a “piece of junk.”

Still, he planned to buy it for renovating the car titan and placed a winning bid for the car showcased for sale on eBay in Jersey. The onlookers who came across the pictures of the rotting vehicle in the Newjersey warehouse car parking lot will testify to his claim. Not to exaggerate, it was the dream of one visionary man that played a pivotal role in bringing back the car to its former glory.

And today, you are seeing this super limo with a mythical length hitting the street. If you put its length into perspective, you will need 12/16 cars of 12-16 feet length, say Smart Fortwo, in a line to go any near to the size of the 2022 version of The American Dream.

The stand-out feature of the original car is an unbeatable one – designed to be attached with a V8 Cadillac both at the front and rear end so that you can move it to any direction at need. Indeed, this is an innovative and intelligent feature materialized by keeping the size of the car in mind. It is not easy to turn this car anywhere and anytime.

But as a rescue, the longest car in the world consists of two sections separated by an attaching hinge in the middle done to perform crucial turns in the tight corners. Manning, who has become emotionally attached to the car, believes that this car can go through further extension along the length.

To answer a question about how long is the longest limit to them, Manning replied, “I guess as long as we can” and continued, “Sky’s the limit. Well, the road’s the limit.” 

guinness world records longest car
Image Credit: Guinness World Records


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