Is There any Alternative For Cleaning Mass Air Flow Sensors?

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor is an integral part of a vehicle that ensures the right amount of air enters the engine. Over time, the sensor can accumulate dirt and other forms of deposits. When this happens, it can reduce the sensor’s efficiency and affect engine performance.

In addition, there are various available cleaning alternatives for the MAF sensor. And just in case the MAF sensor cleaner is unavailable, certain homemade remedies can be used to clean the sensor, like alcohol.

Other alternatives include mass air flow sensor cleaner WD-40 and electronic cleaner.

However, alcohol remains the preferable substitute for cleaning the MAF sensor. As you read on, you will understand why alcohol stands out among other cleansers. You will also understand what will happen when you use an MAF sensor alternative cleaner.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Alternative

Is there any Alternative for cleaning mass air flow sensors?

Yes, there are alternatives to clean the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor if you don’t have the MAF sensor cleaner. You will need a cleaning agent similar to the MAF cleaner, like alcohol or WD-40.

The MAF sensor cleaner ingredients include hexane and methanol, which can dissolve molecules of buildup around the sensor. One common buildup is hydrocarbons. The agent can dissolve the hydrocarbon without causing any harm to the sensor.

MAF sensor cleaner is also designed to remove other types of buildup like oil, dirt, fibers, and dust. The cleaner can evaporate quickly due to its hexane-based property.

A close alternative for the MAF sensor cleaner is alcohol. The reason for this is that alcohol does not damage the sensor. You can use spirit; the good news is that it evaporates quickly.

Another suitable alternative for the MAF sensor cleaner may include WD-40 and non-residue cleaners.

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What will happen if you use a mass air flow sensor cleaner alternative

The effect of the mass air flow sensor cleaner alternative depends on your chosen alternative. Some alternatives, like alcohol, function exactly like the MAS sensor cleaner and will not affect the sensor. It does not leave any deposit behind and will dry up fast.

However, some alternatives can damage the sensor if not used properly. For instance, WD-40 can leave deposits on the sensor that can hinder the sensor from functioning properly. The deposits must also be removed from the sense that you are using the spray.

One alternative that should be avoided when it comes to cleaning the MAF sensor is petrol. Avoid using petrol and opt for alcohol instead as a suitable alternative. 

What to use if you don’t have a mass air flow sensor cleaner

If you need to clean the MAF sensor and you do not have the MAF sensor cleaner, there is no need to worry. There are a lot of alternatives to the sensor cleaner, some of which are everyday items in the house.

Below are alternatives for the MAF sensor cleaner.

Alcohol or Isopropyl

Alcohol, just like the MAS sensor cleaner, can dissolve deposits on the sensor without causing any harm to it. It can dissolve deposits like hydrocarbon.

Alcohol also can dissolve other deposits like engine oil and grease deposits.

By rubbing Isopropyl alcohol on deposits on the sensor, it can break down its molecules, making it easier to clean off.

In addition, alcohol will dry fast, even before you can start the vehicle.

Non-residue electronic cleaners

Non-residue electronic cleaners

The non-residue electronic cleaner is a perfect way to clean the MAF sensor without causing any damage to the sensor. This cleaner has almost the same functionality as the sensor cleaner.

Applying the non-residue electronic cleaner is the same as using alcohol or MAF sensor cleaner. You apply the electronic cleaner to the sensor and clean it properly.

Just like alcohol, it dries up quickly and does not cause any damage to the sensor. However, only use this cleaner when there is no other means to clean the MAF sensor.



The WD-40 should be a last resort and could damage the MAF sensor if not used carefully. You must also know how to use the WD-40 properly to clean the sensor.

A WD-40 is a water displacement spray that contains lubricant and anti-corrosion elements. It can penetrate oil and other deposits while protecting from rust and moisture.

When WD-40 is used, it tends to leave some deposits. The deposits typically serve as anti-corrosive protection but are not always suitable for the sensor. Later on, it could cause disrupt the airflow of the sensor, which could lead to misinformation.

It is best to avoid this WD-40 if you can, and if you must use it, ensure that all deposits are removed from the sensor.


Can I use petrol to clean the airflow sensor?

The question “Can I clean MAF sensor with petrol?” has become popular among car users, and the answer is no. Petrol should not be used to clean the MAF sensor; it contains harsh components that will destroy the sensitive part of the sensor. Rather than using petrol, you can opt for alcohol which is less harsh on the sensor and does not cause any damage to it.

Can you use alcohol to clean the mass airflow sensor?

Alcohol is a good cleaning agent for the mass air flow sensor. It has all the qualities of the MAF sensor cleaner, even though they are not made of the same chemical components. Alcohol can break down tough deposits on the MAF sensor without causing any damage to it. It also takes a short time to dry, so you do not have to worry about any damages caused by the alcohol while using the MAF sensor.

Can I clean my MAF sensor with an electrical cleaner?

An electronic cleaner is also good for the MAF sensor as it can break down deposits. Removing it will be easier once it can break down the molecules of the deposits. It also will not cause any damage to the sensor in any way. However, it would help if you only used the electric cleaner when there are no alternatives. The cleaner can be too harsh for the mass air flow sensor. People tend to apply the cleaner to the sensor for too long, which can cause severe damage. Also, avoid electric cleaners with lubricant; they can leave deposits that are not good for the sensor.

Can you clean a MAF with wd40?

WD-40 is a good cleaner for the MAF but should be used carefully. The MAF also can break down deposits on the MAF sensor. It also dries up faster, making it a suitable sensor cleaner. However, the spray leaves deposits to protect against corrosion. The deposit can hinder the sensor from working. If you must use the WD-40, ensure no residue is left on the sensor.

Can I use carburetor cleaner on air flow sensor?

Avoid using carburetor cleaner on the airflow sensor; it will leave oil residue on the MAF sensor. Oil residue will cover essential parts of the sensor, which will not allow it to pick up airflow readings going to the engine. The MAF sensor will give wrong readings, and sometimes it will not send any.

Can you clean MAF sensor with brake cleaner?

The answer to the question, “Can you use brake cleaner to clean a mass air flow sensor?” is no. You can not use brake cleaner on the MAF sensor. The substance in the brake cleaner can be too harsh and damage the sensor. It is best to use a dedicated MAF sensor to avoid damaging the sensor. MAF sensor cleaners are designed in such a way as not to damage the delicate sensor and also not leave any residue behind.

Can cleaning a MAF sensor damage it?

Cleaning the MAF sensor will not damage it if done correctly and with the right cleaner. You are expected to use a dedicated cleaner for the MAF sensor, guaranteeing the sensor will not be damaged. Although there are other alternatives, you can not predict their result.  

Final words

There are many alternatives for the MAF sensor. However, many of these alternatives have yet to have guaranteed results. It could result from certain additives or substances present in the cleaners. The closest substitute for the MAF sensor cleaner is alcohol, which has no additives and does not leave deposits on the sensor.

However, it is recommended that you stick to using MAF cleaners. Some notable cleaners include the MAF cleaner Halfords, E36 MAF cleaning, and Mass air flow sensor cleaner Screwfix.

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