Milwaukee Fuel Vs. Non Fuel: The Differences

Milwaukee seems to bring something new to the table. The power tools manufacturer has not ceased to introduce superior versions to their previous release in the market.

When the lovers of the power tools brand are yet to round off the debate on one incredible tool, there comes another. Hence, Milwaukee Fuel Vs. Non Fuel has been a major debate among the brand’s entire product line.

This is a review of some of the best Milwaukee fuel and non-fuel power tools. Everything you need to learn about the factors that distinguish the two product lines is wrapped up below.

Milwaukee Fuel

Milwaukee Fuel

Since its first launch, Milwaukee fuel has been the favorite choice among other industrial power tools. Milwaukee has always been on the go to improve their M18 Fuel cordless power tools.

Recent times have witnessed superior technological advancement in building Milwaukee fuel power tools. The tools now feature some of the latest technologies that make them outstanding in the market.

With contractor-grade quality, high performance, durability, efficiency, and extended life span, Milwaukee fuel ranks as one of the most sophisticated designs of power tools out there.

If you need a power tool with increased power, durability, longer life, and run time, you don’t need to look any further. The various Milwaukee fuel power tools models are designed to meet your needs. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact driver is a classic example.

The tools are orchestrated just the way the users like them. They are built with the most recent innovations, including POWERSTATE brushless motors, REDLINK PLUS intelligence software and hardware, as well as REDLITHIUM battery packs. Check out some of the models below.

M18 Fuel 15 GA Angled Nail Finish Nailer – M18 FN15GA

M18 Fuel 15 GA Angled Nail Finish Nailer

The M18 Fuel 15 GA Angled Nail Finish Nailer – M18 FN15GA is a perfect nail finish nailer power tool. The tool comprises a couple of features that speak of high performance, quality, durability, and efficiency.


  • Offers the best finish with different-shaped noses regardless of the application.
  • Easy access and clearing of jams
  • LED light illuminates the workspace to enhance nail placement.
  • The REDLITHIUM™ battery pack, POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, and REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence software and hardware deliver incredible power, efficiency, run time, and durability.
  • Designed with a flexible battery system that accommodates all M18™ batteries

Product Specifications

  • Article Number: 4933478091
  • Battery pack capacity (Ah): No batteries supplied
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Collation angle [degrees]: 34
  • Magazine angle: 34
  • Magazine capacity nails: 110
  • Nail diameter [mm]: 1.8
  • Nail type (mm): 32 – 64
  • No. of batteries supplied: 0
  • Packaging: HD Box
  • Voltage (V): 18V
  • Weight with battery pack (EPTA) (kg): 3.3 (M18 B2)

M18 Fuel 7/16” Hex Utility High Torque Impact Wrench With One-Key – M18 ONEFHIWH716


The M18 Fuel 7/16” Hex Utility High Torque Impact Wrench is another M18 fuel power tool model.

It is designed with an extended handle that offers you a better grip surface. In addition, the power tool is a perfect torque wrench that you can handle with safety gloves for better comfort, balanced maneuverability, and less fatigue.


  • Easy transfer and storage of the tool with an integrated lanyard loop.
  • The REDLITHIUM™ battery pack, POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, and REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence deliver incredible power, efficiency, run time, and durability.
  • Includes ONE-KEY™ tool free of charge cloud-based tracking and security.
  • ONE-KEY™ feature helps to perform remote locking functionality.

Product Specifications

  • Article Number: 4933479406
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Impact rate (rpm): 0- 800 / 0-1300 / 0-2600 / 0-2800
  • Kit content: HD Box, M12-18 FC Charger, two Battery packs – M18 B5
  • Max. Torque (Nm): 1017
  • No-load speed (rpm): 0-900 / 0-1200 / 0-1800 / 0-2300
  • Packaging: HD Box
  • Voltage (V): 18
  • Tool reception: ⁷⁄₁₆″ Hex
  • Weight with battery pack (EPTA) (kg): 3.3 (M18 B5)

M18 Fuel 3/8” Mid Torque Impact Wrench With Friction Ring – M18 FMTIW2F38

M18 FUEL™ 3/8 "

The M18 FMTIW2F38 is an incredible power tool designed with a friction ring. The impact torque wrench delivers maximum efficiency with high performance and durability. It ranks as one of Milwaukee’s best-sophisticated power tools.


  • High-performance yield – 813 Nm torque and 745 Nm fastening torque.
  • Tight space applications with an ideal overall length of about 152 mm.
  • Maximizes application versatility to shift into different speeds and torque with 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL.
  • Prevents fastener drops by decreasing RPMs once the bolt is loosened.
  • Auto shut-off control delivers not more than 47 Nm of torque to prevent handover tightening.
  • Tri-LEDs offer increased workspace visibility with high-definition lighting.
  • ⅜″ square friction ring
  • Reversible belt hook
  • REDLITHIUM™ battery pack, POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, and REDLINK PLUS™ intelligence deliver increased power, efficiency, run time, and durability.

Product Specifications

  • Article Number: 4933479405
  • Battery pattern: Li-ion
  • Impact rate (ipm): 0-900/ 0-2100/ 0-3100
  • Kit content: HD Box, M12-18 FC Charger, two Battery packs – M18 B5
  • Max. bolt diameter: M22
  • Max. fastening torque [Nm]: 745
  • Max. torque (Nm): 475/ 610/ 745/ 47
  • No load speed (rpm): 0-1200/ 0-1950/ 0-2575/ 0-1325
  • Nut-busting torque [Nm]: 813
  • Packaging: HD Box
  • Tool reception: ⅜″ square
  • Voltage (V): 18V
  • Weight with battery pack (EPTA) (kg): 2.3 (M18 B5)

Milwaukee Non-Fuel

Milwaukee non-fuel cordless power tools are designed in the similitude of the Milwaukee fuel. The power tool uses lithium-ion batteries to power all its exclusive innovative functionalities.

If you need an incredible power tool with high performance, durability, longer life, and run time, the Milwaukee non-fuel model is the right choice. The diverse models of the Milwaukee fuel power tools are designed to meet users’ needs.

The power tools are designed in the similitude of the fuel models. As a matter of fact, they possess all the fundamental qualities of the fuel models, including increased power, high performance, durability, etc.

However, the Milwaukee non-fuel is pretty different from the fuel models. However, they both serve as very powerful tools for professional use. The tools are designed with a top-notch vibration control system to enhance easy handling.

The Milwaukee non-fuel power tools are relatively cheaper than their fuel model counterparts. However, irrespective of the price difference, the non-fuel models perform very well to users’ satisfaction.

Some of the Non-fuel power tools designed by Milwaukee to meet automotive and industrial equipment users’ needs include the following:

Milwaukee M18, 18V 1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver Non-Fuel, Non-Brushless

Milwaukee M18, 18V 1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver Non-Fuel, Non-Brushless

The Milwaukee M18 cordless is 1/4  in. Hex Impact Driver is the strongest 1/4 in. non-fuel hex impact driver among its counterparts.

The M18 non-fuel cordless impact driver is built to deliver up to 2,750 RPM, 1,500 in. lbs, and 3,450 IPM to fasten torque for top-notch performance.

The tool comes with a bright LED light that helps light up the work surface so that users can see what they are doing clearly, even at night. It also includes a nice all-metal belt clip to enable users to store the tool temporarily.


  • Delivers up to 25% more power and speed for efficiency.
  • The Milwaukee four-pole frameless motor has a powerful design that guarantees a longer lifespan and great strength.
  • Delivers up to 30% more driving speed.
  • Includes REDLINK intelligence for optimized performance and maximum protection.
  • Five (5) year warranty.
  • The package includes a belt clip and one 2656-20 1/4 in hex impact driver.

Product Specification:

  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Length: 4.59″
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Drive Control: 4-Mode
  • Max Torque: 2,000 in-lbs
  • IPM: 0-4,300
  • RPM: 0-3,600
  • Battery System: M18
  • Belt Clip: Available
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Chuck Type: 1/4″ Hex
  • Single Hand Bit Insertion: Yes

M18 Cordless Lithium-Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit

M18™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION 2-Tool Combo Kit

The M18 Cordless Lithium-Ion 2-tool combo kit is an excellent product from the Milwaukee brand. The power tool is designed to offer a combination of weight, power, and high performance.

The Milwaukee M18 Cordless lithium-ion combo kit comes with a complete set of lithium-ion batteries, a sophisticated charger, a belt clip, as well as a contractor bag for easy mobility.

If you are looking for a compact driver/drill with the capacity to offer more torque and prolonged run time, this is the product for you.

The Milwaukee M18 cordless lithium-ion 2-tool combo kit is fashioned with a blend of durability, power, and efficiency than other similar power tools in the market.


  • Provides a blend of weight, power, and performance.
  • Kit includes two lithium-ion batteries, a multi-voltage charger, a contractor bag, and a belt clip.
  • Delivers more torque and longer run-time with greater power than its counterparts.
  • Includes 1/4″ Hex impact motor.
  • M18 compact 1/2″ drill driver included.

Product Specifications:

  • Power Source: Cordless
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Length: 7-1/4″
  • LED Light: Available
  • Speed: 0-400/0-1,800 RPM
  • Warranty: 5 years (Limited warranty)
  • Peak Torque: 500 in-lbs
  • Battery System: M18
  • Chuck Type: 1/2″ Metal Single Sleeve – Ratcheting Lock

Milwaukee Fuel Vs. Non-Fuel Differences

The Milwaukee power tools are strategically built to offer increased power, high performance, durability, and efficiency. However, there are a few slight distinctions between them.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel power tools are fitted with three exclusive, sophisticated innovations. They include the incredible POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, powerful REDLITHIUM™ battery technology, and the REDLINK PLUS™ intelligent software and hardware.

Although there are similarities, a few differences can easily be spotted between the Milwaukee fuel Vs. Non-fuel M12 models, including the following.

Milwaukee Fuel Vs. Non Fuel

  Milwaukee Fuel Milwaukee Non-Fuel
Performance The Milwaukee M18 FUEL power tools are designed with REDLINK PLUS™ hardware and a software intelligence system that controls the battery’s power supply. The Milwaukee non-fuel power tool is also designed for high performance. However, its performance cannot be compared to the performance level of the fuel models.
Size Milwaukee fuel is built with a compact design that allows users to work in tight spaces. The Milwaukee non-fuel is not built to be used within tight spaces.
Life Span The fuel model is an upgraded version with a relatively higher life span. The non-fuel models come with a relatively lesser lifespan; hence, the need to be upgraded.
Warranty The warranty periods are 12 months for the equipment and 5 years for the Milwaukee battery. The Milwaukee non-fuel models come with a similar warranty period. However
Price More expensive because of its upgraded exclusive innovations. Relatively cheaper compared to Milwaukee fuel models.

What is Milwaukee fuel technology?

If you are asking, “What is Milwaukee fuel?” Milwaukee fuel technology is a sophisticated cordless professional tool. The fuel technology is designed to deliver durability, increased power, longer run times, and extended life span.

Milwaukee is highly distinguished because of these three exclusive innovations – REDLITHIUM, POWERSTATE, and REDLINK.

The POWERSTATE brushless motors of the Milwaukee fuel line cordless tools are top-notch. These outstanding motors offer about 60% more torque and an extended motor lifespan.

The motors are supported by REDLINK PLUS Intelligent, an advanced technology system of hardware and software.

The REDLINK PLUS technology allows the Milwaukee M12 and M18 tools, including their chargers and batteries, to communicate with themselves. While Lithium-ion batteries feature REDLITHIUM protection for the fuel technology.

What is special about Milwaukee fuel?

If you are asking what is special about Milwaukee fuel and wondering, “Is Milwaukee fuel worth it?” The Milwaukee fuel technology is unique for three exclusive innovations.

They include REDLINK PLUS intelligence software and hardware for the components to engage easy communication, POWERSTATE brushless motor for more torque, and REDLITHIUM battery protection packs.

These exclusive innovations are featured in all fuel products. They are the pillars that empower fuel power tools to deliver outstanding durability, power, and run time anytime, any day.

Milwaukee fuel can deliver what you need if you desire more torque and an extended lifespan. You’ve never seen a power tool like this before.

What is special about Milwaukee non-fuel?

The Milwaukee fuel and non-fuel power tools are designed to deliver durability, increased power, and extended lifespan. However, the Milwaukee non-fuel is relatively less expensive than the fuel.

So, if you are looking for a relatively cheap power tool with exclusive innovation like the lithium-ion battery, protected by REDLITHIUM, Milwaukee non-fuel is the right choice.

The Milwaukee M18 non-fuel is an upgraded version of the M12 system. It features a more sophisticated 18V battery, offering a more powerful solution than the former 12V. You may also want to check the Milwaukee fuel Vs. Non-fuel ratchet features.

Where are Milwaukee Fuel tools made?

Milwaukee Fuel Tools are made in the United States in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The power tools brand manufacturer has been around since 1924. Since then, Milwaukee fuel tools and non-fuel tools have been outstanding in the industrial and automotive tool market.

Milwaukee fuel tools are not only made in their headquarters – Brookfield, Wisconsin. The company also has manufacturing facilities in Mukwonago, WI, Jackson, MS, and Greenwood. Ms. Milwaukee’s power tools are manufactured in all these various production sites.

It is no news that tools made in the United States usually speak of high quality, durability, and efficiency. Milwaukee fuel tools are among the U.S.–made tools with outstanding quality and incredible performance ability.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Milwaukee fuel Vs. Non-fuel is a common debate among power tools enthusiasts. However, this article has unveiled the essential information you need to know about both tools.

The differences between the two power tools have also been revealed above in this article.

If you need to buy a power tool or replace your old tool, consider getting the upgraded M18 fuel model. It comes with the most recent technologies that distinguish it from other power tools.

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