Palisade 2022 Vs. Telluride 2023 Hyundai and Kia Comparison

You have probably engaged in the Palisade vs. Telluride banter if you are a crossover SUV fan. The two models represent Hyundai and Kia, respectively. A fantastic thing about these crossovers is that they are new entrants in the scene, no more than 5-years old when their first models came out.

Despite being newcomers, their features are excellent and can go head to head with already-established models. We will look at both the Palisade and Telluride to see what they offer and which is the best for different situations.

The 2022 Palisade

The Palisade debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late 2018. Production started the same year for the 2020 model. Presently, it is Hyundai’s flagship sports utility vehicle, replacing the Hyundai Santa Fe. The name comes from the Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Palisade 2022


The Palisade is the largest vehicle from Hyundai, with a length of 196.1-inches and a wheelbase of 114.2-inches. Its height is 68.9-inches and has a ground clearance of 7.9-inches. This vehicle’s gross weight is 5732-lbs.

The Palisade is a large car by crossover SUV standards, and some buyers may consider it a fully-fledged SUV.


As from Hyundai Palisade Reddit chat rooms, this crossover gets the tag of a beast courtesy of its performance. Its capabilities include-291 horsepower at 6000 RPM and a torque of 262-lb/ft at 5200 RPM. The performance is impressive, more preferable to a standard, midsize SUV rating.

The Palisade runs on the HTRAC All Wheel Drive power train, meaning it can take on all types of roads. It goes from 0-60mph in 7.5-seconds and 0-100mph in 17.5-seconds. Additionally, it has a maximum towing capacity of 5000-lbs and a payload capacity of 1605-lbs.

Technology Features

A car is as great as its tech add-ons that guarantee you an excellent drive. The Palisade has plenty of such features. They include one-touch power windows, heated mirrors, and keyless power door locks.

Driver-Assist Features

A continuation of the tech features is the driver-assist features that contribute to safety and comfort when on the wheels. The following are the Hyundai Palisade’s driver-assist features:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Electric power steering
  • Rearview camera and rear parking sensors
  • Dual-zone air conditioning
  • Stability control and tire pressure monitoring
  • Front, rear, and third-row airbags. Also, it has the Passenger Airbag Occupant Sensing Deactivation.

You find the highlighted features across all trims.

Interior and Exterior Design

A prominent grill is the eye-catching feature of the 2022 Hyundai Palisade. It enhances its sporty look, adding a masculine touch. The charming headlights also achieve this effect on the Palisade. LED details are standard on all trims.

The Limited and Calligraphy trims have rain-sensing windshield wipers, a dual-panel sunroof, and acoustic laminated front side glass. The last feature is optional on the other two models.

The doors open to more wonders. A thing that sets the Palisade apart from other midsize SUVs is its spaciousness. It can accommodate up to 8-passengers, with a third row that takes three. Some trims are 7-seaters. The legroom is adequate, the same as the cargo space.  

The SE and SEL trims have cloth seating surfaces, whereas the Palisade Limited and Calligraphy sport premium Nappa leather. Heated seats guarantee your comfort in cold weather. The 2022 Palisade Calligraphy has ventilated rear seats.

An underfloor storage compartment is handy for storing small luggage and essential utilities. The Calligraphy has a 10.25-inch color touchscreen with Navigation and Traffic outflow. The other trims have 8-inch touchscreen audio. Moreover, the 2022 Palisade supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Fuel Economy

The Palisade has an 18.8-gallon fuel tank. The fuel rating for the front-wheel-drive type is 19mpg on city roads 26 mpg on highways. The combined value is 22mpg. For the all-wheel-drive powertrain, the values are 19mpg for the city, 24mpg for highways, and 21mpg combined.

The figures are the same across all trims. The 2022 Palisade ranks averagely in fuel economy.


Under the hood of this Hyundai model is a 3.8-liter V6-engine. Its fuel system is the Gasoline Direct Injection, with a compression ratio of 13.0:1. The other feature of this engine is a 24-valve Dual CVVT (Atkinson Cycle) valve train. The vehicle owes its impressive performance to this part, which many previous users describe as robust and reliable.


Working in tandem with the engine is an 8-speed SHIFTRONIC automatic transmission. A transmission cooler and shift-by-wire are standard on all trims of the 2022 Palisade. All variants of the 2022 Palisade are front-wheel drives. The HTRAC all-wheel drive is optional.


Hyundai Palisade trims have different price tags. The SE is the cheapest, with a starting cost of $33350, followed closely by the SEL at $35700. Palisade Limited and Calligraphy are on the higher end, costing $45590 and $47040, respectively. The price might vary depending on the dealer.


The 2022 Palisade warranty comes in four, as highlighted:

  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers 5-years or 60000-miles
  • The Powertrain Limited warranty goes for 10-years or 100000-miles
  • The Anti-perforation warranty lasts for 7-years and has unlimited mileage
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance extends for 5-years and unlimited mileage;

Consumer Ratings

Generally, the Palisade has rave reviews, with critics and car owners praising it. The selling points of this vehicle include its spaciousness, sporty exterior, and comfort. Many car review platforms put the 2022 model in the top five 2022 best midsize SUV list.

Telluride 2022

The Telluride was initially a concept car, introduced in 2016 and debuted in 2019 for the 2020 model. It shares several features with its distant cousin, the Hyundai Palisade. Like the Palisade, the Telluride is the largest vehicle from Kia in the United States.

Its name comes from the Colorado town of Telluride. While still a newcomer, this midsize SUV has already won some awards, including the 2020 World Car of the Year and MotorTrend’s SUV of the Year.

Let us look at the features of the Kia Telluride 2022 to see how good it is.

Telluride 2022


The Telluride is 196.9-inches long and 68.9-inches high without the roof rails. It has a ground clearance of 8.0-inches and a gross weight of 5776-lbs. The Telluride’s wheelbase is 114.2-inches. From the dimensions, the Telluride meets all the specifications of a midsize SUV.


The 2022 Telluride is capable of 291-horsepower at 6000RPM and torque of 262-lb/ft at 5200RPM. Plus, it has a maximum towing capacity of 5000-lbs and a payload of 1565-lbs. From the figures, you appreciate the power of the Telluride.

Furthermore, this crossover has an all-wheel-drive system with Torque Vectoring Cornering Control. It enhances maneuverability when off-roading. You may select the snow mode for slippery surfaces or AWD lock mode for added stability.

Technology Features

The Kia Telluride has plenty of tech features, making for a satisfying driving experience. When on the wheels of this car, you take advantage of the auto-front and rear climate control, parking distance warning, and smart key with push-button and remote start.

Other features are 6 USB ports, Kia Connect with navigation, and one-touch sliding and folding second-row seats.

Driver-Assist Technologies

The 2022 Kia Telluride packs a ton of driver-assist technologies for safety and comfort. Listed are some of these add-ons below:

  • Blind-spot collision-avoidance assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Three-zone climate control
  • Rear parking sensors and a rearview camera
  • Forward collision avoidance assist
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Engine immobilizer and remote anti-theft alarm system

Interior and Exterior Design

Futuristic is the befitting term to describe Telluride’s exterior. It has the signature sporty look that many SUVs have boosted by a bold grille. The headlights are also sporty with black bezels. The LX trim’s grille has a chrome surround, while the other S, EX, and SX trims have satin chrome surrounds. The LX also has front and rear skid plates.

You can pick from six color options. They are sangria, pearl white, dark moss, ebony black, everlasting silver, and gravity grey. The 20-inch alloy wheels give the Telluride a masculine feeling, hinting at its all-terrain performance.

The Telluride has three rows and can accommodate up to eight passengers. It has sufficient legroom and cargo space, as you may modify the seats to create more room. The seats sport leather as their primary material, with colors ranging from espresso brown, black, gray, and dune brown.

Infotainment extras are a Kia Connect with navigation and a 10.25-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and six speakers.

Fuel Economy

This Kia SUV manages 20mpg and 26mpg for city and highway roads, respectively, bringing the combined value to 23mpg. It is an average value, as some crossovers can manage up to 28mpg combined. The Telluride has an 18.8-gallon fuel tank. Use regular unleaded fuel for this car.


When you open the hood of the 2022 Kia Telluride, you meet a 3.8-liter Lambda V6 engine with a double overhead cam. The gasoline engine is robust and gives a 291-horsepower at 6000RPM. 

This direct injection motor has 24 valves with variable timing.


An 8-speed transmission complements the powerful engine of the new Telluride release. A front-wheel drive is the standard powertrain, though there is the all-wheel-drive option.


The Telluride has competitive prices. The LX has a starting price of $33090, while the S is $35590. 

The premium trims are pretty pricy, with the EX’s starting price being $38090 and the SX’s at $42990. The price might be high if you want some extras, such as LED fog lights, a mudguard kit, and illuminated scuff plates.


You have to be keen on a vehicle’s warranty terms before purchasing it. 2022’s Kia Telluride has reasonable terms as we can see,

  • The Basic warranty extends for 5-years or 60000-miles
  • The Roadside warranty goes for 5-years or 60000-miles
  • Drivetrain warranty will cover you for 10-years or 100000-miles
  • The Rust warranty lasts for 5-years or 100000-miles;

Consumer Rating

The Telluride has had an impressive run ever since its debut, collecting several awards on its path. Many reviewers rank it among the best midsize crossovers. Appealing factors include spaciousness and handling. The exterior also looks impressive, adding to its overall demeanor.

Palisade vs. Telluride Differences

When placed side-by-side, the Palisade and Telluride look very similar. They have almost the exact dimensions and are the biggest vehicles from their respective manufacturers.

A noticeable Palisade vs. Telluride difference is the grille design, where the Palisades are more prominent. A look at the Telluride vs. Palisade price gives you another contrasting point of these two crossovers. The Telluride is cheaper than its counterpart. Kia’s most affordable model has a starting price of $33090, while Hyundai starts at $33350.

Comfort varies among the two, with the Telluride coming on top by a close edge. The base model of the Telluride features leather seats, while the Palisade’s base trim has cloth upholstery.

Shifting our focus to Palisade vs. Telluride sales, you notice that the figures are almost equal, though the Palisade appears to have a firm grip on the US market. The sales are consistent, though Telluride also performs well with rising sales.

Palisade vs. Telluride Pros and Cons

A look at the pros and cons of the two crossovers gives you a clear picture of their capabilities. We start with the Palisade.

Pros of the Palisade

The Hyundai Palisade is very spacious, with a 7-8 passenger seating capacity. It also has adequate cargo space; you can fold the back seats to create extra space. This car has state-of-the-art infotainment features like an 8-inch touch screen display and USB ports to charge your device.

Its V6 engine is potent, giving you a power rating of 291-horsepower. The car drives smoothly, and you can switch from front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive depending on the driving conditions.


The downside of the Palisade is that it does not have optional engines or drivetrains. Compared to the Telluride, the Palisade is pretty costly.

Pros of the Telluride

The Telluride is a comfortable ride, with enough legroom and premium material seats. Additionally, it has a load of infotainment features that will do away with boredom when on the road. The extras include six speakers, climate control, and a 10.25-inch touchscreen display. Moreover, you can connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Spaciousness is another attribute of this car, which accommodates 7-8 passengers. The cargo area is sufficient. If you have a lot of luggage, you may expand the storage space by folding the rear seats. The 2022 Telluride has many driver-assisted features for a safe and comfy drive. This vehicle’s reasonable warranty term is the icing on the cake.


A disadvantage of the Telluride is that you have only one engine choice. Its fuel economy is average, a turn-off to many people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which Is Better, Telluride or Palisade?

The Telluride and Palisade share many features, and if set side-by-side, you may mistake one to ab a face-lifted version of the other. They share many features, such as the engine, transmission, and passenger capacity.

Palisade vs. Telluride Reddit discussions tend to favor the Telluride over the Palisade. Supporting arguments include comfort and price. While the Telluride comes on top, it does not mean that the Palisade is a lousy crossover. Its power and handling are some of its redeeming factors.

Q: Which Is Bigger, Palisade or Telluride?

The Palisade and the Telluride are like twins, sharing several similarities. Though the clearance varies by a slight millimeter, they have similar dimensions in favor of the Telluride. In short, the two cars are of the same size in most aspects.

Q: Which Is More Comfortable, Telluride or Palisade?

Among the various reasons behind the Kia Telluride’s popularity, one is its comfort. The seats feature premium leather with plenty of choices when it comes to color. Plus, you have ample legroom. The Palisade is also comfortable, but the premium leather is only available for the top trims. The basic ones have cloth upholstery. If seeking comfort, the Telluride is the go-to option.

Q: Is the Telluride quieter than the Palisade?

A quiet ride is very fulfilling and helps you be on the lookout for any noises that spell doom for your car. On the highway, both the Telluride and Palisade are quiet. However, some auto pundits feel the former is quieter. If properly maintained, you should not experience any sounds or disturbances like car shaking when driving.

Q: Is The Hyundai Palisade Worth The Money?

Cost is a significant factor to consider when getting a new car. You should look at the value you get to determine whether the vehicle in question is worth your spending. The Palisade has a reasonable cost than most midsize crossovers. It has several excellent elements like spaciousness, friendly warranty terms, and a sleek appearance. When weighed against its cost, you see that you have a decent bargain.

Q: What Problems Does Hyundai Palisade Have?

The Palisade is a reliable car with minimal mechanical issues. If you maintain it correctly, you won’t have to worry about any inconvenience. Early releases of this model had a windshield crack issue. Some owners of this model reported witnessing cracks from nowhere. The good thing is that the latest release does not have this problem.

Q: Why Is Telluride So Popular?

Telluride has had an impressive market performance, evident from its sales figures. Factors behind its popularity include power, excellent handling, adequate cargo and passenger space, and the warranty. Owners of this midsized crossover have nothing to complain about it. It is no surprise that several car enthusiasts rank it among the most practical SUVs of 2022.

Q: How Much Is a Fully-Loaded Palisade?

When discussing a fully-loaded Palisade, we go for the premium trim, which has all the car add-ons you need. In this case, we go for Calligraphy, whose starting price is $47040. For the all-wheel-drive option, you have to part with an extra $1700.

You have to pay for other accessories, such as a roof rack, wheel lock, first aid kit, and tow hitch. The total comes to around $3000. Add a $1000 for delivery, and the total cost on the lower side is roughly $51000.

Final Word

Every day is a learning opportunity, and from the Palisade vs. Telluride discussion, we learn that the two midsize crossovers are similar in many ways. Despite the similarities, each carves its path in several areas. For instance, the Palisade takes the price in looks, while the Telluride is the best in comfort.

Use this piece to know more about these cars and see which crossover to pick from the two.


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