QQ License Plate: All You Need to Know

License plates are unique car identifiers that require you to comply with your state’s traffic laws. It is no secret that some license plates stand out more than others; a case in point is the QQ license plate.

In New Jersey, cars with QQ plates are primarily antiques that are past 25 years. You may also find the plates in German vehicles linked to the armed forces.

There is plenty to learn about this type of license plate. Here we have broken down the QQ plate for your better understanding and to provide the necessary information.

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What Is License Plate QQ?

QQ plates on cars come in various forms, which indicate their designation. If you spotted the plates on a vehicle that appears to be daily-driven, it is probably a NATO license plate linked to the US Army.  

The registration plate has a unique appearance, typically white, and the ‘QQ’ is atop the other characters. On the upper left side of the license plate is a blue NATO logo, with USA spelled on it.

Chance is pretty high that the vehicle bearing the QQ plate is German. American forces in Germany tried to blend in the private cars of their service persons; thus, in 2000, they adopted license plates that looked like the German ones.

The first two letters on German plates are codes representing the area of registration. The license tags of cars belonging to US military personnel in Germany have codes that were not allocated to any district, for instance, QQ, AD, and AF. While standard German license plates have the EU emblem on the left, the QQ plates have the NATO logo.

If you notice QQ license plates in Germany, then the car belongs to a US Army service member. Conversely, if you spot the tags in the USA, it means the vehicle is likely of German origin and belongs to military personnel.

Considering that these plates are foreign, a license plate lookup tool may fail to pick up their information.

What Are QQ License Plates In NJ?

This distinctive registration tag is not always a German license plate in USA. New Jersey has QQ plates, which differ significantly from the NATO plates. QQ license plates NJ are historic plates issued to antique vehicles, which are at least 25 years old.

New Jersey has been issuing these plates since 1964, and cars bearing the license plate are solely for exhibition and educational purposes. They have a yellow background, with ‘New Jersey’ embossed above the serial codes and ‘Historic’ on the bottom rim.

Currently, the NJMVC QQ plates assume a 12345QQ format. Nonetheless, you may encounter cars whose serials take on the following formats from previous years.

  • QQ12345
  • QQ-A123
  • QQ-1234
  • 123A-QQ
  • 1234-QQ

New Jersey QQ-plated cars are collector’s items and are rarely seen unless on special occasions.

How Do I Get A QQ Tag In NJ?

NJ QQ plates application is a walk in the park. You can buy them from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) vehicle centers or via mail. You should check out the NJ QQ plate rules to determine whether your car is eligible for the special tags.

Your vehicle should meet the following requirements.

  • It should be at least 25 years old
  • The car should have the manufacturer’s original design with no alterations
  • The vehicle must be possessed as a collector’s item and only used for educational and exhibition purposes
  • It should be equipped for legal operation on New Jersey’s roadways

You are good to proceed with your application if your vehicle meets these specifications. You must complete an application form and bring two color photographs of the car, front and side view. You can print the photos on plain paper. You should also attach a copy of the vehicle’s New Jersey title and pay the $44 fee.

If paying via mail, you enclose the mentioned items plus a $44 money order or check payable to the NJMVC. Address the mail to the NJMVC’s special plate unit.

Still, on how to get historic plates in NJ, you choose from standard, courtesy, and personalized historic plates. The plates cost $44, $74 and $94, respectively. You renew the plates every three years without a renewal fee.

What Is the Rarest License Plate to See in the US?

The topic of rare license plates grabs the attention of many auto pundits and license plate collectors keen to contribute. The hard-to-get plates are considered gems, a statement corroborated by their hefty price tags.

The 1905 and 1906 West Virginia license plates are among the most sought-after tags. Only five exist at the moment, valued at around $25000.

Following up on the rarest license plate are Mississippi’s 1912 and 1913 plates, with few known pieces in existence. The 1912 plates were the first Mississippi issued and are currently valued at $35000. The state issued the 1913 registration plates for 90 days before recalling them, possibly due to a flawed design. Their current value is $ 50,000.

The 1921 Alaska plate is considered the holy grail of rare registration plates, with only four available. This one-of-a-kind license plate has a $60000 price tag.

Who Has the Most Expensive License Plate in The World?

Besides vehicle identification, license plates are also a source of pride, especially among the affluent who invest in personalized tags. Some of the license plates are very prestigious and are very pricey.

For a long time, Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri had the bragging rights of owning the most expensive license plate, which he bought in 2008 at $14.5 million. However, in 2023, the ‘P7’ license plate, sold at $15 million, has officially taken the top spot.

The most expensive license tag in the USA is California’s MM plate, priced at 24.3 million. Closely trailing it is the New York plate, going for $20 million.

Final Words

A QQ license plate on a car is bound to raise eyebrows, as it is a rarity and looks foreign. If you see a vehicle on the road with this plate, there is a high chance it is a German vehicle linked to the armed forces. The plates are German and have the NATO logo with the USA written in bold.

You might also encounter vehicles with the QQ plate in New Jersey. This is a Historic plate reserved for antique vehicles over 25 years old. Such vehicles are collectibles and typically used for education and exhibitions.

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