Which One Is The Brake: Is It The Left Or Right Pedal?

Driving is hard and easy. When learning how to drive, you may find it challenging to master how to control the wheel, change gears, and use the pedals. But it becomes easy when you understand the system’s operations. 

New learners often find it difficult to differentiate between clutch, brake, and gas pedal. Some learners, unable to find it, ask, which one is the brake?

This is a critical question that every automatic and manual car learner should know the answer to. Thus, they will not depress the gas pedal when braking. Otherwise, it may lead to a catastrophic collision.

This article will explain which pedal is the brake pedal in manual cars. You’ll also know which pedal is the gas and which is the clutch pedal.

which one is the brake pedal

Which one is the brake pedal?

The brake pedal is used to slow down or stop a vehicle. It is located on the left side of an automatic car. Undoubtedly, it is a safety feature and is as vital as the accelerator. While some may argue this, others may be of the opinion that a good functioning brake is more important than engine speed and torque.

Which one is the brake and gas pedal?

Driving a car can be challenging, but trust us, and things will start looking pretty cool when you start mastering the system operations. The truth is that driving in real life is tougher than driving in video games. So, if you’re already learning how to drive, you need to know which side the brake pedal is in an automatic car.

Automatic cars have two pedals: brake and gas pedal. The brake pedal in an automatic is the left side pedal, while the right side pedal is the gas pedal or accelerator.

Similarly, you need to know which pedal is the brake in a manual car if you’re learning with a manual car. Manual cars have three pedals: clutch pedal, brake pedal, and accelerator or gas pedal. In manual cars, the clutch pedal is on the left side, the brake is on the center, and the gas pedal is on the right side.

How do you use a brake pedal?

As explained above, the brake pedal is used to slow down a vehicle’s speed and eventually bring it to a stop. After starting an automatic car, you have to depress the brake pedal before shifting the gear selector.

To use a brake pedal, use your right foot to depress it (with your kneel pointing to the ground) to exert force on it. This will push the hydraulic fluid in the brake lines, causing the brake pads to push against the brake rotors. This will slow or stop the vehicle, depending on the applied pressure.

How do I remember the gas and brake pedal?

Learners sometimes mistake one pedal for another, which can cause catastrophic collisions. I know you don’t want to mistake these pedals on the highway. So, you may wonder, is the brake pedal left or right? How do you remember which one is the brake and gas pedal?

The simple trick for remembering car pedals is counting them from right to left – ABC.

  • A. Stands for Accelerator
  • B. Stands for Brake
  • C. Stands for the clutch.

Another way of remembering them is that most cars’ accelerators are taller than the brake and clutch. On the other hand, the brake and clutch pedals are wider than the accelerator pedal. Lastly, the brake is heavier or harder than the clutch pedal.

which one is the brake

Is the right pedal the brake?

No, the right pedal is the accelerator pedal. The right pedal, the skinny one, is the gas pedal, while the left pedal, the wider one, is the brake pedal. So whether you own an automatic car ( with two pedals) or a manual car (with three pedals), the right pedal is the accelerator.

What are the 3 car pedals?

Manual cars have three pedals: the clutch, the brake, and the accelerator. The automatic counterparts have only two pedals: the brake and the gas pedal. As explained above, the clutch pedal is used to engage and disengage the clutch from the engine. The brake pedal is used to slow down or stop the vehicle, and the gas pedal is used to accelerate the car.

What is the middle pedal on a car?

The middle pedal on manual cars is the brake pedal. In contrast, it is the left pedal on the automatic counterparts. It is more complex or heavier than the other two pedals, especially when the vehicle is turned off.

Final Word

At this point, we hope all your wondering about which one is the brake has well met. Quick recap! The brake pedal is more rigid and heavier than the other two pedals. It is the center pedal on a manual transmission vehicle and the pedal on the left side on an automatic transmission car.

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