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If you’re ready to change the tires on your 8-inch wheel, then it’s ideal that you know the tire sizes that can fit. You may purchase from one of the best tire brands, but if you pick the wrong size, you won’t benefit from that brand.

Generally, with the right size, your car will not only feel balanced but will also drive well. That said, an 8-inch wheel has an optimal tire range that can fit. But before discussing the range, what is the widest tire on 8-inch rim?

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What’s the widest tire on 8-inch rim?

Wider usually means more stability, but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. You will be surprised that you will get nothing close to comfort and stability if you exceed the limit for your specific wheel size. Therefore, the best way to avoid this is to find the exact tire sizes that match your car.

So you may ask, what is the widest tire I can fit on an 8-inch rim? The widest tire you can fit on an 8-inch rim is 245. Anything above this may cause performance and wear issues. Notwithstanding, you will still see people going above and as high as fitting a 275 tire on 8-inch rim.

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What size tire will fit on an 8-inch rim

Tires fitted into specific wheel widths come in ranges, but there is always a recommended size. So what tire size fits well into an 8-inch wheel?  The best tire width for 8-inch rim is 235, but you can go lower or higher. Typically, an 8-inch wheel fits into tires ranging between 215 and 245.  But then, a 235 will fit perfectly.

Typically, there are different answers as to the best tire for an 8-inch wheel, and people often wonder why ranges are given. Ranges are given most times due to disparity in manufacturing them. What does this mean?  Some tire brands run smaller tires than others. Two companies may produce the exact tire size, but one might be bigger.

For example, Goodyear’s 235 may fit properly into your Jeep rim, whereas Bridgestone 235 may appear smaller. So if you prefer Bridgestone, you may have to go higher, like 245 instead of the recommended 235.

Also, understand that people project on others what they feel is best. Some may use a much smaller or bigger size on their 8-inch rim and state it’s the best, even if it’s giving them issues. Other times, drivers, in a bid to cut costs, may opt for much smaller sizes since larger ones are costlier. And then state it’s the best. Understand that while you can do it, it doesn’t mean you should.

You may also get conflicting answers because people assume the tires available are the best. Sometimes, when the recommended tires are scarce, people often opt for those available, tagging them as the most suitable. Your wheel diameter may also play a huge role here. How? An 18×8 inch wheel may ideally take a 235, whereas a 15×8 inch wheel will be fine with 225.

That said, while 235 may be ok, your best bet is to reach out to the tire brand. Look up their tire chart for possible tire sizes for your specific wheel size. Sites like Tirerack allow drivers to input tire size for their wanted brand to see the wheel widths that will fit best.

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Frequently Asked Questions –FAQs

Q: What’s the widest tire that will fit an 8-inch rim?

The widest tire that will fit an 8-inch rim is 245; it fits perfectly and gives a swift ride. However, you may need something higher, especially if you’re buying from a brand that runs small tires. For example, Nitto’s 245 may be smaller than other brands, so if you’re getting Nitto, a 255 may suffice.

Another thing that can influence the choice of the widest tire is the diameter.

The widest tire on 18×8 inch rim may differ from the widest tire on 15×8 inch rim. Therefore, the best is to look at your desired brand tire chart to see which tire size is best for your wheel size.

However, some intentionally run up to 275 and make others believe it’s the widest to run. But understand that because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. To therefore avoid tire issues, don’t exceed the recommended widest.

Q: Will a 285 tire fit an 8-inch rim?

A 285 will fit into an 8-inch rim depending on the wheel’s offset and diameter. However, the tire won’t have good contact with the road. The sidewalls may also bulge out, leading to performance and wear issues.

While a 285 might be stretched to fit into an 8-inch wheel, it’s usually not the best option. But if you decide to play by this book, you may need to deal with the consequences of using a bulging or protruding tire.

Q: What is the biggest tire size you can put on a 8.5-wide wheel?

Like the 8-inch wheel, an 8.5-inch wheel also has optimal tire ranges that can fit in. So what is the widest tire for a 8-inch rim? The widest tire on 8.5-inch rim is 255; at least, that’s what is recommended by most tire manufacturers.

However, the widest for yours may depend on your tire manufacturer, as some are known to run smaller tires. So it’s best to look at your tire manufacturer chart for tire sizes best fitted for your 8.5 wheel.

Q: Will a 10.5-inch wide tire fit on an 8-inch wide rim?

A 10.5-inch tire will fit into an 8-inch wheel. The tires, however, will be overstretched and bulge from the rim leading to quick damage and performance issues. Wanting something wider for better road contact and stability is not a bad idea. But going overboard may be dangerous and costly.

Q: Can you put 255 on 8-inch rims?

A 255 is not ideal for 8-inch rims, but you can put it on, especially if you’re buying from a brand like Nitto that runs smaller tires. If, however, the brand is big, the tire may appear too stretched and bulge out a little.

This can lead to fender issues or strut rubbing problems depending on your wheel’s offset. You may experience decreased acceleration, lower speeds, and other performance issues. If performance doesn’t improve, why go wider?

Q: Can you put a 12.50 tire on an 8-inch rim

You can put a 12.50 tire on 8-inch wheel, but that doesn’t mean you should. The wheel’s width will affect how the tread shape appears and even the sidewall. While many claims it fits perfectly, it’s usually too wide. A 12.50 will be overstretched on an 8-inch wheel and bulge out.

This may lead to tread wearing out quickly and other performance issues. 12.50 is even more than the widest tire on 9-inch rim; imagine it on an 8-inch rim. That said, you will, however, still see people running a 12.5 and even a 14.5, which looks like a balloon on the wheel.

Q: Can you put a 10-inch wide tire on a 8-inch ATV rim?

Yes, you can. Generally, ATV rims allow for wider tires helping to provide a flatter tread pattern and extra grip. If you want added control, you may opt for a narrower tire. Both of these choices come in handy depending on your driving style.

However, while trying to match your tire width with your driving style, don’t go overboard. While you can use a 10-inch wide tire on an 8-inch ATV, it is best you contact the tire manufacturer and check their wheel recommendation. They should have a range of wheel widths best suited for a 10-inch wide tire.

Final Words

The widest tire on 8-inch rim is 245, with the 235 as the best fit. However, there is a tire range recommended, usually between 215 and 345. The reason for this range is the fact that some tire manufacturers run smaller or wider tires. A Goodyear 245 may be bigger than Bridgestone 245. So if you wanted 245, Goodyear appears too big. However, one may go a bit lower–235 or so.

That said, you will still see people installing way above the widest tire recommended for an 8-inch. These people can install a 275 and sometimes go as high as installing a 305 tire on the 8-inch rim. These sizes are way too big as they will bulge out, causing early damage and performance issues such as poor handling. But if however one chooses them, one may have to deal with the consequences.

Finally, if you have 10-inch wheels, you may want to know the recommended tire ranges for a 10-inch wheel. If that is the case, you can check this well-detailed article – widest tire on 10-inch rim.

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