Who Makes ACDelco Batteries?

As an auto enthusiast, there is a high chance of encountering the ACDelco brand of car parts. It is a big name among the manufactures of car engine parts, batteries, transmission components, and many more. But today, we will focus only on ACDelco batteries, with more attention on who makes them.

It may come as a surprise to many that General Motors is behind ACDelco batteries. GM and ACDelco have been partners ever since the inception of the vehicle brand more than a century ago. Hang on to learn more about ACDelco batteries and whether it is a reliable brand.

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Who Is Behind ACDelco Batteries?

The history of ACDelco is as rich as that of General Motors. The company was launched in 1916 as a vehicle parts manufacturer. It was the brainchild of William Durant, the founder of General Motors and the owner of Buick. At that time, ACDelco had United Motors Corporation as its name.

He regained control of GM, and at the same time, he founded United Motors Corporation, supported by profits from co-owning Chevrolet. Initially, United Motors was a collaboration of several companies. They included the Hyatt Roller Bearing Company, New Departure Manufacturing Company, Remy Electric Company, and Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company.

The firm, under Alfred Sloan, acquired more companies, such as the Harrison Radiator Corporation and Lovell McConnell Manufacturing Company. Since its founding, United Motors has been independent of GM and served all car manufacturers for two years. In 1918, GM acquired the company in a $ 45 million deal.

A name change followed, and the firm now went by United Motors Service and operated as it did before. The main change was that the products were solely for GM models. It became a completely integrated division of GM in 1944.

United Motor Service rebranded to United Delco in 1960, and the Delco brand became more popular with clients. A decade later, the firm underwent another name change after merging with AC Spark Plugs. The result was AC-Delco, which sold AC and Delco products. 1995 saw another rebranding strategy, where the hyphen got dropped, giving us ACDelco.

The company continues to grow strong, being one of the most prominent battery brands.

Who makes ACDelco Batteries if not General Motors?

General Motor is the owner of ACDelco batteries but the batteries carrying AcDelco tag are not made by GM. Rather, they are made by a GM subsidiary based on Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East.

This battery plant worked as a part of the GM but now the battery plant is owned by a major GM shareholder, Johnson Controls based in Wisconsin. For your information, Johnson Controls make many car replacement parts and supply them across Europe, America, and Asia.

According to Johnson Controls, they supply maintenance-free batteries to the Middle East and the likely consumer markets. However, the AcDelco batteries available in North America are manufactured by their US plant.

Who Sells ACDelco Batteries?

If you are interested in ACDelco batteries, you can check out the ACDelco batteries finder, which redirects you to ACDelco’s online platform. Here, you will find the product you are looking for, the specs, and the pricing. You can order it online from the e-store.

Furthermore, you may get the batteries from secondary sellers such as Home Depot. Amazon also sells the battery and gives you a chance to check on ACDelco battery reviews. Additionally, you may search for ACDelco batteries Autozone to see what this online listing has for you.

What Type of Battery Is ACDelco?

You will appreciate how diverse ACDelco’s catalog is. The batteries are under two categories; Silver and Gold. The Silver products, formerly the Advantage line, are high-value batteries and an excellent choice for many vehicle models. The Gold Line used to be the Professional Line and is the high-quality equivalent to OE batteries.

Under the Gold line, you get the 36-month automotive AGM battery, an 18-month RV and marine battery, and 30-month and 42-month heavy-duty batteries. The Silver line presents you with a heavy-duty 18-month flooded battery, a flooded filler cap battery, and a standard 18-month battery. As you can see, the ACDelco Gold battery line is the most lucrative and contains more products than the Silver line.

How Can I Tell How Old My ACDelco Battery Is?

You should know the age of your battery to know how long it will serve you and for warranty purposes. When dealing with ACDelco batteries, you can check the warranty codes in alphanumeric format on the battery tag.

The letters may start with P or S, indicating the battery series. P stands for the Gold Line, while S is for Advantage or Silver Line. The first two numbers show the month, while the third number shows the year of manufacture. The last alphabet character is the plant code, indicating the battery’s origin.

ACDelco Battery Warranty and Maintenance Tips

ACDelco batteries warranty is very reasonable. The batteries are backed by a 36-month and 18-month warranty. You should confirm the warranty terms and duration when getting the battery.

ACDelco warranty does not cover for:

  • Discharged batteries that are serviceable.
  • Cost of recharging the battery.
  • Any costs are coming about due to the inconvenience caused.
  • Battery damage due to negligence and misuse.

Maintenance is crucial if you want the battery to serve you for a decent time. Under the catalog, you find maintenance-free batteries, both AGM and flooded. You do not have to stress yourself about having them in excellent shape.

Perform the standard maintenance procedures, like using the correct charger and ensuring the battery is fully charged. Check the terminals regularly and clean them if necessary. Also, never expose the batteries to extreme heat.

When not in use, keep this automotive part in a cool and dry spot. Place flooded batteries in an upright and stable position to avoid spillages.

Related FAQs

Are ACDelco Batteries Any Good?

ACDelco battery is a reliable brand that will provide robust batteries for different applications. You will find the standard automotive batteries that you can use in various vehicles. Then you have the heavy-duty batteries suitable for RVs and marine applications. Whatever purpose you buy an AcDelco battery for, added longevity is the fruit.

Where Are ACDelco Car Batteries Made?

ACDelco has its headquarters in Grand Blanc, Michigan, though it has a wide global presence. Besides the USA, it has branches in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, and China. Some of the branches are overseas dealerships where you can get the batteries and other ACDelco products that you need.

Does GM Use ACDelco Batteries?

GM owns ACDelco batteries, and most of its car parts come from this branch of operation. You will find that most GM models have ACDelco batteries under their hood. The impressive side of the batteries is their high quality, which makes them reliable and highly popular.

Are ACDelco Batteries Made in China?

ACDelco is an American brand, and battery manufacturing takes place in the US. However, you may find the made-in-China sticker on some batteries. It is an indication that the company imports some components used in the manufacture of its products.

Does O’Reilly Sell ACDelco Batteries?

O’Reilly is an auto parts dealer that stocks auto parts for many vehicle models. It also sells products from other brands, including ACDelco. You can visit O’Reilly stores if you want ACDelco batteries and take advantage of the amazing offers.

Does AutoZone Carry ACDelco Products?

AutoZone is a reputable name in car part dealing and consultancy. It stocks products from several car parts manufacturers, such as ACDelco, Optima Batteries, Duralast, Odyssey, Econocraft, and Valucraft. You get different parts from spark plugs, brake fittings, drivetrain, emission control, and exhaust components.

Does Menards Sell ACDelco Batteries?

Menards is a home improvement store with several outlets all over the country. The company works with several brands and stocks their products in its stores. You will find ACDelco, Valvoline, Velux, Varathane, and more at Menards outlets.

Final Word

Who makes ACDelco batteries? From this piece, you learn that GM owns ACDelco and has had a strong relationship since the car part company started more than a century ago. However, the ACDelco batteries were manufactured previously by GM’s Middle East plant, and now, this plant belongs to Johnson Controls.

If you are interested in the batteries, visit the GM parts website and learn things like the ACDelco battery price list and stores near you. So, it’s time to shop with ACDelco for high-quality parts for GM vehicles.


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