At Oil Temp Subaru: Meaning , Causes , Symptoms and Fixes

Driving can be very interesting and exciting, especially under normal circumstances. Manufacturers have built a system that allows car owners to know when their engine’s transmission oil gets too hot.

At Oil Temp, Subaru is a common challenge you may have to deal with if you own a Subaru car. Understanding the meaning, causes, and symptoms of the problem is crucial to finding a perfect solution for it.

This article is an exposition of what At Oil Temp blinking in Subaru means, as well as every other important thing you need to know in order to handle the situation perfectly. 

At Oil Temp Blinking Subaru Meaning

“At Oil Temp” in a Subaru car means Automatic Transmission Oil Temperature system. If you discover that your Subaru displays “At oil temp,” it simply means the temperature of the vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid is too hot.

When this occurs, it may not hinder the proper functioning of the vehicle’s engine at first. However, you may begin to experience some symptoms that let you know the problem is growing from bad to worse.

At this point, you must act fast by contacting an expert auto mechanic to fix the issue. Otherwise, you may be risking severe damage to your car.

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What Causes At Oil Temp Subaru 

The “At Oil Temp” warning signal in a Subaru is traceable to the vehicle’s transmission fluid. In that case, the causes are virtually transmission oil-related. Some of the causes of the warning signal include the following:

Low transmission fluid

Running your Subaru’s engine on a low transmission fluid level can increase the temperature of the vehicle’s transmission system. When this occurs, one of the first signals that reveal a rise in the fluid temperature is the “At Oil Temp” warning light display.

Bad transmission fluid usage

Manufacturers recommend specific transmission fluid brands for their vehicles for a reason. Not all transmission oil brands are compatible with every vehicle on the road. This is why your Subaru vehicle manufacturer recommends Subaru ATF hp “Dexron iii” transmission fluid.

Even if the vehicle’s engine runs well with any other automatic transmission oil, the defects will start to unfold as time goes on. So, using inappropriate transmission fluid can trigger the warning sign.

At Oil Temp Subaru Symptoms

The Subaru computerized system is designed to reveal any malfunction that needs immediate attention. This helps attract the car owner’s attention to diagnose the problem and fix it immediately. Some of the “At Oil Temp” warning symptoms include:

Constant flashing warning light

The foremost symptom of “At Oil Temp” in a Subaru is the constant flashing warning light. The dashboard warning light is the most common way to identify a challenge within your vehicle’s transmission system.

Immediately Subaru’s computerized system detects an abnormal increase in the transmission fluid temperature; it triggers the light instantly. So if you are conscious of all the dashboard lights in your car, you will detect the oil temperature warning light on time.

Transmission failure

If you fail to rectify the automatic transmission oil temperature warning signal on time, it can degenerate into a transmission failure problem in the long run. When this happens, driving your Subaru car becomes difficult because the transmission plays a crucial role in the car’s mobility.

How to Fix At Oil Temp Subaru

Fixing the automatic transmission oil temperature problem in a Subaru is pretty straightforward. If you discover that your car’s computerized system displays “At Oil Temp” warning signal, engage the following At Oil Temp Subaru fix tips:

Stop and allow the engine to idle

Firstly, when you discover that your Subaru depicts the “At Oil Temp” signal, find a safe location to park. Then, allow the car’s engine to idle. Simultaneously, the transmission will cool down while the engine idles. After a while, the warning signal will go off on its own.

Inspect transmission fluid level

If the problem is not resolved after stopping the car and allowing the engine to idle in anticipation of the transmission cooling down, you can try an alternative. Stop the engine completely and inspect the car’s transmission fluid level.

Shortage in the fluid level can be a culprit to the problem. So, if this is the case, kindly top off the fluid level with the recommended automatic transmission fluid for Subaru.

However, if any of the approaches above fail to rectify the At Oil Temp in Subaru Forester 2015, kindly contact an expert auto mechanic to fix the issue as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions—FAQs

Q: How long can you drive with the oil light on Subaru?

You will damage the vehicle more if you drive with an oil light on Subaru for more than 500 miles or 2 weeks. However, driving can still be hassle-free even with the oil light signal in a Subaru. Notwithstanding, it is not a license to take the oil light for granted.

If you ignore the oil light on your Subaru for as long as 2 weeks, you may as well get ready to fix more costly damage within the period.

Therefore, if you discover that your Subaru’s oil light is perpetually on, kindly contact a professional auto mechanic to diagnose the issue and fix it immediately.

Q: Why does my Subaru say at oil temp?

If you suddenly discover that your Subaru displays “At Oil Temp” on the dashboard, it means the temperature of your car’s automatic transmission fluid is too hot. This challenge is not foreign to those who have been driving their Subaru vehicle for a long time.

The message is a signal that lets you know that your Subaru needs quick attention. Once you understand the meaning of the message, fixing the problem becomes easy.

So, if your Subaru ever displays “At Oil Temp,” kindly park the car and allow the engine to idle for a moment while the transmission fluid temperature cools down. This should fix the At Oil Temp in Subaru Impreza 2013 or any other model.

Q: What does the yellow oil light mean on Subaru?

The yellow oil light on Subaru means the car’s oil level or engine oil pressure is too low. The yellow light is a warning signal that communicates an imminent problem to the car owner. The illumination of this warning light may not affect the proper running of the engine.

However, if you neglect the signal for too long, it could degenerate into a more costly challenge. So, it would be best to contact an expert auto mechanic to check out what could be wrong with the car.

Q: How long can you drive on 0 oil?

0% engine oil life may not necessarily be a big deal because you can still drive as much as 5,000 – 6,000 miles with the challenge. However, it is not ideal to indefinitely run your car’s engine on 0% oil.

Car owners must learn to understand the engine running operation and regular maintenance exercises, including when to top off or change the oil. So, irrespective of how long you can still manage to drive with 0% engine oil life, do not relax completely without fixing the issue.

Q: Does my Subaru tell me when to change the oil?

Of course, your Subaru car comes with a manufacturer’s manual with a section that points out the interval of the engine oil change.

So, you don’t have to wait to see the oil light displays on the dashboard before you change the engine oil. Meanwhile, it is not enough to know the interval for an oil change. It would be best to stick to the prescribed interval.

This will help your Subaru vehicle’s engine work efficiently. However, always remember that delaying changing a car’s engine oil can lead to further damage in the long run.

Q: What is the average oil temperature in a car?

A car’s average oil temperature is expected to be 250 degrees under normal circumstances. However, it can break down over 275 degrees. Meanwhile, experts advise car owners to hold engine oil at 230 and 260 degrees.

If the engine oil temperature exceeds 260 degrees, it can trigger the oil light on the dashboard. Once you see the oil light on your Subaru’s dashboard, it is a sign that the transmission oil temperature is abnormal (too high).

Final Words

This article has unveiled all you need to know about At Oil Temp Subaru meaning, causes, symptoms, and solutions. If you ever see this signal in your Subaru vehicle, I’m pretty sure you know what to do already.

However, if the solutions provided above in this article cannot rectify the issue, kindly contact the nearest professional auto mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem.

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