What Does A Blown 5 Amp Fuse Look Like?

Do you suspect you have a blown 5 amp fuse and are wondering what does a blown 5 amp fuse look like? Firstly, it’s crucial you understand what a fuse is and what it is used for in a car. A fuse is a two-terminal component with a tiny ribbon across the terminals to transmit electric flow from one terminal to the other.

Once there’s a short circuit, ground fault, damaged wiring, or arc issue, the ribbon across the terminals will cut, preventing the first terminal from transmitting current to the second terminal. This will invariably prevent the electronics they are safeguarding from working.

In this article, you’ll learn how to tell if a fuse is blown in a house or car, how to test blown 5 amp fuses, and what a 5 amp fuse looks like when it burns. But first, let’s see what 5 amp fuses are used for.

how to tell if a furnace fuse is blown

What is a 5 amp fuse used for?

As I mentioned above, car fuses are shields that prevent electronics from being damaged. They measure the electric flow that travels to the electronics they are protecting. The fuse will burn if the current is more than it is rated for. When that happens, that component will stop working until the fuse is replaced. But what do 5 amp fuses protect in cars?

In most cars, auto manufacturers use 5 amp fuses to protect the interior lights, central locking system, clocks, power mirrors, and the lights on the dashboards. It is, however, essential to note that the fuse amperage that safeguards power mirrors in vehicle A may differ from the one that safeguards it in vehicle B.

The 5 amp fuse should always be a weak point between two components. Here’s why I said so; the metal strip across the fuse poles is there to transmit current from the first terminal to the next one. And the strip is designed to cut or blow out whenever there are arc issues or overloads on the system. If the fuse does not cut when any of these happens, the electrical issue will blow the electronics that the fuse is protecting.

However, this usually occurs when you or your mechanic replaces a burnt fuse with a higher amp rating.

How do you know if a 5 amp fuse is blown?

While burnt fuses will stop electronic and electrical components from working, that doesn’t mean they are always responsible when a component fails. The component they are protecting can become faulty even when the fuse is working properly. So, you should test the fuse and confirm if it is responsible for the failure before blaming it.

When a 5 amp fuse or any fuse amperage is blown, the metal strip on top of the two terminals will cut. If the fuse is burnt but not blown, the ribbon across the two metals will still be there, but the fuse casing will look burnt. Let me walk you through how I test blown fuses in my garage so you can confidently tell when a 5 amp or any other fuse amperage fails.

what does a blown 5 amp fuse look like

How do you test a 5 amp fuse?

You can test blown fuses in three simple ways. I employ several methods when checking for a blown fuse in cars, depending on where I am and what tools I have. However, the first method I usually deploy is a visual inspection. Though, this is not always accurate for some people, based on their sight.

Visual inspection

When searching for what does a blown 5 amp fuse looks like or how do you test a blown fuse, the first thing you should do is a visual inspection. Visual inspection means looking at the suspected fuse to see if it is blown.

If I suspect a fuse is bad and I don’t have the tools to check it, I’ll have to unplug the fuse and look through the transparent casing. If the tiny metal strip across the two terminals is broken, the fuse is bad and needs replacement. Also, if there’s a powder substance inside the fuse case, it shows the fuse is burnt or blown. Though, this type of test is best for blade-like fuses such as 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20 amp fuses.

If you don’t like the visual test, check how to tell if a fuse is blown plug using a tester.

Checking with a test light

As the name suggests, a tester is an electrical tool for testing electric flow. The tool illuminates light whenever it detects electric current in a component.

Connect the wiring harness of the tester to the battery cable with the minus sign. Now, locate the fuse box underneath the steering wheel or in the engine bay. Place the screw end of the tester at the fuse terminal you want to test. The tester will illuminate light if there’s current on that fuse terminal. Repeat the test on the second terminal.

If the fuse is working as it should, the tester will illuminate light when you place it on the terminals. But if only one fuse pole glows light, the fuse is burnt and should be replaced. However, if none of the fuse poles glow light, you can’t say whether the fuse is okay or not.

It means current is not reaching the fuse. You have to turn the ignition to the ON position if it’s not on or turn on the engine to see if the electric current will reach the fuse.

Checking with a multimeter

Checking with a multimeter is another way I can tell if a fuse is blown or not. If you don’t like the above methods, try this one. Grab your multimeter and fix the probes. Place the probes together, and note the reading.

Connect the probes to the fuse terminals and note the reading. If there’s no reading on the multimeter, turn on the ignition or start the engine, as the case may be. Some fuses will not respond until you turn on the ignition or turn on the engine.

Look at the readings and compare them. If you have different readings, you have a blown fuse that needs replacement. The same reading shows the fuse is okay.

You can also use these methods to check your in-house and home appliance fuses, as I do sometimes.

What does a blown 5 amp fuse look like?

Whether you are wondering what does a blown 40 amp fuse look like, what does a blown tv fuse look like, or what does a blown 5 amp fuse look like, they all look alike.

A blown 5 amp fuse resembles a disconnected or broken ribbon across the two metal terminals. It may also resemble a burnt strip or ribbon with a powdered substance inside. The casing will also be burnt or damaged if the fuse is burnt.

The signs of a blown fuse are apparent regardless of the fuse amperage. So it is much easier to find out when you have a burnt fuse.

Final Words

By you might have got all the answers to, what does a blown 5 amp fuse look like? All blown fuse amperages look the same. I have also walked you through how to tell if a fuse is burnt by looking at it, using a multimeter, and using a tester.

Finally, the testing and replacement procedure is a simple task that anyone can accomplish. For that, you don’t need any technical skills or assistance. With this guide, you can replace it yourself. You only need to plug out the old one and plug in the new fuse.

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