Can You Change A Tire On A Hill?

Flat tires are one vehicle issue that happens when you least expect it. That’s why manufacturers equip their vehicles with spare tires so you can change your tire whenever it goes flat. But can you change a tire on a hill?

In general, it all depends on the slope of the hill. If the slope is not too high, you can safely change the tire on a hill with the right approach. On a moderate slope, you don’t have to roll back your car to a level surface before changing the tires.

In this article, I’ll answer the question, can you change a tire on an incline, and also explain how to change a tire on a hill. By the end, you’ll learn how to change a tire on a hill and the consequences of changing a tire on a slopped driveway.

can you change a tire on a hill

Can you change a tire on a hill?

Changing tires on a hill can be tricky and requires rapt attention to everything, from engaging the hand brakes, and locking the differential, to choking the wheels. If you have other options, please don’t change your tires on a hill. But you can change it if you don’t have any option.

When left with no options but change your tire on a hill, you must be cautious and follow some appropriate steps. I’ll explain these appropriate steps in the next section.

How to Change a Tire on a Hill

If you have a flat tire and are left with no option but to change the tire on a hill, you don’t have to panic. Though it can be risky, relax, I got your back. You have to change it anyway.

But first, get all the tools needed to jack up the vehicle. These tools, including the wheel chocks and spanner, are usually placed in the trunk.

Here are the appropriate steps to take when changing tires on a hill.

Step 1: Put the gear in park.

If the vehicle in question is an automatic, shift the gear selector to the park position before doing anything else. But if it is manual, shift the gear lever to the first gear. After that, lock the differential if the vehicle is a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Step 2: Block off the wheels.

Keep in mind that you are on a sloppy area, so park the vehicle properly. If you don’t park the car the right way on a hill, it may slip off the wheel. Now block off the wheels with the wheel chocks. I advise blocking off the whole three tires since you will be working on one. In this case, wooden bridges, blocks or stones will do a better job than the wheel chocks in the vehicle.

Step 3: Lift the vehicle.

After blocking off the wheels, the next thing is to lift the vehicle. But before doing that, remove the wheel cover and slack the wheel nuts on the ground. Locate the best jacking spot on the wheel you want to light. Place the jack on it, then safely lift the vehicle off the ground.

Step 4: Take off the wheel nuts.

Using the wheel spanner, roll out the lug nuts you slacked earlier. Remember, you don’t have to loosen the lug nuts when the vehicle is already lifted. Doing so will cause the car to slip off the jack.

Step 5: Change the tire.

The last step is gently removing the tire from the wheel and mounting your spare tire. Reinstall the lug nuts and lower the car. Don’t lock the wheel nuts while the vehicle is sitting on the jack. That could cause the car to slip off the jack.

Once you have successfully changed your tire on a hill, remove the wheel chocks and continue your journey.

can you change a tire on an incline

Is it safe to change Tire on hilly Area?

Now that I have shown how to change a tire on a hill, the next big question is, is it safe to change a tire on an incline?

Changing tire on sloped driveway or on a hill is very dangerous as the vehicle can slip off the jack and injure you. No matter how much heavy bricks, rocks, or wood bridges are used to block the tire, the jack can slip off and cause the vehicle to collapse. Therefore, do not change a tire on a hilly area unless you’ve no option.

Can you change a tire on the side of the road?

Do not try to change your tire on the side of a major road, as it can be dangerous to you and the oncoming vehicle. It becomes suicidal if you are changing your tire on the side of the road that leaves you invisible to an oncoming car.

However, it is okay to change your car tire on a less busy street road with one or two vehicles passing every few minutes. But if necessary, get off the road entirely before attempting to change your car tire.

Similarly, if you are asking can you change a tire on grass? The short answer is yes. However, avoid changing tires on a grassy area because the jack can collapse when the vehicle weight rest on it. But if you have no option, place a flat piece of stone, wood, or metal on the floor before placing the jack on it.

Final words

If you have been reading to this point, you’ll no longer ask, can you change a tire on a hill? You can change your car tire on a hill by following the right guide. However, it is best to locate a safe and level spot to change your tires because changing tires on a hill can be immensely dangerous.

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