How to Protect Spare Tire Under-Truck – An All-out Solution

Understanding how to protect spare tire under truck is very crucial if you drive a truck. It is not unnatural for tires to wear out over time, whether in use or not. However, different factors are responsible for this gradual depreciation.

So, it doesn’t matter whether the spare tire sits under your truck all day long; it can also depreciate if not properly protected. Also, you may experience a case of theft without a proper protection structure for your spare tire.

Let’s see a few measures that can both enable you to protect your truck’s spare tire from wearing out even though not in use, as well as protect it from theft.

How to Protect Spare Tire Under-truck

There are several ways to protect a truck’s spare tire from several damaging factors. Some of the protective measures include the following.

spare tire protector

Use an under truck spare tire cover

Using an under truck spare tire cover is a common measure to protect your truck’s spare tire. This cover is designed with rugged leather material and tough stretch cords.

The leather covering protects the tire from road salts, dirt or debris, and other chemicals that damage components underneath a vehicle. Note that the tire covers come in different sizes, so make sure you know the exact size you need if you want a 27555r20 tire cover.

Use a spare tire lock

It is crucial to protect your truck’s spare tire from theft. Besides protecting the tire from weather conditions, dirt, road salts, and other chemicals ensure your truck has a metal under-mount spare tire cover with locks.

The spare tire cover is designed with a metal plate, a rod, and in some cases, a chain to hold it in place. The metal spare tire cover has a lock spot where you can lock it up with a key to deter intruders. You don’t have to bother about theft with this component.

Use an under truck spare tire bracket

Furthermore, you can also get an aftermarket under truck spare tire bracket to protect the tire, especially from theft. The bracket is designed to fit in underneath the truck and hold the spare tire in place with bolts and nuts.

You can also contact an expert fabricator to forge a suitable under truck spare tire carrier or bracket for you. However, you must note that a spare tire bracket still exposes some parts of the tire to road salts, dirt, etc.

Therefore, you may have to get a leather spare tire bag to cover the tire first before fixing and holding it in place with the iron bracket.

how to secure spare tire in truck bed


Q: How do I protect my spare tire?

There are a couple of recommended solutions you can implement to protect your truck’s spare tire from damage or theft. Some of the recommendations include the following:

  • Use a spare tire cover (leather bag).
  • Use a spare tire bracket.
  • Use a spare tire lock.

You can choose to use one or more measures to protect your donut spare tire from damages or theft. However, it is advisable to use both a leather spare tire bag and a bracket to protect it from damages and theft.

Q: Do you need to cover a spare tire?

Of course, you need to cover your car’s spare tire properly. Exposing the spare tire will increase the possibility of quick damage. Since the tire stays without any covering, it is exposed to hot sunlight, water from rainfall, etc.

As the rain and sunlight consistently come in contact with the spare tire, the sidewall will start cracking. Also, the rubber will eventually become weaker over time, resulting in depreciation.

When this occurs, it will be risky to use such a spare tire because it is no longer structurally sound for use on a vehicle. Otherwise, it can burst while running on the road, leading to a severe accident.

Q: Will a spare tire dry rot?

Yes, a spare tire cans dry rot if not in use for three (3) months and above. Tires are designed to be kept moist by oils and resins within the rubber. Constant downward pressure from coming in contact with the road helps to keep the oils active.

Therefore, leaving a spare tire for 3 months and beyond can make it dry rot, especially with rain and sunlight constantly beating hard on the component.

So, it is essential to figure out the best way to prevent your spare tire from dry rotting. Some of the following preventive measures can help you save your spare tire from dry rotting:

  • Clean and dry the tire properly before storage.
  • Cover the tire from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the tire in a clean airtight plastic bag.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

Q: Do spare tire covers work?

Of course, spare tire covers do work perfectly. The cover protects the tire from direct sunlight, water (rainfall), cold, heat, wind, dirt, etc. By now, you have already known that these are some of the factors that damage a vehicle’s spare tire even though not in use.

So, if your car’s spare tire is exposed or not properly covered, ensure to get a nice spare tire cover for it as soon as possible. This will save you the financial stress of buying a new spare tire over time, especially when you need to use it; then, you realize it has depreciated so badly.

Q: How do I protect my steel rims from rusting?

You can protect your vehicle’s steel rims from rusting by cleaning the wheels regularly, polishing them after a thorough cleaning, and plating the wheels.

Vehicle tires, like other components, are susceptible to wear and tear over time. However, vehicles with steel rims are often exposed to rust around the rims. Therefore, cleaning the rims with a balanced pH cleanser will help to get rid of brake dust and other iron contaminants.

Also, applying a nice polish over the surface of the rims will help cover up scratches and maintain a shining look on the rims. Meanwhile, ensure to plate your vehicle’s wheels to increase the aesthetic value and minimize oxidation effects.

Q: Can you wash tire covers?

Sure, you can wash tire covers. However, it is advisable to avoid washing this component with a washing machine. This is because the washing machine may leave deep scratches on the surface of the component. Sometimes, it may not also be able to access some tight or hidden areas when washing.

So, it is better to hand-wash your car’s spare tire cover with a liquid dishwasher, water, and a soft-bristled brush. Meanwhile, you may have to use dedicated cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains or dirt on the spare tire cover.

Q: What is the purpose of tire covers?

The simple purpose of a vehicle’s spare tire cover is protection. The component is designed to protect the tire from damages that result from direct sunlight, water (rainfall), wind, snow, dust, dirt, etc.

A spare tire without a cover will eventually depreciate over time, resulting in rubber weakness and cracked sidewall. Do not use this kind of spare tire (irrespective of the emergency) due to the risk of bursting while in motion.

Also, the cost of buying a new spare tire is an extra burden that you don’t want to bear when you can at least get a tire cover.

Q: Is a 20-year-old spare tire safe?

It’s a capital NO! A 20-year-old spare tire is completely not safe for use. Vehicle tires are designed to last around 6 – 10 years. Therefore, manufacturers recommend that you replace your vehicle tires every 6 years or 10 years at maximum.

Unfortunately, using old vehicle tires has been a major cause of road accidents. So, it is crucial to keep this in mind whenever you’re tempted to use a spare tire that has stayed up to 6 or 10 years, irrespective of the remaining tread. Changing a tire after the recommended period is very important.

Final Words

This article has exposed a few measures on how to protect spare tires under-truck, especially from damages and theft.

If you own a truck with a spare tire underneath, ensure to implement one or more of the recommendations in this article. It will save you the stress of replacing a damaged spare tire when you need it the most.

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