What If My Car Alarm Keeps Going Off? – Causes and Fixes

The car alarm system is a security protocol that protects your vehicle from theft. However, you may find your car alarm going off without probable cause. This can be quite frustrating and embarrassing, especially when it occurs at odd times.

When the car alarm goes off without any reasonable trigger, it shows something is wrong with the alarm system and related components. These components are so numerous and closely related that pinpointing the actual cause is difficult.

I recommend having a diagnostic scan to help you pinpoint the actual cause. Sometimes, the trigger may be from fault sensors in the car or other electrical issues like batteries, wiring, and fuse.

This article will discuss the main cause of your alarm’s sudden response and recommended fixes. We also highlight the importance of the alarm system in your car.  Let’s get right into it!

how do i stop my car alarm from going off randomly

Necessity of Car alarm

An alarm system is necessary for a vehicle, especially when it comes with other features like an immobilizer, tracker, and more. It helps keep your vehicle safe from car theft and also alerts you of potential threats to the car around the vehicle.

Below are the key reasons why having an alarm in a vehicle is necessary.

1. Decrease chances of theft

A thief will find it easier to target vehicles with no alarm system, especially when parked in a public area. An alarm system will notify you of potential theft and draw other people’s attention. A good alarm system will carry a logo, showing people that a security system is present.

2. Reduce insurance cost

Installing an alarm system will lower your insurance premium for older and newer models. Compared to a person who does not have an alarm system, the premium will be more affordable. When calculating the premium a person is to pay, the insurance company considers some factors, including an alarm system. The premium cost is lowered once it is determined that the vehicle has an alarm system.

3. Tracking capability

Most alarm systems come with a tracking device if a car thief can access and steal your vehicle. It is like extra safety for your car; if the thief gets past and steals the alarm, you can still have it back. The necessary authorities can track the vehicle’s location using the tracker.

Some tracking features will connect to the owner’s phone and come with a kill command, allowing the owner to stop the vehicle.  

4. Immobilization feature

The immobilization feature will prevent the vehicle from starting once the alarm system goes off. Hot wiring the vehicle will be useless with a car with an alarm system equipped with an immobilization feature.

This feature is important if you own an expensive vehicle, especially if you stay in a neighborhood with a high theft rate.  

5. Car resale value

If you have plans to sell your vehicle, consider having an alarm system, as it could increase the vehicle’s value. Once there is an alarm system in a vehicle, it will help raise the selling price of the car. It is because buyers are willing to spend more on a vehicle with an alarm system and will feel more confident in the car’s safety.

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Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Going Off?

Why does my house alarm keep going off? If it is not due to someone trying to get into your vehicle without a key, it means something is wrong with the system or its components. 

Below, you find what causes a car alarm to go off regularly.

Low Battery

If you find the alarm going off and then find out that the vehicle’s battery is dead, it shows something is wrong with the battery. If your vehicle’s battery is low, it could trigger the alarm system.

Many people do not know this, but when the alarm goes off for any reason, it is to warn the driver about the battery’s low level. The alarm will instantly go off once the driver turns the engine on with a low battery.

Wiring problem

Wiring problems could also cause the alarm to go off for no reason. When there is a broken connection, exposed wire, and more can cause the alarm to trigger. When it is a wiring problem, the alarm, blaring horn, and headlight will go off.

Poorly installed alarm system

The factory-installed alarm system only provides limited security and anti-theft security. As a result, people tend to opt for an aftermarket alarm system that offers a wide range of security features.

However, the downside of getting an aftermarket alarm system is that it can be improperly installed, especially if it is a DIY job.

The problem with installing the alarm system on your own is that you must ensure it is done properly by double-checking the instructions in the alarm manual.

Damaged sensor connection

If you replaced one of the alarm sensors, there may be a problem with the sensor connection. A problem with the connection could cause the alarm to go off without any trigger.

Defective sensors

The alarm system uses various sensors that help trigger the alarm when someone tries to access the vehicle without the key. Some of the sensors may include hood latch sensors, door lock sensors, glass break sensors, shock sensors, etc.

Sometimes, the sensors could be responsible for the alarm going off randomly without any trigger. It is because the sensor is defective and not working properly. The most common reason for a defective sensor is contamination, like dirt and water.

Corroded or rusted battery terminals

In this case, the battery is not low; however, the corroded battery terminal does not allow the battery to give off enough power to the car. It gives the same result as a low battery. The alarm system will interpret the low current coming from the battery as a low battery and then cause the alarm to go off.

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What to do if my Car alarm keeps going off

The first step is to diagnose properly to fix the issue. From the list above, you can see many factors may be responsible. You want to identify the exact cause of this trigger.

Additionally, a diagnostic tool can help determine which sensors could be causing the problem. Most diagnostic tools can run tests on individual sensors to get their status. Physical inspection of components may also be necessary.

Below are ways to fix an alarm that keeps going off and “how to stop my car alarm from randomly going off.”

Check the battery

Two major factors could cause the battery to trigger the alarm: a low battery and a corroded terminal. The first thing you will want to do is check the terminal of the battery. Check for rust or any form of corrosion. If it is corroded, then it has to be cleaned.

The battery terminal can be cleaned using baking soda and water. Add water to the baking soda to activate it. Apply the mixture to a rag and then use it to clean the terminals.

If the terminal is not the problem, it could be that the battery is low. Try to charge the battery; if it does not retain charge, it might need a replacement.

Wiring problem

Find the wiring harness that links to the alarm system; use the owner’s manual, as its location can vary depending on the vehicle. Once found, check the wires for broken connections, corrosion, exposed wires, and other damages.

If any damages are found, the wire needs to be replaced immediately. Do not try to fix the already damaged wire.

Reinstall the alarm system.

If you just installed a new alarm system and it is going off without any actual cause, it might be that it was not properly installed. In this scenario, the installation has to be done again. You should get the rez installation done by a professional.

Fix defective

You must first know which is defective if you have a defective sensor. You can do this with the help of a diagnostic tool. By testing the sensors, you can get what is not working well and have it fixed.

Once the exact sensor causing the problem is determined, locate it in the vehicle and examine it. Examine for damages to the body of the sensor or housing. If there is no damage, check the wires, clean the sensor, and install it back.  If there are damages to the sensor, you need to have it replaced immediately.

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How do I turn off my car alarm?

You can turn the car alarm system off or deactivate if it bothers you too much. There are three ways to stop my car alarm from randomly going off or completely deactivate the alarm system.

  • Remove the car battery
  • Remove the fuse responsible for the alarm system.
  • Completely remove the components of the alarm system.

If you have an aftermarket car alarm, you can manually turn it off and activate it anytime you feel it is needed. 

What are the risks of turning off my car alarm?

If you turn off your vehicle’s alarm, you risk your car getting stolen, especially when parked in a public environment. The purpose of the alarm is to scare away thieves and alert you.

Some alarm systems have extra security features like tracking ability and immobilization, which give your vehicle additional protection. Deactivating or turning off the alarm system will stop these features. 

What do I do when My car alarm won’t stop going off?

Below is how you can stop your vehicle’s alarm if it does not go off.

  • Start the vehicle and the alarm will automatically be silent.
  • Lock and unlock the vehicle at the driver’s side of the door.
  • Use the key fob and press either the lock or unlock button. You can also press the alarm button to silence the sound.
  • Disconnect the battery to deactivate the alarm system.
  • Remove the fuse to deactivate the alarm system.

Final Words

Due to the complication of the alarm system, it would be best to have your vehicle checked by a professional if the alarm keeps going off. Doing this gives you a deeper diagnosis and the best fix without the risk of further damage to the alarm system or other parts of the vehicle. If you are going to do the fix yourself, you need to have some electrical and mechanical knowledge.

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