My Car Having Problems After Replacing Car Battery

Problems after disconnecting the battery or replacing it aren’t strange. You need to know how to handle the situation properly. Problems will arise, like issues with starting the car, which can be traced to wiring issues and a dead battery.

Other issues may arise like the dashboard board not working after battery change. When you encounter problems like this, determine if the issue is actually from the battery before making further moves to fix it.

In this article, we have compiled the common problems after replacing a battery and what to do after the replacement. We will also answer other related questions.

problems after disconnecting battery

What are the common problems after replacing car battery?

Due to complications, replacing the car battery could cause problems with electrical components in the vehicle. It is majorly because the installation process is not done correctly or the wiring or battery is bad.

Below are some of the common problems after changing car battery. 

Starting issue

Starting issues with a new battery could be associated with a failure to connect the battery correctly. There are the negative and positive sides of the battery; the red goes to the positive, and the black to the negative side. Getting this mixed up will not just fail to start the vehicle. Also, an electrical surge should be expected.

Furthermore, when the terminals are not properly tightened, and there is little or no contact with the battery, then ignition might not happen. Factors like the damaged alternator, fuse, and ignition switch could also contribute to the starting issue.  

Engine stall

If there is a “car stalling after new battery” issue, it could be a result of a reset ECU. Removing the battery for a particular period will automatically reset the ECU, losing all necessary settings.

Also, idle memory is wiped; this will cause rough idling, rough sound, and poor engine performance. However, this might not last long; it will only happen as ECU figures out the optimal setting to run the engine.

Electrical issue

Also, due to the vehicle’s electrical supply loss for a while, many modules in the car will be reset, and their settings will be lost. As the computer system tries to figure out what to do next, electrical components in the vehicle will malfunction. The radio station will lose time and stations, the power seat module will lose the “learned” seat, and more. 

Warning light

Changing the battery will trigger warning lights, especially if the battery is undercharged. The battery charge warning and engine check lights can be triggered in cases like this. 

Sometimes, all warning lights are on in the car after changing the battery. It might indicate the effect the battery change has on the ECU.

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What to do after replacing the car battery?

What to do after replacing the car battery includes slowly and gradually using your battery, especially after installing a new one. Instead, follow the tips below to promote a much healthier battery.

  • Run the car for about 30 minutes to allow the new battery to charge correctly.
  • Check the wiring connection of the battery.
  • Ensure to clean the battery terminal if there is any sign of electrical problems, problems starting the car, and more.
  • Use a scan tool to reset the ECU properly.
  • Drive the vehicle for 15 to 30 minutes to allow the ECU to restore, adapt and read data.
  • Reprogram the radio and anti-theft system because they must have been reset due to the battery.

car stalling after new battery

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Can changing car battery cause electrical problems?

Yes, electrical problems after replacing car batteries can come up. It is majorly because the modules responsible for these components rely heavily on the battery to sustain specific memory and settings.

These crucial memory and settings are completely lost when the battery is removed or replaced. These components begin to misbehave until they are reprogrammed or adapted after a while.

How do i reset my car computer after replacing the battery?

How do I reset my car after replacing the battery? Using a scan tool is the best way to properly reset the car’s computer after replacing the battery. First, connect the scan tool to the vehicle using the OBD port and then run a scan for codes. If there is any error code, the scan tool will display it, and you should clear them from the system.

After erasing, restart the vehicle; the vehicle’s computer system has been reset. Scan the car for error codes again; if there are any, this means a much more severe problem. Try to understand the code and have the problem solved.

What are the effects of new car battery?

A new battery can improve the vehicle’s starting performance and the working condition of other electronic components. With a new battery, you will not struggle with starting the car, except if there is a problem with the ignition system.

Also, electrical components will become more reliable because they now receive adequate electric current.

Other effects may include improved fuel efficiency, longer battery lifespan, lower discharge rate, etc.

Does disconnecting a car battery reset the computer?

Disconnecting the battery for a particular time will completely drain the vehicle’s computer of all electrical current. The computer loses essential memory, including errors detected during self-diagnosis, settings, etc. In this process, the computer system has been successfully reset.

Sometimes, the computer system may need reprogrammed to get meaningful data for running the engine. A reprogrammed system could be necessary when the engine underperforms after changing the battery.

How long does a car computer reset take after replacing the battery?

After disconnecting the battery, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes to drain the car’s computer system of electricity completely. Within this time, the computer system will automatically reset.

Final Words

Issues after changing car battery could easily be solved by resetting the car’s computer system. The computer system monitors and controls most of the components in a vehicle. Sometimes the issue that arises from changing the battery could be due to the malfunctioning computer system, and a simple reset will solve it. 

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