Know Car Battery Scrap Price Before You Get Rid of It

Ever considered any old components in your car to be useless? Well, not the scrap battery! The fact is, nothing is actually completely useless. Most new stuff are products made out of recycled items that were once used, sold out, or got rid of.

What does that tell you? Even your old car battery still has some economic value, so don’t get rid of it anyhow.

By the way, whether you sell the old battery or not, the state demands that you dispose of the toxic component carefully by sending it to a recycler. So, it is better to find out your car battery scrap price so you can earn a few dollars from its sale.

lead battery scrap price

Car Battery Scrap Price

Negotiating the price for the sale of your car’s scrap battery may end up in futility without background knowledge of the list of scrap car battery prices in 2022 around your city. The list of states, cities, and their respective scrap battery average cost price between February and June 2023 are highlighted below.

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Date (As of): State City Price Per Unit Average Price
Jun-20-2023 Illinois Urbana USD/LB $3.5
Jun-20-2023 Illinois Highland USD/LB $0.15
Jun-20-2023 West Virginia Elkins USD/LB $0.1
Jun-20-2023 Kansas Centerville USD/LB $0.13
Jun-20-2023 West Virginia Moorefield USD/LB $0.1
Jun-06-2023 Arizona Phoenix USD/LB $0.15
Jun-06-2023 Illinois Crystal Lake USD/LB $0.15
Jun-06-2023 Missouri Springfield USD/LB $0.15
Jun-06-2023 Wisconsin Eau Claire USD/LB $0.15
Apr-20-2023 Minnesota Inver Grove Heights USD/LB $0.15
Apr-20-2023 Minnesota New London USD/LB $3
Apr-20-2023 Pennsylvania Hanover Township USD/LB $0.2
Apr-20-2023 West Virginia Mineral Wells USD/LB $0.1
Mar-21-2023 Michigan Portland USD/LB $0.17
Mar-21-2023 New York Medford USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 New York Bayshore USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 New York Freeport USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 New York Huntington USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 New York Lindenhurst USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 New York New Hyde Park USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 New York Riverhead USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 New York Valley Stream USD/LB $0.18
Mar-21-2023 Michigan Pontiac USD/LB $0.16
Mar-07-2023 New York Huntington Station USD/LB $0.18
Feb-19-2023 West Virginia Fairmont USD/LB $0.1

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What Do You Do with Used Car Batteries?

A used car battery can be harmful due to its toxic chemical content. Therefore, manufacturers advise that you properly dispose of them after use or full exhaustion when their lifespan is over.

In addition, most state authorities instruct that car owners properly dispose of used batteries by sending them to a nearby recycler or junkyard for reprocessing. So, instead of leaving your used battery around carelessly, ensure to dispose of it in the appropriate place.

However, you can dispose of the battery without earning a dime from it; hence you need to digest the details in the table above to find out the average price in your city. Understanding the battery scrap price history will enable you to negotiate the selling price profitably when you take the battery to an auto parts shop, a junk or scrap metal yard, etc.

How to Get Paid for Scrap Batteries

Scrap batteries are not entirely useless. Although it may not be possible to use the battery to power your car, it can still rake in a few dollars into your pocket.

However, it is vital to ascertain the best places to sell the scrap battery for something reasonable. If you have a bad battery, the following are ways to get paid for the scrap battery.

Contact a local automobile parts shop.

A local automobile parts shop across the street is one of the primary places to look towards when thinking of how to get paid for your scrap battery.

You may want to take the battery to the shop where you regularly buy your car parts and negotiate it. It is possible to get around $3 to $10 for the battery.

Sell the battery to a scrap yard.

Metal recyclers or scrap yards do not only buy scrap metals from vehicles and other metals. They also buy bad car batteries. A battery’s lead content sells for about $0.22 per pound. So, technically, you can get up to $8.8 for your battery’s 40 pounds of lead content. It could be more.

Create a listing on eBay or Craigslist.

Leveraging Craigslist or eBay is another opportunity to get paid for your scrap battery. You can create a listing on Craigslist or eBay and post it for users to see.

Those in need of a scrap battery will eventually show interest and negotiate for it. However, some users may need a used battery with some life in it. Luckily, you may be able to get between $10 and $15 on the sale.

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scrap car battery prices 2022


What is the scrap value of a battery?

According to Battery Recyclers of America, a truck or car’s lead-acid battery scrap price is an average of $0.24 per pound (Dated May 22 Monday 2023). In that case, your scrap battery’s price will be determined by how much it weighs multiplied by the average price per pound.

Irrespective of this fact, most car owners still replace their old car batteries with new ones and dispose of the used battery carelessly without deriving any economic value from them.

How much are scrap batteries worth in the UK?

Scrap batteries are worth around E300 to E600 per ton in the UK. However, a used battery can be sold for E3 to E10. Usually, if you have a scrap battery, the component can be sent for recycling through collection containers.

The scrap battery containers are found at most retail shops and public buildings in the UK. For instance, Valpak and Ecobat logistics work in synergy to collect the containers with the used batteries and send them for recycling.

So, you may want to visit an auto parts retail shop near you today to find out your lead battery scrap price. This will enable you to know how much you should expect.

Can I sell my old car battery in the UK?

You can sell your old car battery anywhere, whether in the United States or the UK. If you’re in Canada, you may have to find out your car battery scrap price in Canada. Most people leverage eBay and Gumtree to dispose of their scrap car batteries for a few bucks. So, simply go online and create a listing on eBay for the sale of your old car battery.

However, some buyers may need a used battery with a bit of life in it. There are also other factors to consider before selling a used car battery. Usually, these factors are the determining factors for the price to be paid on the scrap battery.

Who pays the most for scrap batteries?

Selling your car’s scrap battery to about anyone who cares to have a look is not good enough. If you’re in Australia, ensure to find out your car battery scrap price in Australia before approaching a buyer. It is necessary that you carefully analyze who pays the most for scrap batteries to identify a qualified buyer.

Anyways, qualifying the buyers is your sole responsibility, and it depends on who offers the highest price for the deal. So, some of the scrap battery buyers that pay the most are the initial battery dealer, auto parts shops, auto repair shops, scrap metals, junk yards, Walmart, etc.

Back to your battery’s initial seller; did you know that you could get back the core charge on your battery when you first bought it? This should be your first point of call as around 30 states or more in the U.S. mandate dealers to include a core charge when selling a battery. You can avail yourself of that amount when you return the used battery.

Are old car batteries worth anything?

Of course, old vehicle batteries are worth something! They are not just useless entirely, even though the battery can no longer power your vehicle. For example, you can sell your car battery for around $5 to $8.

Meanwhile, truck owners can earn up to $10 to $12 on the truck’s used battery. Nothing is completely useless in the world today. Many products are designed to last an expected lifespan and be recycled; a golf cart battery also makes a list.

Kindly find out a golf cart battery scrap price in a parts shop near you to ascertain how much to expect if you have one. In any case, whether you choose to discard your old battery or sell it, ensure to dispose of it properly because of its toxic content.

The truth is, most car owners would rather earn extra money selling their old battery than discard it carelessly. You may want to find out your car battery scrap price per kg to help you have a clue to negotiate the price profitably.

Does AutoZone give you money for your old batteries?

Not at all! Autozone does not give back any money for old car batteries. Their return policy demands that if you must return a product, it should be just the way you bought it (unused and packaged).

So, Autozone is not the right place to go if you must earn something from your old car battery, irrespective of whether you bought the product there or not. It is better to check out an auto parts store or repair shop near to negotiate the price for your old battery.

Does O’Reilly buy old batteries?

O’Reilly offers a $10 gift card to car owners to take their used batteries to any of their designated locations. This transaction is not impeded by the dealer from whom you bought the battery, whether O’Reilly or any other car parts dealer.

So, you don’t have any excuse for not earning a dime from your old car battery. Although you may not earn so much selling your scrap battery, you can be sure of getting something in return for the old battery, irrespective of the fact that it is no more useful to you.

Does Walmart give you money for old batteries?

Walmart, among several other auto parts sellers, is one of the stores that includes a core charge (extra fee) when you purchase a car battery from any of their outlets. The program demands that you pay an extra fee for the battery, which will be paid back to you when you return the used battery.

This policy ensures that you don’t incur a complete loss on a scrap battery. At least you will have to get back the core charge you paid on the product initially. Anyways, you can as well take the old battery to any other auto parts shop for recycling and get a few bucks.

Final Words

Gone are the days when your old or used stuff was seen as completely useless. In today’s world, everything carries an additional economic value, even after reaching its expected lifespan. Your car’s scrap battery is no exception.

Therefore, the average price of scrap batteries across various cities between February and June 2022 above is a guide to enable you to ascertain your car battery scrap price.

So, instead of accepting anything on the negotiation table from a scrap metal or junkyard dealer, use the scrap battery price list above as your negotiation guide. You may also want to find out your car battery scrap price online today.

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