Car That Starts With A: Full List

There are various car manufacturers, from small and defunct ones to top-rated car brands. Even people who work in the automotive industry are not familiar with every automaker, to say nothing about their specifications, model range, and company history.

This article delivers an arranged list of cars that start with a from all ends of the world.   The review includes not only the popular brands but also the low-volume car producers. If you follow through, you will learn about some carmakers you have never heard about before.

Car That Starts With A Full List

Cars starting with a are some of the most impressive cars around. Some people love them because of their beliefs and other justifiable reasons. We are a group of car enthusiasts, and we will be writing a list of all the vehicles that start with a and detailing their features and other relevant information.

expensive cars that start with a


Carlo Abarth established Abarth in 1949 after he purchased Cisitalia’s assets as it dipped. To begin the new firm, the company got a D46 single seater and five 204 sports cars with different spares.  Abarth achieved success in sports car racing and hill-climbing in the 1960s, majorly with its 2000cc and 850cc, competing with Ferrari Dino and Porsche 904.

In 1971 Abarth was sold to Fait before Osella took over since Fait was uninterested in horse racing activities. Osella continued the racing team operation, which ended the Abarth hill climbing and sports vehicle.


Based in Germany, ABT Sportsline is a prominent aftermarket tuner specializing in VW, Skoda, Audi, and Seat. The company focuses on car parts like the engine, exhausts, suspension, brakes, and wheels. ABT also aims at capturing the latest innovation from the race tracks and moving it to street vehicles. Their recent vehicle, Audi RSS-R, is proof that they manufacture optimal and high-performing vehicles. It’s no secret that their vehicles continue to win the hearts of many with their dedication to consistent improvement.


John Weller established AC in 1901 inside his small London workshop to indulge his love of constructing cars. AC is a historic car maker and a fun sports car company. Over the last 100 years, AC Automotive has designed classic and handmade sports cars to fans’ delight. The company is also remembered for its Cobra years. AC cobra was one of the fiercest and fastest sport vehicles in the world.

AC Schnitzer

Based in Germany, AC Schnitzer is a prominent aftermarket tuner. The company is linked to Schnitzer Motorsport. However, the tuning category is different. Going from motorsport to the track, they specialize majorly in BMW vehicles.

The company is popular for its focus on performance and custom signed components. And they also manufacture some of the best aftermarket vehicles in the market with a range of designed body kits. AC Schnitzer’s significant products include custom wheels, chassis, and dedicated performance upgrades. The company also works on cars’ exterior and interior.


Acura is an expensive car that starts with a. The brand was established in the US and Canada in 1986 and boasts of being the first Japanese luxury automotive manufacturer. Acura is famous for producing high-performance and luxury vehicles.

Its current vehicle, the NSX, is a fun car to possess. It is a lightweight car that features three electric motors, a  hybrid powertrain, and a V6 engine with 573 horsepower. Other Acura models include the MDX, RDX, and Acura CDX, available in China only.

Alfa Romeo

The Italian-based carmaker, Alfa Romeo, has been racing, selling, and manufacturing vehicles way back in 1911 and remains one of the world’s most loved and respected car makers. Alfa Romeo has successfully built a storied heritage, participated in sports car racing, Grand Prix motor racing, touring car racing, racing, racing F, formula One.

The company is known for its questionable reliability, which doesn’t matter because of the brand’s elegant and graceful rides. The latest models include the 2021 GTV lineup and the Tonale line up with a base price of $35,000


Allard is a UK-based low-volume motor company. Similar to the founders of Porsche and Ferrari, Sydney Allard was also a racer who established the automotive company in 1945. Allard’s focus was to shoehorn American V8s into light and portable British designs. The vehicles had a tremendous power-to-weight ratio with lightweight and enormous horsepower. Allard vehicles were rough and crude yet of high performance.


For many, Alpina is fun and convenient to ride. In 1965, the Germany-based firm was established by Burkard Bovensiepen. And despite its focus on BMW vehicles, Alpina is officially known to be an automotive maker because they manufacture and market their vehicles. Alpina customers are both knowledgeable and demanding.

Thus, they highly value a combo of comfort, luxury, performance, and friendliness. Alpina’s current models include the BMW Alpina XD3, XD4, B7, B4 Turbo, etc.


French carmaker, Jean Rédélé, established Alpine Vehicles. He went from a garage owner to a race driver and automotive maker. The brand specialized in manufacturing sports cars and race cars with rear-mounted engines.

However, its operation ceased in 1995 and was relaunched in 2017 as the Alpine marque. Recent models include the 201 Alpine Trail, 2015 celebration, A110 sports,x, etc.


Beyond being an automotive maker, Alvis Car Company built armored vehicles, armored fighting, and aircraft engines.  The company operated from 1919 to 1967 in the UK. Alvis was prominent for their exciting sports cars and race vehicles. Car production stopped after Rover acquired the firm. Popular models produced include the Speed 20, Silver crest, and Alvis 4 1/3 Litre.


Jochen Arden established Arden Car Company in 1976. Jochen Arden unveiled his fully His Converted car, The Arden AJ1, In 1982. The car was modeled on the Jaguar XJ V12 Conversion. It also had a performance increase and was optically charged. Arden has since specialized majorly in jaguar car modification. 


Arial was initially established in 1991 as Solocrest Ltd by Simon Saunders. It was later renamed in 1999 as Ariel Motor Company. Ariel is a UK-based low-volume car manufacturer that has recently made some of the most unique and extreme performance vehicles and bikes. The company builds and designs 100 vehicles themselves yearly. Ariel is constructed by a technician who moves the vehicle to track tests and sign off. 


Ascari vehicles were founded by Klaas Zwart year 1996. The UK car-based automobile maker was dubbed after Alberto Ascari, a double F1 champion.  Ascari produces limited-performance vehicles that are competitive in the market. Their first vehicle was unveiled at the Ascari Ecosse in 1998, and the last model was the 2006 Ascari A10.

Aston Martin

UK automobile maker Aston Martin has a standing history of constructing some of the world’s most desirable and beautiful grand tourers and luxury sports vehicles. People are familiar with Aston Martin for its car feature in the James Bond movie franchise, which began in the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Bond movie.


Audi is an automaker based in Germany that engineers, produces, designs, distribute, and markets luxury vehicles cars. Audi runs its global operations from its head base in Bavaria, Germany.  Current models produced include the Audi R18 ultra, Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro, and A6 L e-Tron concept.


UK sports car producer Austin-Healey began in 1952 and was loved by many car enthusiasts. However, the company didn’t stay long and stopped operation after the 20-year contract between Austin and Healey ended.   Some of its car-like 1960→1962 Austin-Healey 3000 MKI BT7 is still available in the market.

Auto Union

Auto Union was created in 1932 and became established in 1936 to collaborate with four major German automakers. It was succeeded by famous car brand Audi and achieved a remarkable breakthrough with race cars. Some cars produced are the 1934 Auto Union Typ A and 1937 Auto Union Typ C Stromlinie.


The Italian company, Auto Avio Costruzioni, was created by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 after he vacated Scuderia Ferrari. He was barred for four years from using Ferrari, thus accounting for his different choice of name.  AAC at this period majorly produced aircraft accessories and machine tools. Eventually, after some years, the firm adopted Ferrari as its new name after moving their factory to Maranello.  


ABD is Al Burton’s V12 automotive company. It is based in Gilroy, California, and focuses on manufacturing high-performance and quality vehicles for racing and high-performance products for patronage. Optimizations and modifications are also made available to their customers.


British automobile maker, Adrenaline was established in 2006. The firm was famous for its light all-wheel-drive sports vehicle, Murtaya, a highlight of the Subaru Impreza. However, Adrenaline didn’t stay long and ceased operation in 2010 after it declared bankruptcy.


Spanish maker Advanced Design Tramontana was established in 1995. The brand was famous for unveiling Tramontana, a fantasy sports vehicle, in 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show. AD still manufactures its vehicles by employing the best luxury materials and modern innovations. 


UK automobile maker Aeon was established in 2000. The company focuses on building kit cars and automobiles.   Aeon GT 3 Coupe, the brand’s first vehicle, debuted in 2003, then GT 3 Spyder in 2004.

Alan Mann

The brand was named after its founder Alan Mann. The UK motor racing group also contributed to Ford works racing feat by helping them win various championships from  1964 to 1969 before it went defunct.


The Italian racing producer was created in 1983 by Giorgio Strano. Alba automobile was founded to build cars to compete in the C2 lower levels of the World Endurance Championship. Alba Engineering achieved much success during the 1983-1984 period with its regular class vehicles like the  AR2.


Apollo is a German-based sports car producer established in 2004 by Roland Gumpert. The automaker is prominent for building sports vehicles such as Apollo N, Gumpert Apollo, Apollo Arrow, and apollo Intensa Emozione.

American Motors Corporation

The now-defunct American Motors is a US automobile firm established when Hudson and Nash-Kelvinator Corporation integrated in 1954. AMC, during this period, competed with brands like Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors by manufacturing full-size, midsized, and compact vehicles.  AMC has, over the years, strived to maintain its market success.  Renault picked interest in AMC and acquired it in 1979 before Chrysler ultimately took over in 1987.


French automobile maker Amilcar was established by Émile Akar and Joseph Lamy in 1921. During its years of operation, the firm has had its wins and losses. They, however, struggled to manufacture excellent vehicles such as the Amilcar CGSS and Amilcar Compound.


Apollo was named after a  project built by Milt Brown in his International Motor Cars firm. The project aims to develop American GTs that would contend with the Ferrari and Aston Martin DB4 coupes.


US automaker ARK Performance is an automaker focused on building international car performance products. The firm has a working partnership with Hyundai and has jointly developed car projects like the AR550 Hyundai Genesis, Legato Concept, Alpine Edition Veloster, and Danza.


Arash Farboud established Arash Motor Company in 1999. The British sports car maker was initially named Farboud Limited before its change in 2006. Arash’s first model, the Farboud GT, was unveiled in 2002 at the  Autosport show in Birmingham. Newer models have since been introduced, such as the AF10, AF8, and  Farboud GTS.


American Specialty Cars distributor unique vehicle systems such as body systems and roof systems to automobile manufacturers worldwide. ASC was also prominent for changing coupe vehicles into convertibles. The company stopped operations in 2017. 


German sports vehicle maker Artega Automobile was established in 2006 by Klaus Dieter Frers. The firm’s first sport ride, Artega GT, a mid-engined coupe, debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. In 2012, Artega became bankrupt and was went into bankruptcy 2012 but was later adopted by another firm under Frers. Artega, today specializes in developing electric and hybrid vehicles.


Many car brands start with A but ASL is unique itself. Autobacs Sports Car Laboratory is the vehicle-producing division of Autobacs. Garaiya was the first vehicle built by ASL. It was a highlight of the Tommykaira ZZ.


ASMA is an aftermarket and tuning boutique shop that focuses on Mercedes-Benz cars. The company has made many captivating and exciting improvements to Mercedes cars which make fans amazed. One such feat is the ASMA CLS Shark creation that wowed everyone in 2005 at the IAA exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.


Automobili Turismo e Sport is a car developer established by Giotto Bizzarrini and Carlo Chiti. The Italy-based automaker once participated in Formula One in 1964 and 1965. ATS also launched a sports vehicle at Geneva Motor Show named ATS 2500 GT in 1963. The vehicle is popular for being one of the foremost scars cars or mid-engined GT in the world.


American automobile developer, Auburn, was established in 1874. More precisely, the brand of cars manufactured by the company from 1900 to 1937 was named Auburn. The firm took a dip during the Great Depression and became defunct in 1937.


Austin was a division of the British Motor Corporation between 1959 to 1969. It was the trademark for the portable economy vehicles developed by the British vehicle manufacturer. One of the company’s popular cars under the Austin brand is the 1963 Austin Mini Cooper S.


The Japanese company, Autech, is more interested in car modifications. The firm majorly converts and tunes Nissan cars since it was initially established as a subsidiary of Nissan. Autech also revamps different cars to meet the needs of disabled people and various workers.

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Final Words

We all love and clamor for great rides. Of course, because they make our journey and movement easier.  However, owing to the hundreds of car brands out there, getting info about cars that start with a can be tasking. 

Not to worry, we understand the fear of car lovers and have curated the complete list of car names that start with a.  All the details of each car brand are described in the article.

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