Who Makes Cooper Tires? Complete Guide

Tires are essential parts of the car suspension system, helping in managing the weight of the vehicle. It is also the point of contact with the road. Several tire brands are in the market, with some, like Cooper Tires standing out as the best. Who makes Cooper Tires? This is a question you may have if you want to try out this brand.

Cooper Tires is very versatile, having tires for different vehicles, from sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks. So who is behind this brand? To calm your curiosity, we will look at this tire brand to know every relevant thing about it and its products.

Who Makes Cooper Tires?

Cooper Tires

A look at the Cooper Tire stock on its online platform, you realize that it is very versatile. There are many kinds of tires suitable for different vehicles and driving conditions. Cooper’s other selling factor is quality. Its products are top-grade, meaning they will serve you for a long time.

Still, on quality, you find that there is a category relying on mileage. Here, you find tires under 20k-45k miles, 50k-75k miles, 80k miles, and specialty products. You can pick the one you prefer most as per how long it will serve you on the road. From this category, you also see how the brand is flexible.

Who Makes Cooper Tires

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company is the entity that owns cooper tires. The Ohio-based company majors in the manufacture and sale of vehicle tires. It has subsidiaries that deal in other tires, such as those of motorcycles and racing cars. There are plenty of companies that work under its umbrella, trading in a similar line of products.

Avon Tyres is one of Cooper Tire And Rubber Company’s subsidiaries, based in the United Kingdom, and competes with other brands, like Pirelli, in the European market. Cooper Tire and Rubber Company came to be in 1914, initially going by the M and M Manufacturing Company. Its main products at its inception included tire cement, tire patches, and repair kits.

The company merged with others in the tire industry, followed by a name change in the late 1940s. During World War 2, Cooper Tires produced materials for the army, like camouflage gear and landing boats. The company grew tremendously and went public in 1960 on the New York Stock Exchange.

In June 2021, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, a multinational tire manufacturer, acquired Cooper Tires and Rubber Company. As such, it is safe to say that Cooper Tires comes from Goodyear.

cooper tires review

Cooper Tire Types

A quick cooper tires review reveals the many tire types under its banner. Cooper’s tires are under three categories. The categories are vehicle type, mileage, and weather conditions. Under vehicle type, there are tires for cars and minivans, SUVs, and trucks. They vary by size and handling capacity.

The mileage classification brings durability to play. As mentioned earlier, there are several types under mileage, depending on how long they will serve you. There are 20k-45k and over 80k mileages, among many more.

Below are the different types of Cooper tires classified according to compatibility with weather conditions.

Cooper Summer Tires

Cooper summer tires are an ideal pick for your car if you drive in areas characterized by warm temperatures for most of the year. Their design allows them to provide ample traction on dry and wet surfaces.

The summer tires sport a hardy and flexible tread. The tread material has sticky additives that offer a perfect grip on wet surfaces and remain hard when hot. It assures you of a smooth ride without any hitches when driving in warm conditions. Furthermore, the tread grooves are shallow to offer maximum contact with the road surface. With adequate contact, you have stable acceleration, braking, and cornering.

Cooper Winter Tires

For cold conditions and snow-covered road surfaces, go for Cooper winter tires.  These tire types have deeper grooves to dig into snow or ice to offer better traction. The grooves also provide anti-slip properties, essential when driving on ice-covered roads.

Cooper also has studded tires, which offer a better grip under extreme winter conditions. They guarantee you proper handling on winter roads, which are slippery most of the time. Cornering, acceleration, and braking are easy with winter tires.

Cooper All-Season Tires

Cooper all-season tires combine the properties of summer and winter varieties. They are an excellent option for your vehicle if you drive in both winter and summer conditions. The tires feature distinct tread patterns that adhere to dry and wet surfaces.

The use of rubber compound technology enhances the stability of these car parts. They are flexible and hard, aiding in handling different seasons. The rubber is less prone to temperature changes; thus, the tires won’t get affected by extreme temperatures.

There are also special tires built for different terrain. For example, there are the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires for driving in gravel and rocky conditions. They are perfect for pickup trucks as they offer ample weight support and towing power.

Cooper Tire Sizes

As a mechanic or driver, you must know how to interpret tire codes.  Among the things that the tire code shows are the size. The sizes vary according to the vehicle. For example, standard cars have a smaller width compared to trucks.

Focusing on tire sizes, Cooper’s products are very diverse. There are many tire sizes, perfect for different vehicles. On the tire code, you look at the width, the first number after the first letter. It is typically in millimeters, though some brands portray it as inches.

From Cooper, you can get this wheel component in various sizes for small to large vehicles.

Cooper Tires Prices

When getting tires, you should focus on their price as one of the many factors to consider. The Cooper tires’ price is pretty reasonable. The cost is low compared to the prices of its competitors, though special tires, like those of sports cars, have a steep price tag.

They are excellent bargains when you factor in their many features, like durability and handling capability. A thing to note is that the better the quality, more so in mileage, the higher their price. For instance, the 80k-mile tires, which are very durable, are very pricey. In contrast, the 20k-45k-mile ones are affordable.

Pros of Cooper Tires

A look at the pros and cons of cooper tires gives you an idea of what to expect when you have them on your vehicle. One of the pros of this brand is its versatility. It has a vast catalog, where you get tires for different purposes.

Among the products that this tire manufacturer stocks include regular cars, trucks, and minivans. Moreover, there are tires for racecars, motorcycles, and those suitable for different driving conditions.

The parts are hardy, a guarantee of lengthy service. Some can last you for over 80000 miles, which is a decent limit. Cooper Tires does not spare any effort in making its wheel parts safe. This attribute is noticeable in the tire design, with treads that provide anti-slip properties in various driving environments.

Cooper tires are affordable, offering you great value when you purchase them.


A weakness of this tire manufacturer is that it mainly deals in replacement parts. It means that its products do not match OEM standards. Another drawback is that the company is not present in some countries. There is hope that it will expand to other markets, courtesy of its acquisition by Goodyear, which has a robust global presence.

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The Average Life of Cooper Tires

Cooper tires are very reliable and will hold your car for a long time. Averagely, these wheel parts will last you up to ten years, with some users saying they can go past this limit. You should know that this limit depends on the tire you pick.

The 20k-45k mile tires will have a shorter lifespan, maybe up to 5-6 years. The 80k-mile tire will support your car longer. Routine maintenance practices like tire rotation will improve their life.


Is Cooper Tires Owned By Goodyear?

Cooper Tires is a brand operating under the wings of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, which has been in business since 1914. Over the years, the company evolved to be a giant tire manufacturer, merging with other companies on the way. It also boasts of several subsidiaries.

In June 2021, the tire maker made a significant move; its acquisition by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. In summary, Goodyear now owns Cooper Tires.

Where Are Cooper Tires Manufactured?

Cooper Tires has its headquarters in Ohio, which is also its founding place. The tire manufacturer came to be in 1914 in Akron, Ohio. The company has many manufacturing plants in various parts of the world, with plenty of subsidiaries and partners.

Are Cooper Tires Good?

Cooper tires are some of the best in the tire market. The firm’s selling factors include durability, versatility, and safety. These are crucial attributes to look at when getting wheel parts. It is a recommendable company that will sort out your tire needs.

Are Cooper Tires As Good As Michelin?

Michelin is a global tire manufacturer that many people hail as among the best. Cooper Tires matches Michelin, bringing its best in safety, durability, and flexibility. Under Goodyear, the expectation is that Cooper tires can stand up to competitors like Michelin.

Is Hercules Tire Owned By Cooper?

Hercules Tires is a popular model, particularly in the United States. Its inception came in 1952, and some years later, it joined arms with Cooper Tires. Presently the partnership continues with Cooper taking charge of the production of Hercules tires.

Why Did Goodyear Buy Cooper Tires?

News of the Goodyear and Cooper deal started surfacing in late February 2021. The deal came to completion in June 2021, with Cooper being under Goodyear’s ownership. Among the reasons for the acquisition was a projected improvement in opportunities. As per the deal, Cooper would provide manufacturing assets and a decent tire product portfolio. These would complement Goodyear’s standout tire manufacturing technology.

The result is cost efficiency and a significant profit margin for both entities.

Are Cooper Discoverer Tires Made In The USA?

Are Cooper tires made in China? It is a question many car enthusiasts ask when inquiring about this brand. The tire manufacturer has its main plant in the USA, with other plants in different regions of the world. Cooper Discoverer tires are for trucks, offering ample weight and hauling support. Most of the Discoverer tires come from Hangzhou Rubber Co. Limited, based in China.  

Final Word

Cooper Tires is an excellent brand to consider when looking for tires. This piece gives you an in-depth look at this firm, answering the question of who makes its tires. The tires’ appealing features include adaptability and safety.

If you need a replacement, have Cooper Tires among the brands to check out.

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