Who Makes Hercules Tires?

Worn tires can be such a pain, as they give room for various damages that would often lead to some expensive car repairs. Thus, it is crucial that you look out for suitable tire replacements soon, and Hercules tires hold a wide range of options for you.

Whether you seek tires for passenger trucks or industrial tires, you can rely on the superior products from this brand; hence, it would interest you to know who makes Hercules tires. There are a few speculations regarding the manufacturer of Hercules tires. 

Not to worry, this piece would reveal some interesting details about this car tire brand and some of the common lines of tires that you can find in the market.

Who Makes Hercules Tires

Hercules tires appear to be products from the renowned Hercules Tire and Rubber Company, founded in 1952. This company emerged as the brainwork of various tire dealers and tire retreading companies within the northeastern United States.

Nevertheless, you should know that there was a predominant change in 1960, as Cooper Tire and Rubber Company started manufacturing Hercules tires. This partnership remains to date and has led Hercules to the top, emerging as one of the top suppliers of replacement tires.

Kindly note that Cooper Tire and Rubber Company already specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing replacement tires for automobiles and trucks. 

Since its inception in 1914, the firm has actively acquired subsidiaries that focus on producing tires for motorcycles, medium trucks, and various racing tires. Please note that the company has its headquarters in Findlay (Ohio), in the United States, but supplies tires worldwide.

Where are Hercules tires manufactured?

Hercules tires appear to be manufactured in the United States since they reportedly operate under the American Tire Distribution group. Nevertheless, there are a few speculations that the tire maker actively performs some production outside the US, and you can even find options manufactured in China.

Still, there is no said depletion of quality between the tires that this brand manufactures within the US and those constructed outside the US since Hercules tires maintain the same standard for their production.

Since tires appear crucial for the car’s suspension system, Hercules ensures that its products work well to meet varying functions in managing the car’s weight. With that, the brand now appears to hold a solid reputation worldwide within the replacement tire industry. 

Some Common Hercules Tires reviews

The fact that Hercules holds a detailed tire portfolio of top-quality products makes this brand pretty reliable. Interestingly, drivers can easily find suitable options for their tire replacements. In essence, you can rely on this brand to supply various tires for different applications.

Thus, you should know that Hercules has a wide range of tires for SUVs, trucks, crossovers, small cars, and minivans that would work well for both off-road and on-road applications. Furthermore, you can easily find tires that would appear compatible with commercial light and heavyweight trucks and those suitable for lawnmowers.

That being said, the following are some of the common Hercules tires that you would find in the market.

The Hercules Raptis R-T5

Image Credit: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/car-wheel-winter-tire-on-white-661838572

It may seem tasking for car owners who drive across all seasons to choose suitable tires to take them through the premium tour on the road. Nevertheless, this Hercules comes constructed with special features, and it utilizes its awesome all-season treads.

Thus, you can expect ultra-high performances and can effectively compete with other premium brands in the market. The versatility of such tires offers added confidence as you drive, and the CoolCourse™ technology further enhances the tire’s life.

Again, the asymmetric tread design and siping emerging from the brand’s 3D UltraWave™ allow tighter handling. Customers are satisfied, considering that this product has the highest traction grading, as it possesses 500 AA A UTQG.

Hercules Roadtour 655 MRE

Image Credit: https://www.herculestire.com/tire-details/Hercules/ROADTOUR-655-MRE

Tire wear is common due to the vehicle’s load; nevertheless, it is crucial to get a suitable replacement that would have an extended lifespan. The Hercules Road tour 655 MRE comes constructed with superior technologies. 

It features a four-pitch sequence, allowing added lateral grooves and further improving traction without giving off the noise. Again, the advanced profile of this tire maximizes the traction as it optimizes the road surface and improves the tire’s tread life.

Its sipping appears 33% narrower compared to most conventional tires, and as such, folks can enjoy enhanced stability. This tire comes within tire sizing of 14-18 inches wheel diameter, and as such, appears pretty compatible with various passenger vehicles, including old and new models. 

The Hercules Terra Trac AT II

Image Credit: https://www.herculestire.com/tire-details/Hercules/Terra-Trac-AT-II

 For everyday drivers, you need practical tire choices like Hercules, which can effectively withstand harsh driving conditions. As a premium all-terrain tire, it offers quiet operations and complete control.

The good news is that this Terra Trac AT II tire comes with a Silica-infused A-C tread compound,” and as such, it delivers optimal performance on off-road and wet terrains. Again, this tire comes with the 3PMS rating, suggesting that it meets the requirements employed in snow-testing.

Furthermore, the aggressive buttress, deep siping, and beveled tread blocks decrease possible tire wear. Adverse conditions require measures that would offer added traction, and as such, this tire has heavy siping and tusk grooves that boost its traction.

Hercules Terra Trac M/T

Image Credit: https://www.herculestire.com/tire-details/Hercules/TERRA-TRAC-M/T

This tire appears pretty famous for the extreme traction that it offers on every terrain. Nevertheless, the Terra Trac M/T works better on off-road terrain, supplying enough traction, and it comes with an eye-catching design.

With the deep siping, you can rest assured that this car tire would offer improved wet traction. Furthermore, stud pins supply complete control and sufficient traction for rides during the winter season.

Kindly note that the aggressive design of “open-shoulders” features excellent scalloped tread blocks that support mobility across soft surfaces. Various Hercules tires reviews suggest this product is one of the best options you can find in the market.

The Hercules Terra Cross-V

Image Credit: https://www.herculestire.com/tire-details/Hercules/Terra-Trac-Cross-V

The premium construction of this tire enhances complete all-road capabilities; thus, the versatility of the Hercules Terra Cross-V is admirable. Customers love the sophisticated tread pattern, as it further creates exceptional feedback and stability.

With advanced silica compounds, you can rest assured that this vehicle tire would be an excellent replacement as it would handle wet conditions perfectly. Its unique water guard keeps the tire’s contact on the road maintained, even amidst wet conditions.

You can also rely on the open-shoulder design of this tire, and the reinforced shoulder block promotes stability. Again, the Hercules tire warranty suggests that this product would last longer, and as such, it offers great value for your money.


Q: Are Hercules tires good quality?

Various customer reviews indicate customer satisfaction, revealing that Hercules tires has up to an 85,000-mile treadwear warranty. Furthermore, these tires come constructed with superior technologies that improve their road functions.

Interestingly, the brand holds a wide range of options, as you can find suitable tires for SUVs, passenger cars, lightweight and heavyweight trucks, and effective tires for various commercial applications. Even though the Hercules tire’s prices vary, you can rest assured that these products are pretty affordable.

Q: Where are Hercules tires made?

Reports suggest that Hercules tires come manufactured in the United States, as they emerge as products of Hercules Tire and Rubber Company (now in partnership with Cooper Tire and Rubber Company).

Remember, the company has its headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, in the United States. Nevertheless, few speculations suggest that this brand does some productions outside the US.

Q: Are Hercules tires made in China?

Hercules tires come manufactured in the United States, as they appear to operate under the American Tire Distribution group. Still, there are a few speculations that the brand actively performs some production outside the US, and you may even find options manufactured in China.

Q: Should I buy Hercules tires?

The satisfaction most persons receive from purchasing Hercules tires suggests them to be good products. Interestingly, these tires from the brand come constructed with top-quality materials. 

With the superior technologies that the brand utilizes in making these tires, you can rest assured that they would offer great value for your money. Thus, getting a suitable Hercules for your vehicle would prevent some damages like a faulty ball joint.  

Q: Are Hercules snow tires any good?

There are suitable Hercules tires that come constructed to handle both wet and snowy conditions. These snow tires are pretty reliable, as they pass the snow ratings and can provide optimum performance in such nice conditions.

Thus, if you are keen on driving during extreme winter conditions, it would be best to get compatible snow tires from Hercules. The good news is that you can get an excellent match for SUVs, small cars, and other commercial vehicles.

Final Words

There are various tire brands available, and it may appear pretty tasking for car owners to choose suitable options, as not all tire options out there may be durable. Nevertheless, Hercules supplies some of the best options so far in the market.

Thus, this brand emerged as one of the top names within the tire replacement industry. As such, you can find various dealers across the world who sells Hercules tires. Kindly read through this piece to learn about who makes Hercules tires and some of their favorite products.


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