Who Makes Crosswind Tires – All You Should Know

Tires are essential car parts. Moving on good tires improves your vehicle’s fuel economy, offers excellent traction, allows better handling, and increases driving safety. But you might need new tires if you start noticing low tire treads and uneven tire wear

If you are in the market for high-quality and affordable car tires, you know how challenging it is to choose from so many brands available. To cut down legwork, Crosswind tires can be a wise consideration.

Knowing who Makes Crosswind tires and whether they are worth the trust and investment or not will make your decision firmer. The tires from this marque are owned by LingLong Tires, a sub-brand located in China (Zhaoyaun). Stay tuned to learn more about “Crosswind LingLong Tires;” This article has come out with fascinating details about this tire company and its products of what you may not know much elsewhere.

Who Makes Crosswind Tires

Are Crosswind tires any good?

They are becoming increasingly popular thanks to this brand’s innovative products. Kindly note that these are the only tires in the market after passing a series of tests and confirming high standards of them.

Crosswind Tires, clearly distinguishable by its green & white logo, focuses on supplying consumers with good-quality products. These tires are built from the best rubber available, offering road users high durability resulting in a smooth ride for long and allowing their vehicles to perform optimally.

While there are various reasons you should consider before purchasing tires for your car, always remember that you can get compatible and superior quality options from this supplier at reasonable prices.

With the excellent reliability Crosswind’s parent company has earned over the years, you can rest assured that you will get high value for your money. The Crosswind product line has tires featuring computer-tuned treaded patterns designed to offer complete driving conditions while modifiable to alter the log position.

Car owners can easily choose from different tire types and sizes, including light truck tires, all-season tires, high-performance car tires, and passenger vehicle tires. With proper maintenance and fair driving conditions, your car tires should last up to three to five years. 

If you are interested in learning about Crosswind Tire’s warranty, you should know that they are warranted against defects or failures resulting from materials or “workmanship.” Also, Crosswind assures car owners an average 60,000-mile tread wear warranty and more, depending on the exact tire type.

Who Makes Crosswind Tires?

As stated earlier, Crosswind Tires are owned by LingLong, a sub-brand of the Chinese tire company Shandong LingLong Tire Co., Ltd. This tire manufacturer emerges as one of the top suppliers of high-performance tires within the industry, currently among the top-12 list of best tire brands globally. 

LingLong has its headquarters in Shandong Province (Zhaoyuan City), China. Since its inception (1975), the company has established several research and development centers in Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Beijing, Jinan, Shanghai, America, and Germany.

While there are a few comments about “made-in-China” tires regarding their quality, you should know that LingLong Tire is one of China’s top three tire manufacturers. This trademark has over 60 national standards and over three hundred patents.

The production of Crosswind tires kick-started in 2013, following the establishment of LingLong’s first international manufacturing plant in Thailand. Crosswind tires come built with high precision and meet North American safety requirements.

Reports reveal that LingLong Company also owns several other tire brands and has active distributors worldwide – TBC is one major distributor for America and Canada. You can also find Crosswind tires at Walmart, and with some more research, you should find other suppliers near you.

This marque currently owns seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the world. Please note that their tires are constructed and designed with superior quality material, having versatile applications. 

Thus, such car tires are compatible with different sizes of vehicles and are sold globally. And they have earned certifications and recognitions from America and Canada.

Crosswind Tires Review

After learning a few things about who makes Crosswind brand tires, you might want to know more about some of their top products. This tire brand has an expansive range of tires that fits different types of vehicles, and some top choices include:

Crosswind A/T Tires

Crosswind A/T Tires

Crosswind A/T tires are outstanding options for both on-road and off-road driving; you would enjoy enhanced off-road traction thanks to the wraparound shoulder design. These cost-effective car tires are ideal for your jeeps, SUVs, or mid-full-size pickups.

The rugged tread patterns offer great traction that provides drivers with excellent handling across different driving conditions. Furthermore, these tires have deep lug treaded blocks beneficial for wet conditions. Hence, you can quickly drive across muddy, wet, and snowy surfaces.

Highlighted Featured 

  • Excellent traction across various conditions
  • Outstanding self-cleaning design
  • Allows a smooth and quiet ride
  • Improves fuel efficiency

Crosswind HP010 Tires

Crosswind HP010 Tires

You can rely on the Crosswind HP010 Tires for sound and comfortable driving, as they offer excellent handling and driving stability. The tire design makes it adaptable to enhance the performance of vehicles, including SUVs. 

You already know that Shandong LingLong Tire Co., Ltd. are the one that makes Crosswind HP010 tires, and they are reputable for employing top-quality materials for making tires.

Thanks to the all-season treads, these car tires deliver all-year performance and excellent traction. With enhanced wet grip, you can drive effortlessly across wet terrains as the tries work effectively in reducing the risks of hydroplaning.

Highlighted Featured

  • Decreases the risks of hydroplaning
  • Allows a comfortable ride
  • Works for all seasons
  • Supplies outstanding grip and traction

Crosswind Eco Touring Tires

Crosswind Eco Touring Tires

If you need a tire model that works well for all seasons, you should consider getting the Crosswind Eco Touring Tires. Whether on highways or muddy terrains, you should expect such tires to drive through without hassles.

These tires come designed with slotted shoulders and contemporary ribs to improve performance and allow sufficient traction. Most folks love the wide circumferential grooves, as they come in handy for evacuating water while driving across wet terrains. 

This tire manufacturer equips the Crosswind Eco Touring tires with decoupling groves embedded within tread shoulder blocks for a smooth and quiet ride. Furthermore, these tires are compatible with sedans, coupes, minivans, and compact SUVs. 

Highlighted Featured

  • It offers comfortable and smooth rides
  • Optimizes a pitch sequence of tread pattern that reduces noise
  • Durable and long-lasting treads
  • All-season design

Crosswind H/T Tires

Crosswind H/T Tires

Crosswind H/T tires are excellent all-season tires best suited for SUVs and light trucks. With the zig-zag sipes, you can rest assured that these tires will provide excellent grip for snowy and wet conditions.

The circumferential grooves have these tires constructed to reduce rapid expulsion and hydroplaning. Furthermore, most people testify to the superior handling the Crosswind H/T tires provide, alongside their fuel efficiency enhancement. 

Highlighted Featured 

  • Excellent all-season tire
  • Great treadwear performance
  • Affordable 
  • Low noise

Crosswind M/T Tires

Crosswind M/T Tires

Crosswind M/T tires possess the most profound tread designs found amongst the tires on this brand’s product lineup. The large boulders and excellent grip in the mud make it one of the best options for off-road vehicles.

With little bridges between the outer tread blocks, these M/T tires effectively evacuate stones and force out muds that get packed in. Since this tire manufacturer uses durable rubber compounds for constructing their products, you can rest assured that the Crosswind M/T tires can resist chunking or chips.

Highlighted Featured 

  • Offers solid grip on loose-earth and muddy terrains
  • Enhanced off-road performance, thanks to the wraparound shoulder design
  • Compatible with SUVs and light trucks
  • Excellent self-cleaning design


Are Crosswind tires a good brand?

Crosswind tires are products manufactured by one of the top tire manufacturers. Although very affordable and made in China, you can rest assured that this brand offers superior quality tires.

You are bound to earn great value for your money since the parent company of Crosswind Tires is renowned within the industry and have years of experience. Various reviews suggest that Crosswind tires are made from the best rubber compounds and have excellent features that allow stable driving across conditions.

How many miles do crosswind tires last?

The answer you seek depends on the exact tire model, as different Crosswind tires have their unique lifespan. Such duration is further influenced by the car type, road condition, and driving habits. Nevertheless, Crosswind tires are said to last up to an average of 60,000 miles. 

Are CrossWind tires made in the USA?

Shandong LingLong Tire Co. Ltd reportedly manufactures most Crosswind tires in Thailand. The parent company is based in Shandong, China; they own several research and development centers in Beijing, Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Jinan, Shanghai, Germany, and America. Still, Crosswind tires are available globally and are actively distributed within America by TBC. 

Who makes crosswind eco-touring tires?

As with other models from this brand, Crosswind Eco Touring tires are products of LingLong Tires. Who makes LingLong tires? Shandong LingLong Tire Co. Ltd manufactures all tires owned by this marque.

This tire manufacturing company emerged in 1975 but began producing Crosswind tires in 2013, following the establishment of its first international manufacturing plant in Thailand.

Who makes crosswind tires for Walmart?

Walmart has many Crosswind tires, and you may want to know who makes Crosswind tires for Walmart. All Crosswind tires are products of Shandong LingLong Tire Co. Ltd., and you already know that it is a renowned Chinese manufacturer that supplies tires made from the most quintessential rubber compounds.

This company is headquartered in the Zhaoyuan City of Shandong Province and has various manufacturing facilities and research centers worldwide. They supply Crosswind tires globally with international recognition, and these tires meet North American safety requirements.

Final Words

Hunting for new car tires can be pretty exhausting, as many brands are out there. Thus, it is challenging to pick the best option for your vehicle. Crosswind is a good choice if you seek efficient tires. That allows a safe and comfortable ride across different road conditions. 

You can rely on this marque to supply different car tires in varying sizes that should fit various vehicles. By now, who makes Crosswind tires has ceased to be your query. You know, Crosswind tires belong to the sub-brand LingLong Tires and all other crucial details from this write-up.


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