Autozone Vs. Advance Auto Parts – A Detailed Comparison

E-commerce has made it easier to get car parts. There are several online platforms where you can shop for your vehicle’s utilities in the comfort of your house. The AutoZone vs. Advance Auto Parts comparison looks at two of the best online car part retail stores.

AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts stand out due to their massive catalogs and countrywide reach. A breakdown of the two platforms will reveal more about them and guide you to the befitting auto part shopping partner.

autozone vs advance auto parts


AutoZone takes pride in being the largest aftermarket car component retailer in the USA. Its origin goes back to the 1970s, when it was a division of Malone and Hyde, a grocer based in Memphis, and went by Auto Shack. The auto store was J.R. Hydes’ idea, whose family owned the grocer. The first version of what would become Autzone began its operation in 1979 in Forrest City, Arkansas.

Company Milestones

Over the years, AutoZone made notable strides, crucial in establishing it as a solid brand. In 1981, Auto Shack began the Express Parts Service in Memphis, Tennessee, to assist clients in getting hard-to-find parts from other stores. Three years later, the company pioneered a quality control program for its commodities, the first in the auto parts industry.

Auto Shack officially changed its name to AutoZone in 1987. The same year, it debuted the WITT-JR, an electronic catalog, the first in the car parts scene. The electronic catalog allowed customers to peruse parts and warranty details.

The 90s spelled more growth for AutoZone, with strides like its premiere on the New York Stock Exchange in 1991. Still, in 1991, the firm became the first auto parts dealer to have customer warranties in a computer database. AutoZone embraced the internet era in 1996 by ushering in its website.

As you can see, AutoZone is a company of many firsts, which ensured its robust growth. Currently, it has more than 7000 locations, serving in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, with its headquarters in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee. Is there an AutoZone near me? You can use the store locator on the website to find AutoZone stores in your location.

AutoZone has over 87000 employees and revenue of around $12.63 billion as of 2020.


Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts has an excellent reputation courtesy of its customer service, which has earned it a loyal following. While 1932 is Advance Auto Parts’ founding year, its history extends a decade earlier with the conception of Pep Auto Supply (Pep Boys) in Philadelphia. Pep Auto Supply started as an auto parts store and currently specializes in tires and vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Arthur Taubman, the founder of Auto Parts, entered the auto parts business in the early 1920s with his brother. They had a chain of stores based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a reach extending to Boston and Washington, D.C. The Great Depression proved harsh for the business and affected the family’s holdings. During this time, Arthur Taubman heard about an auto company in Roanoke, Virginia, that was on sale.

Pep Auto Supply owned the Virginia-based company with three stores, two in Roanoke and the other in Lynchburg, Virginia. Taubman’s wife, Grace, offered to pawn her wedding ring to settle the downpayment for the deal.

Company Milestones

Initially, the firm operated as a home and auto part supply store chain. In 1938, Advance Auto expanded into Winston-Salem, North Carolina, thriving as the town’s go-to place for holiday toys. In 1972, the company’s president Nick Taubman announced the transition plans from a variety store to specializing in car parts and accessories.

Advance Auto launched the PDQ (Parts Delivered Quickly) program in 1982 for hassle-free access to over 25000 vehicle utilities. Advance Auto became Advance Auto Parts in 1985, signaling its dedication to the automotive parts market.

From the 1990s onwards, Advance Auto Parts has been on an acquisition spree. Its acquisitions include Nationwise Auto Parts stores, Western Auto Supply Company, and Autopart International stores.

How big is Advance Auto Parts? This firm is one of the largest auto part retailers, with an over 87000-strong workforce as of 2020. Its revenue is roughly $10.1 billion.

Advance Auto Parts has its headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has more than 4600 stores in the U.S. and Canada. The firm is the parent of WorldPac and Carquest, which also deal in car parts. WorldPac has 150 stores in the U.S. and Canada, while Carquest has around 1250 locations in the U.S., The Bahamas, Mexico, and the British Virgin Islands.

Use the website to find Advance Auto Parts near you.

Advance Auto Parts

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AutoZone Vs. Advance Auto Parts: Customer Service

AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts have a loyal clientele base, courtesy of their outstanding customer service, among other factors. Advance Auto Parts is a benchmark of how to treat clients, an attribute you will attest to once you visit its website. The site loads fast and is easy to navigate, with easy-to-access menu items.

For effortless use of the platform, you need to sign up and use the created account to shop. In case of a problem on Advance Auto Parts’ website, you can reach customer support for help via live chat, call, texting, and social media.

Alternatively, you may visit the website’s help desk to find a solution for your issue. Other niceties of this car part retailing site are an affiliate program, same-day deliveries, and Uber driver awards.

AutoZone has a friendly website that is likewise easy to navigate. You should create an account for hassle-free shopping. Optionally, you can download AutoZone’s mobile app. The website has an efficient customer support center accessible via phone, email, and live chat. The support team responds promptly to your queries.

Furthermore, AutoZone has an affiliate program: you can sign up for this scheme to enjoy commissions on referrals. Both AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts have impressive instore services, such as:

  • Free testing and diagnostics
  • Wiper blade installationBattery solutions
  • Oil and battery recycling
  • Borrow tools
  • General consultation

AutoZone Vs. Advance Auto Parts: Product price

Many people use product price to determine the favorable parts dealer, mostly leaning on the cheaper option. The two parts retailers competitively price their items, though the figures may vary depending on the product or if there are reward programs.

You may find an item that is cheap on AutoZone is costly on Advanced Auto Parts and vice versa. Both retailers have impressive rewards and discounts that make the products less expensive. AutoZone has some of the best rewards, offering them more frequently than its competitors.

The AutoZone vs. Advance Auto Parts price comparison is a tight draw, with the former having an upper edge due to its discounts.

AutoZone Vs. Advance Auto Parts: Product Quality

You should always seek top-quality automotive parts for the best experience. According to AutoZone vs. Advance Auto Parts Reddit forums, many people appear to lean towards AutoZone regarding vehicle utility quality, with the latter being a close second.

The retailers deal with high-grade OEM and aftermarket items, though the quality may vary depending on the brand. You should research the brand you are interested in before purchasing it to be sure of its effectiveness.

A perusal of the websites reveals that they offer a range of parts to meet different budgets. High-quality items are typically pricier, while second-rate goods are cheaper.

The two retailers have vast product catalogs containing brakes, filters, heating parts, drivetrains, batteries, engine components, and more. The utilities come from many notable brands. AutoZone stocks Valucraft and Duralast parts, its private labels.

The following are some of the names you will encounter under AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts catalogs.

  • Fram
  • Mobil 1
  • Shell Rotella
  • ACDelco
  • Bosch
  • Continental
  • Carquest
  • Delphi

On the OEM side, the car part retailers have parts for the following models.

  • Acura
  • Opel
  • GMC
  • Oshkosh
  • Dodge
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Chevrolet

These are just a handful of the supported models. You can check out your vehicle’s parts by specifying the model, the year, and what you need.

AutoZone Vs. Advance Auto Parts: Payment Policy

The best online retail stores have flexible payment policies that accommodate different transaction channels. AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts have reasonable payment methods, enhancing their convenience.

After checking out your cart on, you can pay for your items via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Additionally, it accepts AutoZone Loyalty Rewards and AutoZone Gift cards with a PIN. This online retailer does not accept EBT cards, personal checks, and cards lacking the Visa or MasterCard logos.

Advance Auto Parts is more flexible than AutoZone, as it accepts more payment channels. You can finalize your online transaction with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and American Express. The retailer does not accept money orders, cash, or checks for online orders. Nonetheless, you can use these channels at the physical stores.

AutoZone vs. Advance Auto Parts: Refund and Return Policy

You should check an online retailer’s refund and return terms before getting down to business. The refund policy hints at what to do if a product doesn’t meet your standards. AutoZone has friendly return terms with a 90-day validity time after the date of purchase.

The item you want to return should be in its original form and packaging, together with its receipt. The firm may require a valid government-issued ID. If you lost the receipt, you should contact customer support for guidance on refunds.

You can return the product to an AutoZone store near you, or mail it, which requires you to fill out a return form. AutoZone will refund shipping costs if your request is valid.

Advance Auto Parts has a stricter refund policy, with a 45-day window. To get a refund, the item should be in its original state, unopened, unused, and in its proper packaging, and the accessories accompanying it. Failure to meet these criteria invalidates the refund.

If you don’t have a receipt of the item you want to be returned but meet the other conditions, you will get an Advance Auto Parts Merchandise credit card as a refund. Purchases like opened gaskets and electronic or electrical goods are non-returnable. Special order goods, commercial tools, and third-party or outsourced articles attract a 15% restocking fee, plus shipping costs are non-refundable.

Advance Auto Parts deems some products non-returnable. They include 4WD switches, heater switches, speed sensors, and turbochargers.

It is evident that AutoZone is the winner in the returns and refunds comparison, courtesy of its reasonable and fluid terms.

AutoZone Vs. Advance Auto Parts: Warranty Policy

The two car part retailers have practicable warranty terms lasting 90 days from the date of purchase. The warranty guarantees an exchange if the item you bought is defective.

AutoZone has limited and battery-limited warranties. The former covers other items, while the latter is for batteries. Duralast batteries, AutoZone’s private label, have a free replacement warranty lasting 1-3 years. ACDelco batteries have an 18-month free replacement period, while Econocraft has a 90-day window. The warranties only apply in the U.S.

The standard warranty period of Advance Auto Parts’ items is 90 days, but it may be longer, as highlighted on the sales receipt. This retailer also has a free replacement warranty for batteries. For parts installed on commercial vehicles, the warranty is strictly 90 days.

You should read the purchase agreement to understand what it entails.

AutoZone Vs. Advance Auto Parts: Shipping

Shipping is a critical part of online shopping and is a key determinant of how good a retailer is. AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts have excellent shipping policies and provide several delivery media.

You can pick up your item from the store after finalizing the transaction on the site a hassle-free way, particularly if the store is near you. These automotive utility dealers offer same-day delivery, which saves you from the pain of long waits. It takes 25-30 minutes to get the item delivered.

Advance Auto Parts Free Curbside Pickup delivers your purchases in 30 minutes and applies to most in-stock items. For regular same-day delivery, you will get your purchases within 3 hours after you receive a confirmation email. AutoZone offers free Next Day Delivery for orders over $35.

AutoZone provides free shipping to DPO, APO, and FPO addresses. Advance Auto ships free for purchases exceeding $35. AutoZone occasionally has promotions that include free delivery.

Who’s Cheaper, AutoZone or Advance Auto?

Price is crucial in the AutoZone vs. Advance Auto Parts discussion. The two auto parts dealers have competitive prices to allure the buyers, which are prone to fluctuation; thus, there is no clear winner. Nevertheless, AutoZone has a slight edge over its counterpart, supported by its impressive promotions and discounts.

The situation replicates itself in the AutoZone vs. O’Reilly comparison, as some items are cheaper in AutoZone but costly in O’Reilly’s and vice versa. If you have time, you can peruse the notable auto parts platforms to get the finest deals.


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