Does AutoZone Do Oil Changes? – Learn about All The Services AutoZone Offers

Motor oil change is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep your engine at its peak performance for a long time. The engine oil is known for cooling and lubricating reciprocating engine parts. However, it does much more than that. It keeps contaminants away from the engine by using the oil filter.

After a certain period, the oil filter will fail to do its job properly, and the motor oil will start to degrade. This may make the oil unable to lubricate the reciprocating engine parts effectively. The only remedy is to change the old oil and filter.

Since Autozone sells oil and oil filters and other car parts accessories, it is reasonable to ask does Autozone do oil changes, especially if you’re their customer. Here, we’ll look at Autozone oil change deals (if any) and outline their available services.

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Does AutoZone do oil changes?

Autozone does not offer oil change services in any of its locations. Instead, they sell engine oil, filters, and other car parts and accessories. They also guide customers on how to change motor oil and oil filters at home without a professional assistant.

Autozone believes that learning how to change engine oil is one of the DIY skills that every car owner should have. And it is a fun way of getting familiar with your car. But, of course, they want you to learn how to service your car at home. That’s why they have published several articles on oil changes and posted a visual guideline on their website to make the process easier for anyone.

So if you were asking, does Autozone do oil changes? The simple answer is no. However, there are several auto centers you can get professional oil change services in several cities in America. These include:

  • Firestone
  • Walmart
  • Express oil and tire engineers
  • Jiffy lube
  • Precision tune auto care
  • Meineke
  • Midas
  • Valvoline service centers
  • Speedee oil change and auto services
  • Grease monkey auto
  • Pep boys

What services does AutoZone offer?

Autozone offers several auto care services at its stores. Some are harder to find in other auto stores, while others are common. Here are a few examples of the services you’ll find at Autozone locations.

Check engine light/diagnostics.

The illumination of the check engine light on the dashboard means something is wrong with one or more system components. Take your vehicle to Autozone Center if the check engine warning light stays lit on the dashboard. Diagnosis is free of charge at Autozone.

Electrical system tests

If you suspect your battery, alternator, starter, or other electrical components are faulty, you can visit any Autozone service center near you to have them test it.

Repair guides

Autozone is known for providing DIY repair guides on its website. For example, they provide oil change repair guides, headlight replacement guides, how to check and change old spark plugs, etc.

Major and minor services

Major and minor inspections are essential if you want your vehicle to run at its peak performance year-round. Autozone offers inspection under the hood, brakes inspection and repairs, and full safety inspection and services.

Brake inspection and repairs

Autozone has experienced engineers that offer professional brake inspection and repairs. So whether you need your brake rotors machined, brake parts replaced, or brakes bled, Autozone offers the best services. You can also get the spare parts from them and replace them yourself or have them replace it.

EFI tuning

Visit Autozone if you want to tune your electronic fuel injectors to ensure the engine offers optimal performance.


Vicroads license Autozone to perform roadworthy inspections and issues certificates for roadworthiness on small vehicles within 4.5 tonnes.

Air conditioning services

ARC licenses Autozone to inspect, service, and repair HAVC systems. They have working experience with different vehicle makes and models and understand the difference between and quirks of various models.

Power steering service

Regular inspection and maintenance are far better than repairing a completely failed steering system. Autozone power steering services cover safety and performance maintenance on the entire power steering system.

Emergency breakdown response services

Autozone offers several emergency breakdown response services for all car make and models. This includes starter motors, alternators, batteries, and mechanical breakdown response.

Genuine and aftermarket parts

All parts are not created equal. Autozone understands the importance of using the right parts for your vehicle. As a result, they have parts that meet OE and OEM standards at the best price.

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Can you change your oil at Autozone?

As reiterated above, Autozone does not offer oil change service. Instead, they sell engine oil, filters, other car parts, and accessories. They also provide a well-resourceful article and visual guidelines on how to change the engine oil at home. However, if you’re not a DIYer, you can search for “oil change near me” to locate a nearby auto service center that offers oil change services.

How much does an oil change cost at Autozone?

Autozone does not change motor oil. However, if you’re asking about the average cost of changing engine oil, you should budget between $20 and $60. The wide variance in price is caused by different vehicle engine oil capacities, engine types, oil types, auto repair shops, and locations, and if there are additional services added.

For instance, Walmart has different oil change packages, from $22.88 to $50. Additional services and oil types such as mineral oils, high mileage oils, semi-synthetic oils, and full synthetic oil determine the oil change price.

How long does an oil change take at AutoZone?

If you’re asking how long does oil change take at a dealership, the answer is 30 to 45 minutes. Oil changes involve:

  • Draining the old engine oil from the crankcase.
  • Removing the old oil filter and refilling the new oil.
  • Installing a new oil filter.

After all that, the service technician will run the engine for a minute or more and ensure everything is okay.

How much does Autozone pay for used oil?

Autozone recycling program does not charge nor pay you for collecting your used oil. However, when dropping off the used engine oil, you can get redeemable vouchers at some of their specific stores. In any case, the Autozone recycling program has a limit on the quantity of used oils they can collect in a day. So, it’s important to drop the used oil in the morning when they can take it.

Final Words

Considering the types of auto services that Autozone offers, it is quite normal to feel curious and ask, does Autozone do oil changes, or can Autozone change my oil? Unfortunately, Autozone does not offer oil change services. Instead, they sell motor oil, oil filter, and other car parts and accessories.

But you have numerous other places to do oil changes. You can go to a local gas station, car dealership, or auto shop if you need an oil change. Just be sure to bring your oil and filter.

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