Does Walmart Do Oil Changes? Duration & Cost

An engine oil change is essential for optimal engine operation. Every motorist visits their local mechanic for oil changes at one point – this service is unavoidable. Avoiding oil changes will cause severe engine damage and drop expensive repair bills on the table.

Walmart is a household name in the auto industry. Walmart auto center offers auto services like air filter installation, fuel maintenance services, wheel alignment, and tire rotation, and they also sell several automotive spare parts. But does Walmart do oil changes?

Here, we’ll see if Walmart offers oil change services, the cost of oil changes, and their working hours. So grab a seat while we unveil everything you need to know.

does walmart do oil changes

Does Walmart do oil changes?

Walmart offers oil change services and several other automotive services at its auto center. Walmart does not only offer oil changes. They pride themselves on offering convenient, affordable, and quick oil changes. They have certified mechanics that offer excellent oil change services.

You don’t have to pass through the hassle of getting engine oil before visiting a mechanic for an oil change. Walmart has several oils available from name brands like Mobil 1, Castrol, Pennzoil, Supertech, Shell, etcetera.

You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your oil at Walmart during an oil change. By this, you can choose to switch from conventional oil to semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil. And you can also choose to switch from full synthetic to conventional oil. However, there’s no need to downgrade to semi-synthetic or conventional oil if you’re already using full synthetic.

They also sell gasoline and diesel oils. Plus, you’ll always see your recommended oil viscosity at their service center. However, you need to book an appointment at Walmart before going for an oil change. If not, they may not attend to you if they are occupied. So, let’s see how to book an appointment at Walmart auto center.

How to make an appointment at Walmart auto center for an oil change

Walmart offers excellent automotive services at its auto centers. That’s why they hardly run out of customers. Their excellent service speaks for them. So, if you want to drive to Walmart auto center for an oil change, a Walmart appointment scheduling will ease your experience at their service centers.

You can book an appointment at need via direct phone call, using their mobile app, or booking in person. Booking an appointment will ensure they will attend to you if you get there within the booked time. Here’s how to book an appointment at Walmart auto center.

Book an appointment over the phone.

Booking appointments over the phone may look old-school. However, Walmart still allows customers to make an appointment if need be via a direct phone call.

I know you’ll be wondering how to know which shop to call since Walmart has over 2,500 auto centers across the united states. Walmart has that in mind, and they simplified everything for you. There’s an ‘auto care center store finder’ on their website where the customer will have to input their state or city and their ZIP code.

Once you click the set location button, the website will display the nearby centers. First, select the convenient or preferred store. Next, you’ll see data about the store—information like address, direction, Walmart auto center hours, and phone number for that shop.

Call the number, and a sales representative will pick up the call. Book your appointment over the phone and visit at the booked date and time, and you’ll be attended to.

Use the Walmart mobile app.

The Walmart mobile app helps customers to shop from their apartments and book appointments with the automotive service centers. You can download the mobile app from the google play store or apple store. It has a store finder feature that helps you locate nearby auto centers and schedule appointments with them.

The mobile app also comes with a tire installation appointment feature. This feature is accessible to customers that purchase tires through the app. If you purchase tires through the app, you’ll be given two options during checkouts – pick up only, no installation, and schedule tire installation.

If you choose the schedule tire installation option, the mobile app will prompt you to pick a date for the installation. Then, you’ll have to visit the selected shop at the specific date and time chosen for booking. Kindly note that tire installation at Walmart is not free. They’ll charge you around $15 to $25 per tire, and installation will take around 1 hour for each tire.

Book date and time in person

While this may not be the best idea for most folks, it works like the other options. If you know Walmart auto center but don’t want to waste your precious time on an oil change, you can walk into the nearby centers and book an appointment with them. You can also locate the nearby automotive center using the store app finder I mentioned above. Once you get to the service center, book an appointment with the representatives.

walmart auto center

What Are The Hours Of Walmart’s Auto Center?

There are up to 2,500 Walmart auto care centers in the United States. These stores may have different operating hours. However, the difference won’t be much. Some Auto centers are open from 7 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday and 8 AM to 5 PM every Sunday. Conversely, other shops are open from 8 AM to 5 PM during the weekdays. So, if you were asking, does Walmart do oil changes on Sundays? You now know the answer.

So, you can factor in the time difference when planning a visit to any of their centers. Plus, if you want to book an appointment from the website or mobile app, it won’t allow you to book an occupied time or outside business hours.

Does Walmart change the oil filter when changing oil?

Walmart provides various oil change services. Some of the oil change packages go outside the box. By this, they perform services like air filter change, exterior windshield wash, chassis lubrication, and check and fill services on battery performance, wiper blades, and vehicle lights. However, all the oil change packages include motor oil and oil filter change.

Can you bring your own oil and filter to Walmart?

All service centers should accept the idea of buying and bringing your oil to a mechanic. This will save you cost in the long run. However, with my experience in the garage as an auto mechanic, auto service centers tend to sell their products at higher than the normal price.

In the end, it is your car and engine. So, you should bring your preferred oil and filter for the oil change. Generally, Walmart will permit customers to bring their oil and filters.

However, the technician reserve the right to not use the oil and filter for the service or cancel the appointment if they detect you brought inferior products.

How much does an oil change cost at Walmart?

As mentioned earlier, Walmart auto service centers have different oil change packages. Their oil change costs as little as $22 to as high as $50, depending on your chosen package. Advanced packages that include tire rotation, headlight repair, fuel system maintenance, and wiper blade installation are expensive compared to basic oil change packages.

The pit crew package costs $22.88

  • Up to 5 quarts of mineral oil and filter
  • Chassis lubrication, if needed

Standard oil change $32.88

  • Meets standard industry performance requirements
  • Mineral engine oil and filter
  • Apply basic level engine protection

High mileage oil change $42.88

  • For high mileage vehicles with up to 75,000 miles
  • Uses high mileage oil to extend engine light and protects against leaks and burn-offs

Synthetic blend oil change $42.88

  • They’ll use semi-synthetic oil for better engine protection compared to mineral oil.

Full Synthetic oil change $46.88

  • For optimum engine protection and maximum protection.

How long does an oil change take at Walmart?

You may consider driving to Walmart if you don’t want to roll your sleeves and change your engine oil or need an extensive oil change package.

Oil changes at Walmart auto service center will take 15 to 30 minutes. However, factors like your preferred oil change package and how busy the technicians are may extend the wait time. In any case, Walmart oil changes are convenient and quick.

Meanwhile, you have to book an appointment within Walmart’s oil change hours. If not, they may not have the time to service your vehicle.

Why Get An Oil Change At Walmart?

The primary benefits of getting an oil change at Walmart instead of other oil change places are affordability and swift and convenient service.

 Affordability: Walmart auto centers have several oil change services, and you can save up to 20% at Walmart compared to other auto service centers.

Swift service: Walmart takes 15 to 30 minutes to change your oil and filter.

Convenient: The oil and filter change is not time-consuming. Plus, you can shop inside their store and go for other errands while they service your car.

Final Words

If you have been reading to this point, you’ll no longer ask does Walmart do oil changes or does Walmart do oil changes on Saturdays. Walmart’s auto service center offers a quick, affordable, and convenient oil change. Depending on your chosen services, the cost can be as small as $20 and as high as $50. They also offer various oil change packages to meet various customers’ needs.

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