Does Costco Do Oil Changes? – Blow Out The Confusion

Most folks often ask, does Costco do oil change since they sell almost anything you can think of? This is a reasonable question because there are Costco automotive service centers, and oil change is one of the common car maintenance services. However, to most people, it is still unclear whether Costco offers this service or not.

Here, we’ll look at the question – does Costco automotive do oil changes? You’ll also learn about their available auto services, how to get their free membership, and answers to other trivial questions. But first, what auto services does Costco offer?

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What auto services does Costco offer?

Costco does not only sell almost anything you can imagine, but they also have a solid gold reputation in the auto industry. However, you can only find Costco’s automotive services in their tire service locations. The Costco tire service centers offer automotive services like wheel balancing, tire rotation, nitrogen conversion, flat repair, and nitrogen inflation. Check out this article if you’re contemplating whether Costco does wheel alignment.

Their auto service centers are always busy because they offer great services at affordable prices. For instance, if a customer buys a tire for as low as $18.99, they’ll get free mounting, lifetime tire balancing, free air pressure checks, a new rubber valve stem, free installation, and Costco’s wholesale warranty.

If you want Costco’s retail tire service, you have to acquire a Costco membership and have purchased your tires either from Costco tire service centers or from their online store. Costco’s membership grants you access to over 100,000 items in their stores at a reasonable price.

These items include Kirkland signature products, flat tires, new tires, truck accessories, and gift cards. In addition, the membership gives customers a 15% discount on services and accessories. But does Costco do oil changes in Canada and other states?

Does Costco do oil changes?

No, Costco no longer offers oil and filter changes. However, Costco service centers sell oil and filters from reputable brands like Mobil, Valvoline, Castrol, and Kirkland signatures. They also offer other automotive services at their tire service centers.

Now you know the answer; if you were asking, does Costco do oil and filter changes? Disregarding all contradicting answers online, the simple answer is no. According to several magazines in Canada and US and Costco’s verified website, Costco no longer offers oil changes.

However, it is still unclear when they stopped providing oil and filter change services. Costco warehouse in Markham Road, Canada, continues oil and filter change services until the third quarter of 2017. Some sources state that some Costco branches in Canada continued the oil change until 2019, while others state that all Costco branches stopped oil and filter change services in 2016.

However, one thing is clear; all Costco service centers stopped providing oil change services long before we published this article. Meanwhile, Costco actively offers tire services like tire sales, installation, nitrogen conversion, tire replacement, wheel balancing, and tire rotation. Above all, members can still get a 15% discount on sales. So, if you were asking, does Costco do oil changes and tire rotations? You now know the answer.

Why did Costco stop doing oil changes?

Several speculations may exist online and around your neighborhood regarding why Costco ceased oil and filter changes. However, here are the probable reasons that may cause Costco to discontinue its oil change services.

  • Costco tire services, where they offer auto services, may be having poor consumer ratings due to customers’ dissatisfaction with long queues.
  • They highly specialize in bulk and wholesale services, not professional and personalized ones.
  • They may have limited space since they focus on wholesale and bulk services.
  • Too much customer base.

There have been several threads on many automotive forums about the long queues customers have to join in several Costco’s service centers. Customers will have to book appointments online for services in certain centers, and some centers offer a first-come-first-serve basis. This aggregated long queues, which dissatisfies customers.

How can I get a free Costco membership?

Let’s be clear here; Costco does not offer free membership, but there are ways you can still save. The simplest way to get a free Costco card is to ask a friend to add you to their paid membership, or you can apply to work there. In addition, Costco employees have free membership cards. Here are other ways you can get free memberships at Costco.

Buy Kirkland products

Kirkland offers great products than most name brands, and it is Costco’s brand. The amazing part is that these products are more affordable than most name-brand ones. You can offset the Costco membership fee by buying products at You can save $5 on a single product by purchasing a Kirkland product. So, the more product you buy, the more you save to offset the $60 membership.

Buy tires at Costco

Costco sells quality tires from BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, and others. You can get your desired tire at affordable prices and enjoy free lifetime tire rotation, balancing, warranties, tire inflation, and nitrogen conversion. You can save money for the membership with these extra services. The good thing is Costco offers huge discounts on tires, which can help you offset the membership cost.

Buy gift cards and save between 25% to 35%

Costco sells bulk gift cards at affordable prices. It sells gift cards that can help you recoup cash at popular retail stores. You can save as high as 25% to 35% with their gift cards. You can get gift cards for friends during holidays or festive periods.

Buy Costco gas

You can save cash to offset Costco membership by buying low-cost gas at their warehouse. This can gradually save you a few bucks within a month or two. Since there are several Costco warehouses across the states, you can easily drive in and get low-cost gas.

Other ways you can save for your Costco membership include

  • Buying bulk movie tickets from Costco
  • Buying Costco’s monthly coupon books
  • Using coupon websites to save on great deals on Costco.

what auto services does costco offer


Q: Does Costco do oil changes and tire rotations?

If you’re asking, does Costco do car oil changes and tire rotations? The answer is that Costco no longer offers oil change services. However, they still do tire rotation at their tire service center. If you purchase your tires at Costco, they’ll offer several free maintenance like free lifetime tire rotation, tire inflation, and installation.

Q: Does Costco Sell Engine Oil?

Yes, Costco sells engine oils and oil filters for oil changes. In fact, Costco has its native oil brand from Kirkland signatures. They produce good synthetic oils that keep your engine clean, prevent low-speed pre-ignition, control engine wears and friction, and protect against high-temperature shearing.

Q: Who makes Kirkland synthetic oil for Costco?

Warren Distribution, a giant oil blending manufacturing company in the United States, is behind the production of Costco’s Kirkland Synthetic oils. Warren Distribution is not just reputable for producing quality oil and motor products but is known for leaving its signature behind the Kirkland 0w-20 synthetic oil. This Kirkland synthetic is one of the best synthetic oils you can find on the market shelves.

Q: Can I use someone else’s Costco card?

Costco does not permit members to share their cards. This is because Costco makes most of its money from the member fee. However, you’re allowed to bring extra two people to shop with you as long as you make the total payment.

Also, you can allow one person to always shop with your Costco card as long as this person lives in the same residence as you. However, Costco will require you to verify the person’s location using an official government ID. This means you can’t share the card with friends or family members living in a different place. Most importantly, you’re not allowed to share the card with anyone under 18 years.

Q: Do Costco employees get discounts on cars?

All Costco employees and retirees enjoy discounts on theme parks, movie tickets, tires, prescriptions, cell phones, insurance, car rentals, travels, and many more. Kindly note that all these discounts are not exclusive to employees and retirees alone. It is available to all members. So, all you have to do is to sign up to enjoy these discounts.

However, Costco employees are given free memberships. Not just that, they’re allowed to add extra four people to the card. Plus, they receive a 2% rebate annually for all online and in-store purchases.

Q: Does Costco have a senior membership?

Costco does not have senior membership discounts. This means they do not offer free or discounted services to senior shoppers. In fact, they still have to pay full to retain their memberships and shops at the same rate as other members. Costco memberships start at $60 to get Gold Star membership.

Q: Which is better, Costco or Sam’s Club?

Both Costco and Sam’s club are great places to get various products. However, Costco has a higher membership fee of $60, while Sam’s club membership is only $15 to $20. However, Costco seems to have cheaper products, while Sam’s club has more brand-name products. So, it all boils down to your preferences.

Final Words

We’ve cleared the confusion on the question – does Costco do oil changes? So, you’ll no longer ask, will Costco do oil changes? Unfortunately, even if you buy Costco’s Kirkland synthetic oil from their auto service center, they’ll not offer oil change services to you.

Costco has ceased offering oil change services at its service centers. So, if you want to purchase Costco Kirkland synthetic oil for an oil change, do not forget to factor in that you will pay an auto mechanic at a local garage to service the engine.

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