Top 11 Best Oil Filter Brands in 2023

The viscosity of motor oil is the factor that makes it work, and the engine parts require a sufficient flow of oil to function optimally. It remains true, as some contaminants tend to slow down the oil flow as it makes its way through, causing some damages; hence, the need for a good oil filter.

Oil filters restrict the passage of dirt and other contaminants to the engine components each time the oil flow through the media. There are various brands of oil filters, and you can find excellent options that effectively separate dirt and various particles from the oil.

However, you may find it challenging picking the right product, as there are a few oil filter brands to avoid. If you are keen on doing an oil change and need a suitable oil filter for replacement, it would be best to check out this review on the best oil filter brands available in the market.

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Top 11 Best Oil Filter Brands

Most folks seem unaware of the roles oil filters play in cars; nevertheless, they are an essential part of vehicles. Even though this car part may seem affordable and small in size, it aids the smooth performance of the engine, ensuring the various parts do not receive contaminated oil.

Hence, it is necessary to avoid poor quality oil filters, as they could cause severe engine damage, and look out for brands with good products. With that in mind, below are some of the best oil filter brands that you can find.

Bosch Oil Filters

Bosch Oil Filters
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One of the top options when it comes to oil filters are those from the Bosch product line. This brand appears to be one of the leading manufacturers of auto parts within the industry. Interestingly, the Bosch Oil filters meet the OEM requirements and effectively protect the engine from harmful contaminants.

The oil filters from this product line possess a metal bypass string and an anti-drain back silicone valve. One other likable feature car owners adore about Bosch Oil filters is the pre-lubricated gasket design that allows a better fit.

With 99% efficiency, you can rest assured that these durable oil filters would accommodate about 14 grams of particles and dirt from both synthetic and natural oil. Kindly note that Bosch Oil filters are products manufactured by Champions Laboratory Inc., one of the top filter technology facilities.

Champions Laboratory makes the filters for this brand in the United States and has been supplying various private labels since its inception in 1936. You can get a fair option from this brand for as low as $24 and enjoy its awesome functions.

Fram Oil Filters

Fram Oil Filters

Another famous brand of oil filters is Fram, easily spotted by the iconic and attractive orange finish. The top-quality construction of these filters makes them an awesome choice for vehicles and there is an extensive option for different car models.

The dirt trap efficiency is high, coupled with the fact that Fram oil filters possess a proprietary filter media. There are selections that the brand provides for synthetic oil use and folks can use these filters for about 5,000 miles.

With little or no automotive repair knowledge, drivers can install such oil filters since they appear to have an easy means of installation. The Sure-Grip coating further supplies a slip-resistant finish; thus, the filters remain in place without falling off.

If you are one who uses your car daily and conducts frequent maintenance, these oil filters would be great. Since these oil filters are affordable, you can get one for as low as $6.12.

It would interest you to know that Trico, the Crowne Group LLC subsidiary, appears to be the manufacturer of the brand’s oil filters. This form has various manufacturing facilities in the United States, and their products are available in different parts of the world.

Motorcraft Oil Filters

Motorcraft Oil Filters

Various car brands like Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford have Motorcraft oil filters as their Original Equipment Manufacturers. Thus, this filter brand appears to be one of the trusted suppliers of oil filters. Interestingly, the filters from this product line have a great design and are pretty affordable.

For most persons following different threads on automotive parts, you would notice that Motorcraft oil filters emerge as one of the best oil filter brands Reddit forum discusses.

Purolator Filters, LLC., is the manufacturer of Motorcraft oil filters, as this company supplies quality products for the brand. The firm has its headquarters in North Carolina and has various distribution areas across the world.

The quality construction is excellent, as these filters possess a bypass valve and come painted to prevent rust. For easy removal, Motorcraft oil filters have a fluted case-designed end. Since the media rarely gets clogged, there is a frequent oil supply, preventing serious engine problems.

The cellulose media capacity still appears pretty significant, as it can hold about 12 grams of dirt and have 93% efficiency. Furthermore, folks can purchase such oil filters for as low as $6.

Purolator Oil Filters

Purolator Oil Filters
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Purolator appears to be one of the best oil filter brands for synthetic oil manufactured in the US and has been in the market for more than 90 years. The filters in this product line are supplied by Mann+Hummel, one of the top manufacturers in the filtration industry.

It would interest you to know that these oil filters are available in different types, with more than 2,000 options. Thus, you can easily find a compatible oil filter from this brand that would work well for your vehicle.

This brand of oil filters is reliable, providing one of the best oil filters available in the market. The good news is that these oil filters possess great value even though they appear pretty affordable.

With usage efficiency of up to 10,000 miles, folks using full synthetic oil can save some money in the long run. If you are concerned about getting an oil filter that can withstand the day-to-day activities of your vehicle, it would be best to look for compatible options from this brand.

The filter’s high-density media further ensures the maximum flow of oil, much more with the presence of premium features like the end caps and silicone anti-drain valve. Car owners can now get one for as low as $8; nevertheless, the price differs based on the car type.

Mobil 1 Oil Filters

Mobil 1 Oil Filters
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When choosing a good oil filter for your car, it is recommendable to get one with high efficiency and durability. Mobil 1 oil filters are excellent options, having up to 99.6% efficiency and having a fair media capacity that can hold about 28 grams of contaminants.

Thus, it is one of the best oil filters in the UK, US, and other countries of the world. The extended performance of the oil filters from this brand makes them one of the top sellers in the industry. Car enthusiasts suggest that oil filters get changed after 5,000 miles; nevertheless, the Mobil 1 oil filter can last up to 15,000 miles even with synthetic oils.

In a bid to allow an optimal flow of oil, you would find Mobil 1 oil filters having a metal bypass. Hence, the engine can receive adequate oil supply even when the medium seems clogged. Unlike some other oil filters out there, this brand supplies products with higher operating pressure, reaching 615 Pascal’s per square inch.

Mobil 1 oil filters are also products of Champions Laboratory Inc., one of the top filtration equipment manufacturers founded in 1955. There are various compatible options for different vehicles and car owners can get one for as low as $10.

Wix Oil Filters

Wix Oil Filters

When it comes to oil, fuel, and air filters, Wix is a known brand with several products that appears pretty effective. The Wix oil filter line holds a variety of options for different car models. There are efficient oil filters for regular, truck, and lightweight applications that offer the best value for their cost.

The media of these oil filters are of premium quality, constructed from synthetic materials and having 55.5 square inches of area. For most sizes of contaminants or particles, you can find these filters having up to about 99% efficiency.

Again, the silicone back valve (anti-drain) is quite durable compared to that many oil filters having rubber valves. One thing that may come as a challenge is the fairly odd shape of these filters; this makes it necessary for one to use a specific wrench for its installation.

Wix brand of filters has been available for about 80 years, and their line of oil filters is supplied by Mann+Hummel, a global market leader in the filtration industry. Kindly note that these filters are manufactured in the US and appear less expensive, with their prices starting from $7.73.

ACDelco Oil Filters

ACDelco Oil Filters

ACDelco is a big name and one of the most trusted oil filter brands in the market. GM parts back only ACDelco aftermarket parts besides GM OE parts to use in all GM vehicles, that speak volumes about the trust and fame ACDelco has earned in the industry.  They have been manufacturing high-quality automotive parts for over 100 years, and their commitment to quality has earned them a reputation as a reliable filtration brand.

ACDelco offers a wide range of oil filters – air filters, oil filters, and more – catering to different engine types. They come with products designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, ensuring optimal protection and performance.

One of the standout features of ACDelco oil filters is their filtration efficiency and superior flow management. They use advanced filtration technology that removes contaminants – mainly debris – from your engine’s oil, preventing damage and wear on critical components. The filters are made from high-quality materials that withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, making them ideal for use in demanding conditions.

You can trust ACDelco filters to keep your engine running smoothly. And their extensive range of products will surely get you the right fit for your vehicle. Above all, their commitment to quality means you can be confident in their performance and durability.

AMSOIL Oil Filters

AMSOIL Oil Filters
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The filtration industry has various brands that supply different automotive oil filters, and AMSOIL appears to be one of the top manufacturers since 1972. With their premium standard, these oil filters comes produced from the best materials.

The effective filtration of the filters from these brands ensures up to 98.7% filtration. Thus, you can rest assured that only clean oil passes through to the engine parts. The innovative technology for the construction of these filters allows the oil to run faster.

Whichever comes first, AMSOIL oil filters are expected to last for 1 year or 15,000 miles. Interestingly, there are other options from this brand that should last about 25,000 miles, even with synthetic oil. The oil filters for this brand are supplies from Champions Laboratory Inc., and this firm is known for the manufacturing of top-quality filters.

Even though the AMSOIL oil filters may appear slightly expensive compared to some other options, the price seems fair considering the quality materials used for such constructions. Nevertheless, car owners can purchase a compatible option for their vehicle for as low as $10.

K&N Oil Filters

When it comes to choosing an oil filter for cars with a higher flow rate, K&N oil filters come to mind. This brand supplies oil filters that appear pretty efficient compared to some other options available in the market.

In fact, car owners can expect it to be 99% efficient and accommodate various particles, thanks to the 94 square inches surface area of the media. Hence, there would be no contaminants in the oil as it lubricates the engine components.

Furthermore, folks can find excellent options for high-speed situations. For an easy fit, these oil filters have a 1-inch nut at the end caps; thus, they remain in place for a long while, even while you drive through potholes.

However, it seems better to consider this option for conventional or blended oil rather than synthetic oil. Still, the sturdy construction of these oils can also help in the filtration of synthetic oil.

Kindly note that these oil filters are products of K&N Engineering, Inc., another manufacturing giant in the filtration industry. This firm emerged in 1969, in the United States (California) and has various facilities in the UK and China. The price range for these oil filters varies but is available from $6.

Baldwin oil Filters

Baldwin Filters
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One of the most famous producers of heavy-duty oil filters in the industry is Baldwin filters. This brand is renowned for providing consumers with top-quality oil filters, possessing high efficiency.

Thus, it appears to be one of the most sought options for most truck drivers and other car owners. Since dirty or contaminated oil does great harm to the engine, it is better to get such good filters that protect the engine from damage like those from Baldwin.

Baldwin oil filters have an anti-drain back valve made of nitrile rubber and an end cap constructed from steel. The media of these filters is excellent, having 44 pleats and supports a good flow of oil.

Between 12-30 microns, you can find such oil filters having an efficiency of up to 85.44%, which seems fair compared to some other options in the market. In essence, Baldwin filters appear friendly to high-performance engines for heavy-duty applications like trucks.

Since these filters come with a durable design, you can rest assured that the oil filters from this brand would withstand varying terrains and environmental conditions. Again, these products appear affordable, as the prices start from $9.52.

Baldwin oil filters are products manufactured by Parker Engine Mobile Aftermarket Division, an innovative filtration supplier. This firm had an extensive network for distributing one of the best filters since 1936.

Royal Purple Oil Filters

royal purple oil filter
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This brand is one of the most recent options available in the market, introduced in 1986. As a product of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, the brand associates with other high-quality products.

Thus, it is not only sturdy and durable but does its job of removing contaminants effectively. The nitrile gasket is very effective, ensuring that there are no leaks; hence, you can save some money in the long run. The micro-glass media is 100% synthetic, with 99% efficiency.

The sturdy metal backing ensures it lasts long and these durable filters come well-priced, as you can get one for as low as $6.32. The intervals between oil drains are extensive, thanks to its higher capacity and improved flow characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between oil filter brands?

All oil filter brands provide products that would help eradicate particles that may be present in the motor oil before it reaches the engine. However, different brands have varying oil filters that differ in quality. Thus, it is recommendable for folks to look out for brands with good filters.

By now, you should know that most motor oil producers would suggest that any oil filter would work just fine. Still, there is a need to look out for quality options that appear compatible with your vehicle. Doing so can help save you the stress of conducting expensive car repairs on the engine parts affected by contaminants in the oil.

Are Fram oil filters any good?

Fram oil filters are among the many options that you would find in the market with excellent features. This brand of oil filters has products with high efficiency and capacity. The proprietary filter media of this line of oil filters improves its ability to trap dirt.

Installation of such filters is relatively easy and the slip-resistant finish would further let the filters stay in place and not fall off. The fact that Fram oil filters are less expensive compared to conventional brands makes it awesome, as they are well priced and offer great value.

Is Wix a good oil filter brand?

Wix oil filters are one of the longest-existing products in the industry, currently supplied by Mann+Hummel. This brand of oil filters appears consistent in the supply of top-quality solutions compared to some conventional brands in the industry.

Wix holds various models of oil filters that seem compatible with different cars; thus, one can easily choose an oil filter from their product line for their automotive applications. Furthermore, its superior sealing prevents leakages, which is a good feature.

Does oil filter brand really matter?

The brand of oil filters that car owners use often matters, as there are a few brands in the industry that manufacturers products with low quality. This matter persists, even though all oil filters come manufactured with the sole aim of removing various particles from the oil before it gets to the engine.

The best oil filter brands construct oil filters with top-quality materials and equip them with excellent features. Thus, it would help if people can look out for reliable brands like Bosch, Wix, Motorcraft, Fram, Baldwin, and Royal Purple oil filters.

What are the most common oil filters?

There are various oil filters available and a few common ones include the full-flow type of oil filter, spin-on, magnetic, spinner, cartridge, bad secondary oil filters.

However, the most widely used option amongst carmakers out of all these types is mentioned in the full-flow type. Nevertheless, you can also find the spin-on used significantly amongst various vehicles.

What happens if you use a cheap oil filter?

The cost of oil filters may not necessarily affect their efficiency but you may find very cheap products not performing optimally. This issue may be due to the fact that such oil filters come constructed with poor materials.

However, it would help to look out for good oil filters at a fair price, which would offer great value in the long run. There are many options out there and you can easily find the best racing oil filters or best trucking oil filters.

How many miles is an oil filter good for?

Most oil filters comes designed to appear sturdy, as they can last for 50, 000 miles. Nevertheless, there are excellent options that can last for about 10,000 to 25,000 miles.

So, it would be beneficial to only go for premium products in the market that would last longer and perform efficiently. Doing so would save time, money, and other resources. However, It is recommendable that folks change their filters with every oil change.

Final Words

The oil filter of vehicles works like the kidney, removing contaminants and letting dirt-free oil pass through to lubricate and cool the car’s parts. As a crucial part of the car’s lubrication system, folks need to replace the worn-out oil filters with suitable options.

Nevertheless, there are various options, and it may seem tasking for car owners to make the right choice. Thus, this article on the best oil filter brands would help folks make a more natural choice that would prove helpful.


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