Does Discount Tire Do Alignments? – Also Have Related Queries Explored

The importance of wheel alignment cannot be overemphasized. Alignment keeps the front and rear wheels on the correct angle to hug the road perfectly for smooth handling. It also prevents excessive wear on the tires.

The tires are the only vehicle part that has direct contact with the road. So, they must be properly maintained to extend their lifespan and run as predefined by the manufacturers.

There are several ways to maintain the tires. Wheel alignment is one of them. This, however, prompts many folks to ask – does discount tire do alignments since they perform several tire services to keep tires in good health?

This is a reasonable question considering that discount tires specialize in tire sales and maintenance. We’ll also answer the question – does discount tires do balancing? But first, let’s see whether Discount tire does alignment.

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Does discount tire do alignment

According to an article published on discount tire’s website, Discount tire does not and will not do wheel alignments. They do not have the capacity and tools to do wheel alignments. Where most tire stores like Walmart render alignment services, discount tires do not. However, they offer some of the best tire deals and maintenance (more about that in the subsequent sections).

Discount tires have a Solid Gold Reputation for providing two main services; tires and wheels. These two services are given utmost priority by them, and they do not want customers to experience any inconvenience. So, they do not handle services they do not have the necessary capacity and tools needed.

Instead, they have good business relationships with some reputable alignment shops near every location they have a presence. So, if you’re searching for ‘wheel alignment near me,’ you can drive into a nearby discount tire store and have them direct you to a reputable alignment shop. At least, you’ll be convinced of a great service and a reasonable wheel alignment cost.

So, if you were asking, does discount tire do free alignment? You now know the answer. Let’s look at all the services you can get at discount tire stores. If you’re a Costco member, you can check out this article – does Costco do alignments?

Discount Tire provided Services

As reiterated above, discount tires do not do wheel alignments. Instead, they focus their energy on sales and maintenance of tires and wheels. Discount tire services include tire air pressure checks, tire inspection, tire rotation and balancing, flat tire repairs, TPMS services, road force balancing, rim repair and refinishing, heat cycling, winter studding, and winter changeovers.

Tire air pressure checks

Driving with the recommended air pressure inside the tires is essential as it helps the tire to reach its lifespan. Proper air pressure helps the tire to hug the road perfectly and maintain optimal handling. It also enhances fuel economy as the tires roll properly without any drag. Discount tire offers air pressure checks.

Tire repairs

We have flat tires at some point, and some drivers have tire blowouts on the road. Discount tires are the go-to auto store if you run out of air or need tire repair. Regarding tire repairs, Discount tires pride themselves on two things. Firstly, to get you back on the road as fast as possible, and secondly, to ensure they repair the tires safely.

They follow the USTMA (United States Tire Manufacturer Association) repair guidelines. However, some damaged tires are not repairable. For instance, if the damage occurs on the sidewalls, the damage is too big, or too close to the sidewall, you’ll have to get a new tire. The amazing part is that discount tires have quality tires if you need to replace your tire.

Tire inspection

Discount tires offer tire inspection services. During the inspection, they will examine the tread wear pattern and find out if the tire is cupping, if there are leaks, punctures, sidewall damage, or if there is inside or outside tire wear. They’ll offer you solutions if they detect any issues during the inspection.

Tire rotation and balancing

During tire rotation, discount tires will change the tire positions so they will wear evenly. In addition, tire balancing corrects the weight imbalance on the wheels to offer smoother ride experiences. Fortunately, discount tires offer these services.

TPMS service

New modern cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). This system monitors the air or nitrogen pressure inside the tires and notifies the driver once the pressure drops to where it can compromise the wheel handling and overall safety. Discount tire can help you check the TPMS battery, replace dead batteries, and repair or replace the component if needed.

Heat cycling

Heat cycling is an advanced tire service, especially for competition-style tires. These tires are so sensitive that they can lose traction and have irregular tread wear without proper heating. Discount tires can optimize the tread life and traction of new competition-style tires.

Road force balancing

As the name suggests, it works like normal tire balancing but can track and fix issues that normal wheel balancing cannot. This is one of Discount tire’s advanced tire services.

Winter studding and Changeover

Discount tire is your go-to auto store if you prefer getting a set of winter and summer tires for each season. Undoubtedly, there are all-season tires that will run perfectly in the winter, summer, and snow seasons.

However, you cannot compare all-season tires with tires made specifically for a certain season. So, if you understand this and love switching tires every season, Discount tire is the right guys for that job.

Rim repair and refinishing

Discount tires do not limit their services to tires alone. They perform rim repair and refinishing, like re-chroming or powder coating. You can get the work done in a day or two.

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Q: Why doesn’t discount tire offer wheel alignments?

It’s okay to ask, why does discount tires not do wheel alignment since they offer several tire and wheel services you can think of? According to discount tire, they do not have the capacity and tools to do wheel alignments. Plus, I think they do not want to compromise customers’ satisfaction with anything.

I know you may be wondering where to get wheel alignments. American tire depots, Pepboys, Goodyear, and firestone auto centers are some reputable places to drive in for wheel alignment services.

Q: Does Discount tire do an alignment with new tires?

Discount tires do not have the alignment machine and capacity needed to do alignments. So, they do not do alignments on new and old tires. However, alignment is not required after getting new tires unless you have irregular or uneven tire wear symptoms. Although, some experts believe alignment is necessary after getting new tires whether you have any signs of uneven wear or not.

Q: Does Discount tire Rotate and balance tires for free?

We explained that discount tires offer tire rotation and wheel balancing services. The amazing part is that Discount tire will rotate and balance your tires for life at no cost if you bought the tires from any of their stores. They also recommend you rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to prevent uneven tire wear.

Q: How much is tire balancing at Discount tire?

If you purchase your tires at a different place, Discount tire will charge you for mounting and balancing the tires. They’ll charge you per tire; the exact tire cost depends on the region’s store. This means there is no uniform price for Discount tire mounting and balancing prices. However, the average cost per tire is $16. So you should budget $64 for the four tires.

Q: How often should I rotate my tires at Discount tire?

Experts recommend rotating your tires at least every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Some vetted mechanics recommend you rotate it earlier than that. However, driving up to 8,000 miles will not harm the tires. Meanwhile, tire rotation is an essential tire maintenance habit you should cultivate.

Final Words

You’ll no longer ask, does discount tire do alignments, or does firestone do alignments? We explained that Discount tire does not have the capacity and the machine needed to carry out an alignment job. We also mentioned firestone as one of the reputable places to get a wheel alignment.

However, Discount tire offers several tire and rim repairs that make them stand out. So, if you need any basic or advanced tire and rim services, drive to any Discount tire store. We outlined their available services above. So, check them before visiting any Discount tire stores.

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