Does Walmart Do Alignments – How Much is it?

Wheel alignments are one crucial car repair or maintenance, ensuring the tires perform efficiently and last longer. However, the cost of such care remains a significant concern for car owners as they seek affordable options. 

Walmart is one retail store that supplies various automotive products at affordable rates, and most people would like to know if this store has experts that conduct wheel alignments. So, does Walmart do alignments?

It is often recommendable to seek the assistance of professionals for your wheel alignments. With that in mind, this article will reveal exciting details about the Walmart auto care center and the Walmart alignment services.

does walmart do tire alignments

Does Walmart Do Alignments?

Whether new or used cars, it is often crucial to perform wheel alignment when the need arises. You would often find the vehicle wheel offering the best ride with excellent contact of the tire on the road.

Nevertheless, the wheels get shifted with time, which would indicate a severe problem. It is expected that your car will stop running smoothly once you start noticing some symptoms of bad wheel alignment. Hence, there is a need to conduct proper alignments to enhance safe driving.

Kindly note that wheel alignment is an integral part of vehicle maintenance. Most car manufacturers recommend that wheel alignment should occur every 10,000 miles. Nevertheless, this depends on your driving style and other factors.

Since Walmart offers many auto parts at affordable costs, most folks would like to know if Walmart also has auto care centers that perform effective wheel alignment services.

So, does Walmart do tire alignments? It would interest you to know that Walmart offered excellent wheel alignment services in the past in their various Tire and Lube Express service stations. Nevertheless, this company no longer provides such services, as reports suggest that Walmart wants to remain free from liability risks.

Walmart appears to be one of the earliest companies founded by Sam Walton in the 1960s. This corporation has various store locations in the United States, with more than 11,000 stores worldwide. Again, it would interest you to know that Walmart currently has more than 2,500 service centers.

So, the Walmart Auto Care Centers work tirelessly in ensuring they provide other effective tire services such as tire mounting, repairs, balancing, and rotation. Not to worry, there are various other service locations where you can get your vehicle’s tires aligned without hassles.

Other Auto Services Walmart Provides

Since it is known that Walmart does not only offer various automotive parts at affordable costs but runs an auto care store, you may want to learn about the standard services they offer. With that in mind, the following are regular vehicle maintenance and repair services that Walmart does.

  • Tire Services: Walmart offers various services relating to your car tires, ranging from new tire purchase, installation, and balancing to rotation. The good news is that these services are available at affordable prices. You can check the service station for the Walmart tire installation cost.
  • Battery Services: Walmart provides a comprehensive service on battery installations. These services cover both battery components purchased at Walmart stores and those brought from outside. Nevertheless, there are free installations for batteries purchased at Walmart.
  • Fuel System Services: You can trust the Walmart auto centers to do a perfect job, from cleaning the car’s fuel system to fixing other related issues.
  • Oil and Lube: For high mileage, pit crew, and standard oil changes, you can always visit Walmart auto care centers, as they have experienced mechanics that can handle such tasks. So, you can easily inquire about the Walmart oil change prices.

Other excellent services that this company’s service centers offer include:

So, you can book an appointment with the Walmart service center closest to you to get your car issues fixed. Again, you can visit the company’s website to view the varying cost of these services mentioned above.

Are Walmart Alignments Good

Walmart has effective service centers that provide auto mechanic experts to work on varying car issues. Although Walmart auto care centers no longer offer wheel alignments, they had one of the best services in such matters in the past.

Since these centers are available in various parts of the country, it was easy for folks to locate them and book appointments. Then, the certified technicians hired by Walmart does a great job in various car repairs and maintenance. Again, most car repairs can appear absurdly expensive, but they are readily available at affordable costs at Walmart.

Booking an Appointment with Walmart Auto Centers

The thought of booking appointments with Walmart auto care centers is an excellent one, much more with the COVID-19 pandemic. You can always book an appointment online using your phone or PC.

Kindly visit the company’s website and schedule an appointment with an auto center close to you, indicating the services you want for your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Alignment at Walmart?

Although Walmart no longer offers wheel alignment services, they have done much in the past at affordable rates. Even though there are no precise price specifications, the cost charged at Walmart appeared to be fair, thanks to their effective services.

Such wheel alignment cost at Walmart often appears within the range of $30 to $65, usually for the front wheels. Still, Walmart offered to perform wheel alignments for four wheels from $50 to $95.

By now, you should know that other service stations do the wheel alignment at varying prices. Thus, below is a glimpse of the price comparison of other agencies to that of Walmart’s previous cost on wheel alignment.

S/N Company Price Range
1 NTB $90-$235
2 Midas $70-$100
3 Goodyear Auto Services $90-$100
4 Big O Tires $60-$90
5 Sears Auto Centers $85-$165
6 Pep Boys $85-$110
7 Firestone Complete Auto Care $80-$170

Kindly note that the cost will always vary based on the car model and whether you want to work on the front wheel alone or all four wheels. Furthermore, the different companies have their specific pricing based on their services, as some charge for wheel alignment for a year, two, or even three years.

does walmart do alignments on vehicles

Does Walmart Do Free Alignments?

Walmart does not offer free wheel alignment, as the company’s auto care center does not engage in wheel alignments. Although Walmart provided such services in the past, they go for affordable costs. 

Thus, whether you purchase new tires from the company, you shouldn’t expect free wheel alignments. However, you can always search through the various service stations close to you to see if any align wheels for free. 

Nevertheless, you should know that the cost of getting wheels aligned always appears moderate and is pretty affordable.

Does Walmart Balance And Align Tires?

Unfortunately, no more extended wheel or tire alignments; you can find a Walmart tire center offering various practical services. These services from the company range from Walmart tire installation and balancing. 

Thus, some experienced technicians could easily handle tire balancing at Walmart. The cost of such services varies but appears quite affordable. You can get the tires of your car balanced at the estimated price of $12 for each tire.

In essence, you can drive into any Walmart superstore with auto centers for your tire balancing, irrespective of the tire brand. You can find some in Florida, New York, and even Arizona. Kindly note that it is beneficial to get new tires balanced after mounting and look out for common signs of unbalanced tires.

Final Words

Walmart is a renowned company that has various retail stores worldwide, offering multiple products at affordable prices. It is common to find different car parts across these Walmart stores, and you can take your car issues to the various Walmart auto care centers.

So, does Walmart do wheel alignments? It would interest you to know that Walmart service stations fix various automotive issues but no longer handle wheel alignments. Thus, you can still visit the Walmart auto care centers for tire installations and balancing, engine, and cabin air filter replacement, fuel system services, and other car repairs.

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