Top 10 EV Charging Station Companies You Should Know

As the world moves towards a greener environment, the automotive industry receives high geared electric vehicles from top auto manufacturers. However, only an extensive infrastructure for charging an electric car can make such investments worth it and convenient.

Hence, you need to know the top EV charging station companies and charging options available from various parts of the world. The EV market holds about 150,000 charging stations scattered across 75,000 locations with various technological transformations.

This piece will focus on some of the leading EV charging stations operating within the market in no particular order.

Top 10 EV Charging Stations Companies

Various manufacturers are rapidly investing in infrastructural developments to introduce charging stations supporting long-range EV batteries. This is why this sub-segment of the automotive industry keeps growing.

With the market estimated to hold a value of $103.6 billion by 2028 at 26.4% CAGR, individuals can look forward to investing in top EV charging station companies’ stock. 

For folks who lean towards reducing carbon emissions and investing in electric cars, it is crucial to know the dominant electric car charging station companies within the industry.

Thus, here are the top 10 EV charging companies around the world.

1. ChargePoint

Charge Point

ChargePoint is one firm that supplies excellent software and hardware solutions that span across every scenario. It has its headquarters in the Campbell (United States), serving utilities, corporations, parking service providers, shopping centers, and municipalities. 

Thus, you can find top EV battery manufacturers and other partners depending on this marque’s charging network to bring forward details of charging stations in navigating systems, mobile apps, and online platforms of famous EVs. 

Hence, ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. emerges as one of the best EV charging companies to invest in, with great returns. Since 2007, this company has offered cloud-based resources encompassing tools, driver support, and payment processing that works on an annual subscription. 

As one of the most open and biggest EV charging companies in the USA and worldwide, this establishment holds around 60,000 charging stations. 

2. BP

Without a doubt, BP is one of the giant EV charger manufacturers in the UK, as it supplies electric power alongside its oil and gas business. With over 10,000 chargers installed, this marque sets a goal of hitting 70,000 charging stations by 2030.

BP claims to have this expansion covering Europe and China, offering fast-charging services. The company invested $5 million in FreeWire, which offers quiet, clean, and fast mobile power charging.

In 2018, this company gained the largest EV charging company in the United Kingdom (as at that time), Chargemaster. BP moves further to building out charging infrastructure within China, following its joint venture with the renowned Didi Chuxing.

3. Shell


Another colossus within the market of EV charging solutions is Shell, as this marque claims to be pumping $200 million into alternative energy solutions each year to increase this figure.

Since Shell is one of the largest global energy suppliers, this firm journeys into the industry to be the biggest provider of energy charging solutions. This establishment lets out its ambition of setting up 50,000 EV on-street charge points in the United Kingdom to top the list of the biggest EV charging companies in the UK.

This firm acquired NewMotion in 2017, a charging specialist with over 30,000 charging points across Europe and 50,000 more in various other locations. With 80,000 charging points at homes, Shell sites, and businesses for electric cars, Shell targets owning 500,000 charge points by 2025.

4. Hyundai


This company is famous for supplying vehicle lineups, including luxury options that perform optimally. Hyundai commits to accelerating the mainstream adoption of EVs; hence, this firm has a wide charging network.

Hyundai offers fast and effective charging solutions to EV car owners from public to home charging stations. A great leap in this pace is its partnership with Kia in developing wireless charging systems for electric cars, demonstrating autonomous car offerings.

Earlier this year, this automaker announced its goal of providing high-speed stations for charging EVs along major highways within South Korea. Hyundai forged ahead in unveiling its first EV on the dedicated E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), the Ioniq 5.

5. ABB

ABB has an excellent portfolio within the robotics sector, emerging as one of the biggest manufacturers of industrial robots. But this added another achievement to its already strong portfolio by providing downstream power equipment, unveiling vast charging solutions for EV trucks, cars, and buses. 

This brand is present in about 100 countries across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and MEA (the Middle East and Africa). ABB EV charging solutions, ranging from compact EV charging stations to reliable DC and top-quality AC wall boxes, have robust connectivity. 

Its chargers offer fast and proactive global services and maintenances. With predictions, this company would have improved its profile, following its partnership with Porsche to develop and produce EV chargers.

6. Siemens

As one of the biggest engineering companies in Europe, Siemens keeps demonstrating quite a handful of charging solutions, encompassing fast and standard charging, public charging, and home charging for EVs

This firm has one of the best EV charging solutions across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the MEA, with German subsidiaries such as:

  • HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH 
  • Agilion GmbH
  • Adwen Blades GmbH
  • Flender GmbH
  • Adwen GmbH

Employees of Siemens receive free top-ups for their electric cars through the company’s charging stations established over the years. This agency claims to hold one of the prime positions within the heightening market and prioritizes the availability of fast charging solutions and large-scale technical support.

7. EVBox

EVBox is another renowned charging company for EVs established in 2010 for designing and manufacturing varying charging solutions within the industry. Fortunately, this trade name supplies software and hardware charging solutions comprising public and home chargers.

Although this company has its headquarters in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), it puts EV and semi-EV charging stations on sale across geographical locations in North America and Europe. With access to charging network support and advice, individuals can always rely on EVBox.

Since its emergence in the industry, EVBox has partnered with top companies such as Eon and Engie to offer fast-charging stations.

8. Webasto

The Webasto Group is famous for providing charging stations alongside heating, cooling, roof, and ventilation systems. This firm operates as an expansive business with a comprehensive portfolio of charging stations.

Webasto is among the top Ev charging companies worldwide, with this marque claiming to emerge among the first 100 suppliers within the automotive industry. It would interest you to know these charging networks span 50 countries, with stations holding customized infrastructural and technical requirements. 

Thus, Webasto exists in geographical locations like the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. With its online shop, folks can purchase charging points for a cost price reaching $794. 

9. EVgo


With a mission to speed up the adoption of electric cars and create reliable, convenient, and less expensive EV charging networks, this firm stands amongst the best EV charging stations companies.

Thus, over 80% of folks living in California and 130 million US residents settle within a “10-mile drive” of a fast charger offered by EVgo. The recent partnership between EVgo and ABB gave birth to the first “high power” station for fast charging solutions in Fremont (California).

So far, this marque has about 1,050 chargers installed across the United States within 66 metropolitan regions. EVgo rates depend on the utility costs within the region; hence, the establishment claims to offer the lowest rates possible. 

The payment plans are flexible, as this marque allows individuals to choose between:

  • The EVgo Plus
  • EVgo Membership
  • Pay-as-you-go

10. Tesla

Tesla is a renowned auto company founded in 2003 and has been producing vehicles that support scalable and clean energy. Alongside building affordable cars, this company deals in batteries, renewable energy generation, and power storage.

A great leap for this organization is its position within the EV charging solution market, supplying excellent services through its various segments. Their charging solutions work well for both Tesla EV batteries and others. 

The company has charging networks in China, the United States, Norway, and the Netherlands, with workers in over 30 countries. This business has prominent subsidiaries such as:

  • Maxwell Technologies in the United States
  • Tesla Grohmann Automation in Germany
  • SolarCity in the United States


Q: Who is the leading company in EV charging stations?

The EV charging market holds various thriving companies that offer car owners and businesses some of the best charging solutions as they lean towards a greener environment. Thus, the following are some of the top names within the industry, owning vast charging stations and fast charging technologies.

  • ChargePoint
  • ABB
  • BP
  • Shell
  • Tesla
  • EVBox

Q: Who manufactures ChargePoint EV Chargers?

ChargePoint is a renowned American EV infrastructure company within the industry and appears to be the sole manufacturer of its charging solutions. It holds and operates one of the largest networks online for independently owned charging stations for electric cars.

Since its inception in 2007, this trade name has kept designing, developing, and manufacturing software and hardware solutions and offers searchable EV charging networks for car owners. Hence, the latest figures reveal this company has about 60,000 charging stations. 

Q: What companies use ChargePoint?

ChargePoint is in partnership with various automakers such as BMW, Chevrolet, Toyota, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz, amongst others. This American business keeps introducing kits for electric car owners and drivers of these car brands. 

Q: What charging stations can Tesla use?

According to Elon Musk, the product architect and CEO at Tesla Inc., Tesla EVs can power up at any EV charging station through adaptor cables. But car owners of this company’s EVs can now use their supercharger station, following Tesla’s expansion into the charging market.

Tesla has staff in over 30 companies, with a strong presence in Norway, China, the United States, and the Netherlands. 

Q: Can I use my ChargePoint card at EVgo stations?

Using the roaming partner’s program, car owners can effectively charge their EVs at any ChargePoint’s publicly accessible locations with their EVgo Program card. As an alternative, you can utilize the EVgo app and access over 28,000 level-2 chargers and 700 DC fast chargers, as ChargePoint provides. 

All you are to activate the roaming feature on your EVgo app and search for searching stations close to you.

Q: Does Leviton own ChargePoint?

Both Leviton and ChargePoint are individual leading teams within the electric car charging market. However, Leviton is a partner of ChargePoint and works effectively in providing vast charging solutions to folks in need.

Through the agreement of both parties, Leviton’s EVSE home and public charging stations would run on the network enabled by ChargePoint.

Q: Which EV company has its unique charger type?

The EV charging station market has many providers with top options that supply standard and fast charging solutions for different electric cars. 

Remember, you can find the Level-1 EV charger that works for electric cars and plugged-in hybrid vehicles and the Level 2 and 3 that work for daily EVs and super-charging EVs, respectively.

Q: Who owns the most charging stations?

Reports suggest that ChargePoint holds the largest number of outlets and a long shot, followed by Tesla. With around 60,000 charging stations across 20,000 locations, ChargePoint aims to expand its services within the EV charging market and ensure people get reliable services.

Thus, various partners, including hardware makers, depend on this EV charging company’s network for providing charging station details on their online platforms, navigation systems, and mobile apps.

Final Words

With top automakers designing and developing various electric cars, the EV market has grown big enough, with purchases on the steep rise. These car options run on electricity supplied by a battery charged from plugging them into a charge point. So setting up more charging stations is the demand of the day to meet up the needs of electric car owners.

The industry is enriched with these top EV charging station companies willing to expand their charging networks, coupled with the ones already available. You can look up this piece to learn about some of the market giants that supply reliable EV charging solutions.


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