Who Makes Everstart Batteries? Complete Guide

Various forms of vehicular transportations require a functional battery for a smooth engine operation. Thus, it is best to replace old batteries whenever the need arises, with a suitable replacement.

Everstart batteries are one of the top options available in the market, as they have great value and work efficiently. Hence, most car owners use products from this battery line for their cars, SUVs, and Trucks.

Nevertheless, there are a few speculations about who makes Everstart batteries. So, this piece would provide you with some interesting details about Everstart batteries producer and the products from the Everstart battery line.

Everstart Car Batteries

One of the renowned battery brands that you can find in the market appears to be Everstart batteries. What makes these batteries stand out is their power, and you can find them having AGM batteries that work well even in extreme cold conditions.

Thus, you would face no issues starting your vehicle at freezing or cold temperatures. This battery brand does not compromise on their product quality, makings them one of the most sought options, as the batteries possess great durability.

Car owners can comfortably find various advanced features from these batteries, much more, they would enjoy some added advantage since it uses lithium ions. Another likable feature of these batteries is the affordable cost, and they come reasonably cheap compared to some options in the market.

 According to the Everstart battery review from most users, these batteries can last for two to three years without causing any problems. In fact, you can find top-performing Everstart batteries working for three to five years, which is pretty awesome.

Like most modern options, you do not need to have a strict maintenance schedule for these batteries, as there is no need to add distilled water. Conclusively, this product comes with great value at affordable rates.

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Types of Everstart Battery?

There are a plethora of batteries from Everstart, categorized into different groups. These batteries include:

Vehicle and Leisure Batteries

By now, you should know that the regular batteries for trucks and cars are less likely to work for recreational and leisure vehicles. Hence the need for starter or deep cycle batteries. You can find a good amount of such batteries from the Everstart battery line.

Marine Batteries

There are Everstart lead-acid marine batteries available for boat owners with small-sized to large-sized boats. Their deep-cycle batteries come with excellent construction that allows a heavy discharge, supporting steady current streams in small and medium-sized boats.

Nevertheless, you can find Starter batteries that would work well for large boats with their quick energy bursts.

Multi-sport Batteries

Undoubtedly, snowmobiles, jet skis, motorcycles, and all-terrain cars would be needing a suitable battery for their operations. Thus, it is recommendable for consumers to consider the products from the Everstart batteries for such recreational applications.

These batteries come with an excellent construction with little maintenance needed, as individuals would need to add water to the batteries occasionally. Kindly note that there are many options to choose from, as Everstart has about 15 different models of recreational vehicle batteries.

Tractor and Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

 Riding lawn mowers and tractors use batteries (10 volts) that appear similar to car batteries. Nevertheless, these options come in smaller sizes even though they hold the same chemical principles as SUV batteries.

You can rely on Everstart batteries, as this brand has suitable batteries for big and small tractors and lawnmowers that work for a smooth operation.

Automotive Batteries

You can find various Everstart lead-acid automotive batteries that suit the needs of different automobiles. Their standard batteries come with an excellent formulation that consists of water and sulfuric acid that results in long-lasting battery power, even with a small amount of charge.

When it comes to automotive, marine, and RV battery models, some of the excellent options you can find at Walmart include:

The Everstart Maxx Group 24 Automotive battery

This battery is of good quality, working on a CCA of 700, and appears very easy to use. Even in the most severe working conditions, it is efficient and would be an excellent replacement for your car’s bad battery.


  • Long lifespan
  • 700 cold-cranking amps
  • Provides quicks start for vehicles
  • Possesses a top post


  • Non-returnable by mail

The Everstart Value Group 26R Automotive Battery

The fact that this battery seems compatible with different car models makes it an excellent option. It delivers an awesome CCA of 525, which is very reliable in starting the engine in cold temperatures. Kindly note that you can get a free installation and testing at the nearest Walmart store.


  • A year warranty for free replacement
  • It has a top post
  • It offers reliable power
  • 525 cold-cranking amps


  • Non-returnable by mail

The Everstart Maxx Group 24DC Automotive battery

This 12 volts battery appears to be very suitable for recreational vehicles and marine applications, as it offers excellent power for high electrical demands for radio, GPS, and trolling motors. As a deep cycle battery, it prolongs the time you drive on water and has increased recharge capabilities for extended use.


  • Maintenance-free
  • 2-year free replacement warranty
  • Suitable for high electrical demands
  • High recharge capabilities


  • Short life span

Who Makes Everstart Batteries?

Everstart batteries are among the automobile batteries that Walmart sells. Kindly note that this battery is a product manufactured by Johnson Controls International, a firm that appears famous for producing HVAC, fire, and security equipment.

This company has been around for about 136 years, founded as Johnson Electric Service in 1885. As a public company, the firm acquired a Globe-Union, a battery company, in 1978, which was the start of the production of various batteries.

Johnson Controls International is an international conglomerate that has its headquarters in Ireland (Cork). Nevertheless, the company has a merger with the American firm Tyco International.

The Everstart automotive batteries are, however, available for users across different parts of the world. This product of Johnson Controls follows the signed agreement of the firm to supply batteries to Walmart.

There are personal laboratories that test the efficiency of these batteries before they become available to consumers. With Johnson Controls having about 2,000 operating branches in six varying countries, you can find Everstart batteries and other of their products readily available in the market.

Apart from the Everstart batteries that Johnson Controls supplies, they also have some other battery brands that they manufacture. These products include Continental, Heliar, OPTIMA battery, Delkor, LTH, and VARTA.

Everstart Car Batteries Problems

Everstart car batteries have excellent value and offer adequate power for the proper functioning of your car. Nevertheless, you should look out for these issues below to prevent damages to your new Everstart battery.

Excessive Loading

Everstart batteries come in different models that hold varying capabilities. Thus, having a model with lesser powers for vehicles with various electronics with high energy needs may put the battery under excessive strain.

Loose Connection

The installation of your Everstart battery should be proper, as loose connections can cause some severe damages. This issue can also cause some severe problems for the engine bays too, as it leads to sparks.

Charging Problems

When the battery does not charge properly, you should expect the vehicle to become less functional. Hence, undercharging or overcharging your Everstart battery would cause some severe issues. Kindly note that this can occur because of a faulty alternator. Thus, you should fix the alternator and set the proper voltage for the battery.

Deep Battery Discharge

It is often common for an excessive battery discharge to cause some severe problems, as it would shorten the service life of the Everstart battery. Thus, it is imperative to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure the battery does not face a complete drain.

Everstart Car Batteries Maintenance Tips

Lack of proper maintenance degrades batteries, and even though Everstart car batteries require only a few maintenances, you mustn’t ignore them. In a bid to enjoy an extended service life of your vehicle’s Everstart batteries, it would help to keep the following in mind.

  1. Kindly clean the surface of these batteries regularly to get out dirt and grime that may affect their functionality.
  2. It would be beneficial to keep a high level of charge
  3. Ensure that the battery does not get exposed to harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.
  4. For options that may require the addition of water, kindly ensure that you fill them regularly.
  5. Monitor the alternating voltage that comes from your vehicle.

Everstart Car Batteries Sizes

The sizes of batteries fall under three major categories:

Side-Post Battery Groups

The group sizes for batteries within this category include 70, 78, 75, and 74. You can find side-post batteries having cable ends screwed into the battery’s side. You can find such Everstart batteries compatible with car models like Dodge, Chrysler, and GM.

Recessed top-Post Battery Groups

The group sizes you can find with this battery category include 49, 48, 47, 42, and 41. Most European automakers, including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedez Benz, often use the recessed top-post versions

Standard top-Post Battery Groups

This category of batteries consists of group sizes like 65, 59, 58R, 58, 52, 51R, 35, 34, 25, 24F, and 24. This battery is compatible with Honda, Acura, Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, and Infiniti.

If you are keen on knowing how to determine your vehicle’s battery size, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Check through the Owner’s manual of your vehicle, as most automakers have their specs enlisted in the manual. With that, you should comfortably tell the battery size that your car would need.
  • Again, you can look at the old battery you want to replace and search for the group size printed on it. On most batteries, you may also find the reserve charge and CCA details.
  • If you can’t find the details yourself, kindly ask a professional from an auto store.


Q: Are EverStart batteries any good?

Everstart batteries are a great option available for a wide variety of vehicles, tractors, and marine equipment. This brand is one of the top-leading battery manufacturers and is famous for its high power and CCA.require

Thus, these batteries can work effectively even in icy conditions, and they appear very easy to use. Since most Everstart batteries require little or no maintenance, folks can rest assured that the battery would keep working without the need to do any specific maintenance task.

Q: Do Johnson Controls make EverStart batteries?

Johnson Controls is the sole manufacturer of Everstart batteries, as they produce this product and other batteries for Walmart. The company is one of the biggest battery producers in the United States and provides top-quality batteries after passing them through various lab tests.

Nevertheless, Walmart distributes these batteries across different locations and also offers free installation services for customers. Again, they have an excellent recycling program that accepts all old batteries and frees the environment from pollution.

Q: Where is the EverStart battery made?

The primary location for the manufacturing of Everstart batteries is in Canada. Nevertheless, Johnson Controls has over 2,000 distributing locations across six different countries. Again, these batteries are readily available in various Walmart stores. Thus, you can find on in the auto store close to you.

Q: How good are Walmart EverStart batteries?

Consumers report an outstanding experience with these Walmart batteries, as they have high power and good cranking amps. Thus, folks do not necessarily face a hard time starting their engines during the cold season.

Again, their durability and reliability are pretty excellent. In essence, you can use these products for an extended period and enjoy a reasonable service life. With its reputable value that appears better than most options out there, you can still get the Everstart batteries at affordable costs.

Q: How Much Do EverStart Batteries Cost?

Most car batteries at Walmart, including Everstart batteries, comes within the average price range of $65 to $140. Nevertheless, the exact cost of the Everstart batteries depends on the model and battery size.

Thus, it would help to check the online page of Walmart or inquire from their store close to you. Remember, the battery type you choose would depend on your vehicle’s needs. So, you should inform the professionals at the auto store about your car’s model to help you find a compatible battery.

Q: What’s better, EverStart or Duralast?

Both Everstart batteries and Duralast batteries are significant options available amongst other products in the market. Nevertheless, Everstart batteries hold higher energy for starting a vehicle’s engine when compared to Duralast.

Again, most Duralast batteries have a fair number of cold-cranking amps, reaching around 600 CCA. On the other hand, Everstart holds some batteries with very high cold cranking amperage that reaches up to 800 CCA.

Q: What difference exists between EverStart and EverStart Maxx?

The Everstart Maxx lead-acid auto batteries and the regular options from the brand have excellent value. Nevertheless, most folks confirm that the Maxx version offers extra value compared to the non-Maxx models.

You can find the Maxx battery models having a rating of 114 amp hours and the regular Everstart battery having 122 amp-hours. It is also common for the Everstart batteries to last two to three years, but Everstart Maxx batteries can last for three to five years.

Q: What companies receive supplies from Johnson Controls?

Johnson Control International manufactures and supplies products to automakers and retailers for aftermarket car parts. Thus, this company is a supplier of Walmart, BMW, Toyota, and Sears.

Some of the lead-acid battery brands from this firm’s business units consist of LTH, Continental, Heliar, OPTIMA, VARTA, and Delkor automotive batteries. Continental Johnson Controls appears to be one of the leading battery producers, as they supply about a third of the total lead-acid batteries in the world.

Final Words

Car batteries are essential for getting the engine started and powering various electrical components of the vehicle. However, it takes an excellent battery to ensure the smooth operation of a car. Thus, folks recommend that folks try Everstart batteries, as they serve efficiently for an extended period.

If you are keen on finding out who makes Everstart batteries, you should know that they are a product of Johnson Controls International. This company is famous for the production of top-quality batteries, as well as HVAC, security, and fire equipment.


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