15 Most Expensive Car Parts that You Should Know

Cars have various parts that work well for the overall functioning of the vehicle. Thus, learning about the most expensive car parts would help you view what to expect when there is a need to replace your vehicle’s components.

Undoubtedly, cars are ‘constructed’ with advanced technologies and parts, which comes with a price. With some car parts appearing pricier than others, you may want to know the expensive ones to help you budget for possible car repairs. Such knowledge of the car part price can help you make the right decision when buying used cars.

By now, you should know that you can recycle up to 80% of your old vehicle, which seems excellent for folks who want to scrap their damaged cars. Do you consider recycling your truck? Then, it is of essence to know about the most expensive car parts to sell.

Whether you are thinking of replacing a worn part in your vehicle or you want to learn about specific parts of your old car that would earn you some money, this piece on expensive car parts should get you through.

15 Most Expensive Car Parts

Most car owners can tell that car repair is one thing that can blow a budget fast. Thus, most persons get worried even with the slightest issues their car faces. The cost of car repairs appears dependent on the price of the affected parts.

In essence, different car parts come at varying price ranges. In a bid to create a budget for car repairs of part replacement, you should learn about the cost of some car components and the most expensive car parts manufacturers. With that in mind, here is a list of the most expensive car parts.


Whether you are a guru or only a “driver” when it comes to cars, you would easily understand that a damaged engine would spell serious trouble. You should know that it would involve considerable sums in replacing a lousy engine.

The cost for replacing the entire engine ranges between $3,000 to $10,000. So, if you decide to sell the engine of your old car, you can make a huge fortune.

Most Expensive Car Parts

Engine Cylinders Block

The most expensive car engine damages are those involving the car cylinders, as you won’t be able to drive the car even to the repair station. The cylinder encases the piston, which moves during the engine’s operation and when the engine stops working immediately the cylinder gets damaged.

The replacement of an engine cylinder reaches up to $8,000. If you decide on buying a used car, kindly ensure that the cylinder is I’m good shape, as such repair may not be worth it. You wouldn’t want to spend up to the cost of purchasing the vehicle on such repairs.

Most Expensive Car Parts

Engine Cylinder Head

The cylinder head is an important part of the car that sits at the top of the engine and has close proximity to the combustion chamber. It serves as a structure that mounts various other components.

The cylinder head also holds passages for oil, coolant, and even combustion gases. On average, the engine cylinder head costs around $1,655 and may vary depending on the type of car.


Although the crankshaft appears cheaper than the camshaft, there is no doubt that this part is worth a significant amount of money. Damaged crankshafts often create further issues for the other connected components.

Thus, it would be best to get the car part replaced quickly. The price of the crankshaft varies, depending on the type of vehicle. Nevertheless, you can get a suitable replacement for $500 to $800

Most Expensive Car Parts


A broken camshaft may result from poor maintenance and irregular engine oil changes. Nevertheless, the constant use of this vehicle part may make it start wearing out, and as such, you may start noticing some signs of a faulty camshaft.

Since this car part controls the engine’s air intake, you need to fix the damage sooner to prevent further issues. In essence, you would need to create a budget for getting a replacement. The cost for such replacement is around $2,000 and above. Thus, this part of your vehicle is considered one of the costly car components.

Vehicle Transmission

The car transmission and car suspension are the significant parts responsible for the vehicle’s movement. Thus, they are pretty important, and you should know that the vehicle transmission may seem like one of the most expensive car parts.

Replacing a faulty transmission may cost between $1,000 to $5,000 and even more in some cases, depending on the car’s age. So, you may want to ensure that the transmission is still in good shape when buying a used car.

Sadly, you may spend up to 50% of the vehicle cost for replacing the transmission in a used car; thus, the need for thorough research.

Most Expensive Car Parts

The Engine Alternator

Most car owners fear issues associated with the engine alternator, as this part is responsible for the power supply to the battery. When faulty, the sensitive electrical system of the vehicle faces the risk of getting damaged.

Thankfully, there are few signs of a faulty alternator that helps you pick on this problem quickly. Nevertheless, the engine alternator appears to be one of the most expensive car parts in the world. You may need to have up to $1,000 to get a suitable replacement installed for your car.

The Engine Control Unit

The ECU or car computer is an essential computer of most modern vehicles, as they work well for interpreting sensors. These car components also take care of the various vehicle electronics and control the timing precision of the ignition and injector activation.

Thus, the ECU appears to be among the most expensive parts existing in vehicles, and car owners may spend up to $500 to $1,500 depending on the car make and model. Kindly note that you can make up to $250 or more from selling the ECU of your old vehicle, depending on its current quality.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter handles the conversion of the car’s byproducts to less harmful emissions. In essence, this car component works well in keeping the environment safe from toxic gases. You can find this part of the vehicle situated between the muffler and the engine.

A bad catalytic converter has fewer chances of this part appearing repairable, hence, the need for a replacement. The catalytic converter cost around 1,500 and more. If your old car has an active catalytic converter, you can make some good money from selling it as you plan on recycling the vehicle.

Electric or Hybrid Car Battery

You can find the battery pack in hybrid and electric cars unable to hold a charge after a while of constant use. Thankfully, these batteries come with a life expectancy that reaches 100,000 miles or eight years. Nevertheless, your battery can last that long with a proper maintenance routine.

Again, you would need a suitable replacement when the need arises. The battery pack seems like the heart of hybrid or electric vehicles, and surprisingly, an electric battery is pretty pricey. The cost for getting such battery replacement may appear between $1,00 and $4,000.

The Brake Line

The brake of a car works well in inhibiting motion through the energy absorption of energy. Thus, the brake line is an essential component of the vehicle needed for safe driving. In essence, it would be a great idea to avoid driving around with broken brake lines.

However, you could spend a lot of money on the if there is a disintegration of the brake line. Rather than repairing, car experts advise that folks replace the entire brake line to prevent further damages. The average cost for such replacement falls around $1,000 and may go higher depending on the car type.

Air Conditioning Compressor

Summer can be a stressful period for most drivers, as they get all sweaty with the heat. Nevertheless, cars’ air conditioners come to the rescue, cooling the car and saving drivers from the heat. Thus, this appears to be one of the most expensive car parts in the UK, US, and other areas.

With this car part separating the low and high air pressure and ensuring the Freon gas cools the vehicle, the compressor may develop some faults over time. Whatever the issue might be, you may spend up to $500 to replace the AC compressor.

The Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is another pricey car part, and its cost is attributable to its essential function in the car. It supplies fuel that gets injected into the combustion cylinder, and a functioning fuel pump provides the fuel in the correct amount and pressure.

Thus, a bad fuel pump may lead to low fuel efficiency, power loss, and maybe why the car won’t start. A suitable replacement may fall within the price range of $400 and $800. So, it would help if you considered this cost for your budget while planning to replace the fuel pump after crossing 100,000-200,000 miles.

Steering Box

This part of a car works well in turning the steering wheel’s motion. A lousy steering box may get the steering wheel tightened, and as such, drivers would find it difficult to handle.

The issue with the steering box may occur due to its extended use, as it starts wearing out over time. Nevertheless, this vehicle part may appear pricey, ranging from $470 to $630.

Suspension Parts

For vehicles to work correctly, they need the suspension parts and a good suspension assures you of safety while driving. The suspension parts include the shocks and the struts.

The cost for replacing these car components varies, but it may reach $5,000 for some top cars. Nevertheless, you can get it at an average cost of &200 to $1,500.

Note: If you decide to sell any of these parts from your old car, you should know that the price would appear lesser—this reduction of the price results from the fact that the car part was previously used.

Nevertheless, you can still make a significant amount of money. Kindly visit an auto store that buys old car parts and inquire how much they are willing to buy yours.


What car do parts sell the most?

Some common car parts in high demand include the shocks and struts for the car’s suspension system, catalytic converters for converting the vehicle’s byproduct to less harmful emissions, and the fuel pump that supplies the right amount and pressure of fuel to the combustion chamber.

Other vehicle parts that sell the most are the brake discs, radiators, brake pad sets, oxygen sensor, and control arm. Kindly note that these components appear to be very crucial and work for the car’s proper functioning.

What car parts are worth money?

You can find the radiators, catalytic converter, door, battery, bumpers, engine, and the camshaft seems to be very valuable. These parts are pretty expensive and can fetch you some money if you decide to sell them while you plan on recycling your old car.

So, you can quickly get them out and check for buyers within your local vicinity who would be interested in purchasing them as a suitable replacement for your car. A few auto service stations buy these parts from old vehicles, and the price varies depending on the quality.

Which is the most accessible car to repair?

When performing easy repairs, cars like Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Altima Honda Civic, Subaru BRZ, Toyota Tacoma, Subaru Outback, and Ford Crown Victoria seems easy to work with.

Kindly note that these car models mentioned above also have easy maintenance requirements. Thus, it may seem easy for car owners to handle them and use them for an extended period.

Does Amazon sell used parts?

Although Amazon is one of the top locations for getting a good car part, they don’t sell used car parts. Thus, you can only get new and refurbished products from Amazon. However, you can check some trusted auto part stores that sell used car components.

Kindly ensure that the product you get comes with good quality and matches your vehicle’s needs.

How do I sell used parts on Amazon?

Amazon is an excellent place to sell various car parts, but sadly, you can’t sell used car components. Nevertheless, you can decide to sell new and refurbished car parts, and it involves an easy process.

Kindly create an account for your sales of these products and go through the regulations stipulated by Amazon. Once you’ve met all standards and requirements, you should endeavor to get approval to start selling the category for Automotive products.

Final Words

There are various car parts and technologies that work well for the proper functioning of the vehicle. It is also common for any of these parts to develop faults with constant use, and as such, it would be beneficial to learn about the most expensive car parts.

Such knowledge can help you make your vehicle maintenance and repair budget. Again, if you are thinking of selling some of your old car parts, knowing the cost can help you decipher how much you can make.


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