Who Makes Hankook Tires? 2024 Review

Car tires are crucial for the vehicle’s suspension system, even though some persons may not think much about them. Although the vehicle’s tire may not be the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing a used car, it is still something that you shouldn’t overlook.

Apart from supporting the car’s load, the tires further aid in the transmission of braking forces and traction across the road surfaces. Thus, Hankook tires come constructed with the right features that support such functions, and as such, folks are keen on knowing who makes Hankook tires.

With the various tire brands available in the market, you can rest assured that Hankook would supply excellent tires to meet your driving needs. This piece would calm your curiosity by revealing some relevant details about the brand.

Who Makes Hankook Tires?

hankook tires made in usa

Hankook tires emerge as one of the most reputable brands within the industry and are the Hankook Tire Company products. This South Korean company, formerly known as Chosun Tire Company, was founded by Chong Hong Jai.

 Since its inception in 1941, this brand has been producing a wide range of tires for light trucks, passenger cars, and SUVs. With sixty years of success, this brand has evolved to become one of the top tire manufacturers in the world.

One likable fact about this company is its eagerness to expand to meet the need of consumers out there. There are various manufacturing units of this tire brand across various parts of the world, where tires come constructed with top-performing technologies.

This company started in Seoul, South Korea and about twenty years later, began exporting tires around the world. The production of “radial tires” for use across various passenger cars by this brand started in 1974, their foreign trade and commerce significantly expanded.

Aside from the research development centers of Hankook tires in Seoul, it would interest you to know that the brand further established technical centers in Japan (Osaka), the United States (Ohio, Akron), Germany (Hannover), Korea (Daejon), and China.

There are Hankook manufacturing offices in Hungary, Indonesia, and other parts of the world with further growth. Now, Hankook appears to be among the top suppliers of tires as Original Equipment (OE) to different carmakers.

Thus, the brand has partnerships with various industry giants like Ram, Chevrolet, Toyota, Lincoln, and Ford automakers. The company reportedly supplies up to 102 million tires each year, alongside its other products.

Apart from the sales of tires, Hankook is further involved in the supply of alloy wheels, batteries, and brake pads. The involvement of this brand in motorsports further stirred more buyers, as this company joined motorsports in North America, Europe, and Asia.

In essence, Hankook tires became the supplier of a few racing groups and notably became the series sponsor of the famous Scottish Rallying Championship. The brand holds various awards, with the 2020 Red Dot Design Award on the Hankook Dynapro MT2 RT05 being one of its latest achievements.

Popular Hankook Tires?

Hankook tires come in a wide variety, as the brand supplies tires for various car makes. Thus, you can look through the many options available and find suitable ones for your vehicle’s tire replacements.

That being said, here are four main categories of Hankook tires that are available.

Bus/Truck Tires

Hankook DMO6 Tires

This tire (DMO6) emerges as one excellent choice for folks who seek suitable tire replacement options for their trucks. This product comes constructed with great technological features. Thus, you would find that there are lateral groove designs that effectively promote the mileage. 

With such a lateral tire pattern, you can rest assured that sufficient traction will be as you hit the road. Again, the stable-shaped footprint would allow even tire wear in the long run, and this tire comes in varying sizes.

Hankook e-cube DL10

Another tire that Hankook supplies truck drivers are the e-cube DL10, and it is an excellent option that offers extended performances. In a bid to prevent irregular wear, this product comes constructed with a shoulder block.

For added traction, the optimum tie-bar of this tire does an outstanding job, and you can expect the deep grooves and extra-wide blocks to support high mileage. Hence, the low rolling resistance resulting from block supporters of this car tire can effectively improve the car’s fuel efficiency.

Passenger Car Tires

Hankook Ventus V12 evo2

Whether you seek a suitable tire for sports driving or an option that would suit your daily drive experience, you can rely on the Ventus V12 evo2 tire that Hankook supplies. This product appears pretty famous for its safe performance at a very high speed.

The good news is that this car tire supports smooth driving with its quietness, and it does an excellent job in dry and wet conditions. Since tire alignments appear pretty crucial, you can rely on the “red dots” indicators to give off accurate details of your vehicle’s tire alignment status.

Hankook Optimo ME02

Various Hankook tires reviews suggest Optimo ME02 be one of the best options for passenger cars. It comes constructed with excellent durability, possessing upgraded heat-resisting features. Drivers can enjoy great comfort and a smooth ride, as this tire supports reduced noise on the road.

This product is eco-friendly and can effectively work in both dry and wet conditions. With its rib shoulder block, you can rest assured that there would be no such issues as abnormal wear or even tears.

Transporter Tires

Hankook Vantra LT

Hankook holds a wide range of car tires for vans, and one of such excellent products is the Vantra LT. this tire comes constructed to offer improved durability. Most persons like its maximized performances across wet conditions.

The good news is that this product comes optimized for excellent mileage longevity, and as such, it offers great value for your money. Furthermore, this tire comes constructed with 3-channel grooves that are wide, improving performance and ensuring safe driving even at high speeds.

Hankook Dynapro HT

This all-seasoned tire supports smooth and powerful rides and keeps drivers comfy as they hit the road. Thanks to its low rolling resistance, you can enjoy improved fuel efficiency. Since this tire offers excellent snow traction, car owners can effectively drive across during winter.

The specialized treadwear supports excellent mileage longevity, much more with the multi-depth lateral lugs. Furthermore, this car tire comes bearing a high stiffness block at the center, which improves the steering responses as you drive.

SUV Tires

Hankook Dynapro AT2

This tire emerges from various Hankook reviews as the new standard of most all-terrain tires within the industry. The good news is that this tire works effectively for all seasons, and the new technology from this brand ensures that the noise appears reduced while driving.

Some sipes and grooves appear multi-directional, arranged to offer excellent traction. Thanks to the biting block edge, this tire effectively takes drivers through winter and offers great traction for rides through the snow.

Hankook Dynapro HP2

The comfortable and smooth ride that comes from using this tire makes it one of the top choices that most persons go after. Interestingly, this tire offers optimized mileage longevity and supports improved handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Thus, the Hankook Dynapro HP2 resists aquaplaning and hydroplaning performances aided by its “straight 4-channel waterway.” The center tread blocks appear stiff and further offers precise steering. It is a good catch that would meet all your driving requirements.

hankook tires review


Are Hankook tires good?

Hankook tires are excellent options that you can find in the market, as the manufacturer utilizes top-quality materials for active production. Again, this brand integrates drivers’ experiences into the supply of top-performing tires with high technological features.

Not to worry about the costs of Hankook tires, the brand holds a line of budget-friendly options that would suit a wide range of cars irrespective of their makes or models. Since this company doesn’t compromise the quality of their products, you can expect such tires to perform their duty duly.

Does Michelin make Hankook tires?

Hankook tires are products of the famous South Korean company, Hankook Tire Company (formerly known as Chosun Tire Company), founded by Chong Hong Jai. However, reports suggest that the French tire maker Michelin was in partnership with Hankook tires.

This partnership was said to have kicked off in 2003, and Michelin later handled a 6.24% stake in this company later in 2006. Nevertheless, this partnership ended eight years later, as Michelin exited the deal worth $555.7 million. 

What tire company makes Hankook tires?

Hankook tires are products of the famous Hankook Tires Company, a South Korean firm that appears among the top suppliers of car tires worldwide. This brand kicked off in 1941 and has since produced a wide range of tires for light trucks, passenger cars, and SUVs.

Interestingly, this brand utilizes top-quality materials for its production and makes use of top tech features. Hence, you can rest assured that Hankook tires would duly perform their job and offer excellent value for your money.

Is Hankook a premium tire?

Hankook tires emerge as premium brands of the famous South Korean company, and as such, it is among the top tire manufacturer worldwide. Kindly note that this tire brand happens to be the OE supplier of some automakers.

Thus, you should know that Hankook tires hold partnerships with car manufacturers like Porche, Ram, Audi, Lincoln, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz. Something else that you should know is that Hankook tires come at fair prices, even with the great value they offer.

Is Hankook better than Michelin?

If you compare Hankook vs. Michelin tires, it will interest you to know that both brands are among the many options easily accessible in the market. Although Michelin tires show great records for superior handling, durability, and improved mileage, you can expect Hankook tires to hold such excellent features too.

One renowned feature Hankook tires appear known for is their excellent grip on the road. The traction in wet and dry conditions is pretty amazing. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of tire options from both brands.

Final Words

Hankook tires emerged as one of the top suppliers of tires, including OEs for different automakers. Hence, this brand’s tires appear to be durable and famous for their excellent traction. Nevertheless, some folks know very little about who makes Hankook tires.

If you are one of such persons, please know that this brand’s tires are products of Hankook Tires Company, a renowned South Korean brand that supplies other products like brake pads and car batteries. You can look through the many tire options from this brand for a suitable tire replacement.


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