Who Makes Lincoln Car and SUV?

Luxurious cars are among the top attractive options equipped with excellent engine power, good interior designs, and superior technologies. Lincoln offers nothing less than one of the best luxury vehicles available, and it may interest you to know who makes Lincoln.

Whether as a new or used car, Lincoln vehicles keep evolving into a great line of automobiles, much more with the arrival of their all-electric vehicle in 2020 with their iconic automobiles, among the top competitors in the market.

Are you a car enthusiast interested in Lincoln cars and wish to acquire intimate knowledge of the brand? Well, this piece highlights the manufacturer of Lincoln and other exciting details about this automobile brand.

A Brief History of Lincoln Cars

Lincoln started in the year 1917, pioneered by Henry Leland and Wilfred, his son. The name of this car brand was after the ex-American President Abraham Lincoln, being the first president Leland ever voted (during the elections in 1864).

The company’s finance emerged from the Liberty V12 aircraft engine contract worth $10 million. The firm also secured car parts from other top manufacturers after setting up a manufacturing plant in Detroit.

Then, the engine cylinders were from Ford, and Buick, Marmon, Packard, and Cadillac also provided some other crucial parts. At the end of World War I, Lincoln Motor Company had about 6,500 Liberty V12 engines assembled with roughly 6,000 workers.

However, the firm decided to reorganize and continue as an automobile manufacturer in 1920 (January 26). Then, the first Lincoln car, the Lincoln Model L, emerged on the 16th of September within that same year.

The transition wasn’t a smooth experience for Lincoln Motor Company, and they were almost bankrupt in 1922. Nevertheless, Ford decided to purchase this company due to the influence of Edsel Ford for the price of $8 million (as of then) on the 4th of February, 1922.

This acquisition provided Ford Motor Company with a sole luxury brand, and this car line introduced 7,857 vehicles in 1923. A great leap was the use of Lincoln Model L as the first state limousine for the office of the president of the United States (1924).

Further in the 1930s, the brand expanded from one to two model lines with the introduction of Model K. there were ups and downs, much more with the recession in the 1960s, causing the brand to lose some considerable money.

Nevertheless, the 21st century revealed a significant transition for Lincoln with the Lincoln Navigator SUV and other top models. With further expansion of the brand and various rebranding, Lincoln now offers top-quality luxury cars across the globe.

who makes lincoln cars
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Who Makes Lincoln Cars & SUVs?

Ford Motor Company owns the Lincoln car brand as a luxury arm of the company. Ford is among the top American multinational automaker founded by Henry Ford. Incorporated in 1903, the firm has been involved in the sales of commercial vehicles and automobiles.

This motor company has its headquarters in Dearborn, Detroit, and has various joint ventures across different parts of the world. Based on the 2015 vehicle production, Ford appears as the second-largest American-based automaker and fifth globally.

As a division of Ford, Lincoln has various assembly plants in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and this is where the brand manufactures all its vehicles. The Lincoln MKX and MKT, the two crossover vehicles from the brand, are manufactured in Oakville, Ontario (in Canada).

Kindly note that this site in Canada now builds crossovers for Ford and Lincoln car divisions. Then, the Ford assembly and stamping facility in Sonora, Mexico, manufactures the mid-size luxury sedan, Lincoln MKZ, including the 2020 Lincoln MKZ, and various Ford mid-size cars like the Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion.

One of the most extended operating plants of this brand is the Chicago plant (since 1924), and they handle the assembling of the MKS luxury sedan. Interestingly, there have been consequent expansions with various production and distribution hubs around the world.

Who Makes Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator appears as one of the luxury SUVs available in the market, primarily sold within North America. So, who makes Lincoln Navigator? This car model is also a product of Ford Motor Company, and the Lincoln brand has been selling cars from this model since 1998.

This section of Lincoln happens to be one of the heaviest in production, with the most significant cargo capacity. Again, this car model became the first non-limousine that could serve more than six persons.

Kindly note that the models from 1997 have their parts sourced from the Michigan Assembly Plant. Nevertheless, the Lincoln Navigator for sale in the market since 2009 has its parts sourced from the Truck Plant in Kentucky.

Some excellent options that you can find include the Lincoln Navigator Black Label, Lincoln Standard, and Lincoln Reserve. You can also check the Lincoln Navigator 2021 reviews to learn more about the specs and features of this car model.


Q: Does Ford still own Lincoln?

Ford still appears to be the owner of Lincoln, as this brand appears as a luxury section of the Motor Company. Since the acquisition of Lincoln in 1922, there have been introductions of various luxury cars.

The Lincoln vehicles appear to be among the top options available in the market, and folks who use such luxury options like their comfort features and excellent performance. The brand has various manufacturing plants and distribution locations across the world.

Q: Is Lincoln a good car brand?

Lincoln is a good luxury vehicle brand, ranked as the most reliable SUV on reliable cars compiled by Consumer Reports. Although its rating appeared average amongst that of the other competitors in the market, this seems fair.

Folks can rely on this brand to provide one of the best products, equipped with leading technology—most car owners like the interiors of the Lincoln car line, as well as its efficient engine. Since the brand is from the second top American automobile manufacturer, you can rest assured that it is a great choice.

Q: Is Lincoln a GM product?

Lincoln is a luxury section of Ford Motor Company and does not belong to General Motors. Kindly note that this manufacturer named Lincoln emerged in 1917 and started as a manufacturing company for airplane engines in the United States. Later, Lincoln began producing automobiles with the introduction of its first brand in 1920.

This car brand became a part of Ford in 1922 and had been supplying various luxurious car models. Nevertheless, General Motors also have their luxury division, Cadillac, sold to them by Henry Leland in 1909.

Q: What cars does Lincoln still make?

Lincoln still makes outstanding cars under Ford and keeps introducing several fantastic models into the market since 1922. The brand expansion now features a significant portfolio of SUVs and electric vehicles.

These American luxury cars take note of consumers’ comfort, and you can notice some improvements in the 2021 Lincoln Corsair, 2021 Lincoln Aviator, and 2021 Lincoln Nautilus.

Q: Is Lincoln going out of business?

Lincoln does not appear to be going out of business. Instead, there would be the introduction of new luxury car lineups. The brand keeps witnessing tremendous changes since it became part of Ford Motor Company.

 Nevertheless, Ford announced the discontinuation of the Continental model, with the 2020 Lincoln Continental being the last from this line. However, there would be a significant transition to the lineup of electric luxury vehicles, starting with the debut of the EV SUV by 2022.

Q: Are Lincolns made in the USA?

Ford Motor Company owns the Lincoln car brand, with its headquarters in Detroit, US. Kindly note that this brand named Ford is among the top American multinational automakers founded by Henry Ford. Since its incorporation in 1903, the firm has been involved in the sales of automobiles.

Based on the 2015 vehicle production, Ford appears as the second-largest American-based automaker and fifth globally. There also have various manufacturing plants within North America and China.

Q: What is the most reliable Lincoln?

Lincoln, as a brand, has fair reliability, as they come constructed with superior technology. Nevertheless, some of the finest models available in the market include Lincoln Nautilus, 2020 Lincoln Aviator, 2021 Lincoln Navigator, and 2020 Lincoln Corsair.

You can also find some other options that come with excellent features. If you are not sure of the exact model you want, you should go through the specs of the available options and consider your budget.

Q: What’s better, Lincoln or Cadillac?

Lincoln has a fair rating (4) for its reliability as compiled by Consumer’s Report 2015. Nevertheless, Cadillac emerged with a higher rating, having 3.5 on a scale of five. Both brands are luxury options from the top two automobile manufacturers in the United States.

Lincoln is a brand of Ford Motor Company, and Cadillac is a brand from General Motors. Still, both brands have their distinctive features and still offer excellent performance.

Q: Is Lincoln an older person’s car?

Lincoln is not necessarily a brand for old folks, but these cars have buyers within the average age of 61. Most persons consider vehicles to be “an old person car” if they seem to appeal to older people more than they do to the younger folks.

Even with such stereotypes, Lincoln has concurrently improved their car models. Now, you can find these vehicles with excellent features and technologies that would appeal to the younger generation.

Q: Are Buick and Lincoln the same company?

Both Buick and Lincoln are luxury brands that manufacture and distribute high-performance vehicles. Nevertheless, Lincoln remains the luxury brand for Ford Motor Company while Buick belongs to General Motors.

Kindly note that these brands compete with each other and their parent company is among the top automobile manufacturers in the United States. Still, they have distinctive features that make them stand out.

Q: Are Lincolns expensive to fix?

Lincoln is a luxury brand, and as such, you should expect these cars to have expensive repair costs. You can find the average price for repairs for Lincoln cars to fall around $879, which seems like the average ownership cost.

The car parts would appear pricey, depending on the exact one you may need to replace. Nevertheless, you can access warranty services at a Lincoln dealership, which can help reduce some maintenance costs.

Final Words

Lincoln car brand is among the top luxury cars in the market, manufactured by Ford Motor Company since 1922. The brand has consistently introduced prominent models like the Lincoln Continental, Lincoln MKC, Lincoln Aviator, and Lincoln Corsair.

These cars are manufactured from different Ford manufacturing plants within North America and China and sold around the globe. Kindly read through this piece to learn more about who makes Lincoln and other interesting facts about this vehicle brand.

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