15 Most Expensive Car Repairs You Should Know

Often, most folks get pretty disturbed when their vehicle or some car parts develop some faults. Aside from the inconvenience these vehicle faults cause, the cost of repairs scares the hell out of some car owners. If you are one such person, it will help you learn about the most expensive car repairs.

With your frequent car use, you may notice some issues that would need quick fixing. Undoubtedly, only a few car repairs appear less expensive, but it is not something that you can avoid.

However, some of these vehicle fixings cost higher than others. The cost depends on the car part involved and the extent of the damage. Good knowledge of the priciest car repairs would help you make a perfect budget for such needs.

Again, such knowledge would enhance your decision in buying a used car, as you may want to avoid vehicles with the most expensive car parts replacement. Nevertheless, this piece would reveal some of the repairs that are likely to cost vast sums.

Top 15 Most Expensive Car Repairs

Car repairs blow the budget of car owners faster, as only a few of such appear less expensive. You may get subjected to paying huge sums in fixing some engine problems or other issues, much more, if there is no applicable warranty to reduce such cost.

Nevertheless, you would need to repair your vehicle in bad shape to ensure you enjoy a smooth and safe ride. Thus, below are the top most common car repairs that appear very costly. 

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Engine Failure

Most car owners get the shock of their life when they hear that their vehicle’s engine is damaged. It is like this due to the cost of replacing the engine; apparently, the engine seems like one of the most expensive car parts to sell. A new engine may cost around $7,500 or even more for luxury cars and vehicles with diesel engines.

Nevertheless, vehicles’ engines come with a life expectancy that covers drives across 100,000 miles or ten years. Still, poor maintenance may cause the engine to develop prematurely; hence, the need for such costly replacement.

Critical Cylinder Failure

If your car is currently facing some intricate cylinder failure, there are chances that you would spend a considerable amount to salvage this problem. A faulty cylinder often results from contaminants within that start degrading the fittings and seals of your car’s cylinder block.

Thus, car owners need to take proper maintenance routine to ensure that the cylinder remains in good shape. Kindly ensure that this area of the vehicle gets inspected by the auto mechanic when you conduct routine checks. Failure to do so may cause you to spend around $7,000 o $10,000 depending on the extent of the damage.


A failed transmission would mean that you can’t drive anywhere, as this complex system works well in converting the power from the engine to a usable form of energy. This converted energy is what the car’s driveshaft uses in powering the wheels.

Thus, it is recommendable to fix issues with the transmission after noticing some bad transmission symptoms. However, you may need to spend a considerable amount of money on doing so. Replacing a wholly damaged transmission would cause you to budget between $4,000 to $5,000.

An Engine Rebuild

The engine of cars appears as one of the most crucial parts of the vehicle. It works with other components that offer a smooth drive. Thus, when the engine develops some faults, you can expect some additional features to stop functioning.

Problems associated with the vehicle’s engine holds one of the most expensive car repair cost, as it works as the heart of the car. However, it may appear cheaper to get an engine rebuild rather than replace the entire engine. Still, you may need to pay about $4,000 or even more to get this job done.


Airbags are an essential safety component in vehicles that rarely face wear and tear since they do not get exposed to the elements. The car’s airbags prevent folks from sustaining severe injuries and may get deployed if your vehicle had a crash. 

Fixing this issue involves a considerable cost, often around $2,500 to $4,000. You may even spend more on cars with intricate airbag designs that may include replacing the glove box and steering wheel.

Fixing the Car’s Suspension

A car’s suspension system often consists of struts, springs, shocks, a control arm, and rods that work well in absorbing the effects of the vehicle hitting road bumps. Such impacts would often cause the suspension to start weakening and wearing out with time.

Thus, the need for a complete overhaul of the vehicle’s suspension, which appears between $2,500 to $3,500. You may be wondering, such expensive car repairs, is it worth the trouble? Well, it is, and this would prevent further damage to the car.

Camshaft Repairs

The camshaft of vehicles takes charge of the engine’s air intake control and may often get damaged if clogged by dirt and debris. Thus, car owners need to maintain this area of the car to prevent it from falling.

In a complete camshaft failure case, there would be a need for a suitable replacement, which would be a hefty bill for the repair labor. So, buying and fixing the new camshaft would require about $1,500 to $3,000.

Failed Head Gasket

Even though the head gasket part may only cost a few hundred dollars, the work involved in replacing this car part seems hectic. Thus, various auto mechanics charge much due to the labor-intensive tasks involved. 

Thus, replacing a failed head gasket may cost between $1,500 and $ 3,000. Nevertheless, you can easily avoid such problems if you maintain your vehicle regularly, keeping an eye on the engine to prevent overheating and excessive pressure.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is the eco-friendly part of the vehicle that turns the waste emissions from the car into less harmful gases. Thus, it is compulsory to have this car part working correctly at all times.

The value of this vehicle part makes it pretty costly, and as such, you would be spending a considerable amount replacing it if damaged. The average cost for a catalytic converter replacement is around $1,500, and kindly note that there would be no chance for repair; only a replacement would be suitable.

The Engine Control Module

Have you ever wondered why some sensors in the vehicle suddenly start malfunctioning? Well, it could be issued with then ECM. This part of the car handles the sensors from the engine’s bay while managing the air-fuel mixture.

Fixing issues with the ECM may seem like one of the most expensive car engine repairs. In extreme cases, you would need a new ECM, which could cost a fortune. Replacing the ECM may cause you to spend around $1,236 and $1,283.

Replacing the Clutch Assembly

When it comes to disengaging and engaging the driving components of the shaft, although the clutch appears pretty durable, you can find it wearing out with time. Thus, it helps never to ignore the warning signs and symptoms of a faulty clutch.

The clutch replacement costs a fortune, as it involves so much work and may appear as actual pain. Kindly note that you may spend about $1,030 to $1,358 to get this issue solved. Nevertheless, you may get the parts and replace them yourself if you are keen on saving some bucks. The clutch part would still come pretty pricey.

Brake Line Issues

One integral part of the car’s braking system is the brake line found around the engine compartment. This part of the car appears durable, and its life expectancy should be as long as the vehicle lasts.

Nevertheless, your car’s brake lines may suddenly develop some faults that would need a quick fix. Kindly note, the brake itself may appear inexpensive but relacing the brake line would cost you a fortune. You are likely to spend about $1,000 to get the damaged brake lines replaced.

Replacing the Fuel Injectors

A proper mixture of air and fuel in the combustion chambers would create optimal combustion for starting the vehicle. For this to occur, the fuel injectors must be in good shape and function optimally. 

The fuel injectors are controlled electrically, and they spray the fuel in the proper quantity, pattern, and pressure for the engine to function optimally. Thus, a bad fuel injector would cause some problems, and replacing the fuel injectors seem costly, costing between $814 and $1,329.

Replacing the Alternator

When you start noticing a few symptoms of a faulty alternator, it would be a great idea to check if your vehicle’s alternator is still in good shape. Remember, a dead car alternator would automatically cause the entire electrical system to become inactive.

It is common for folks to use their vehicle’s alternator for drives across 50,000 to 100,000 miles before replacing them. If damaged, you would need to replace the alternator, and that would often incur some vast costs. The estimated cost for such replacements is around $401 to $802.

AC Compressor Issues

For folks who live in areas with a hot climate, you can tell that summer gets hot, and driving would appear uncomfortable if not for the help of the car’s AC. Nevertheless, the issues you face with your vehicle’s AC may be due to a faulty AC compressor.

Thus, it may seem impossible to split up the high- and low-pressure air and use Freon for cooling the inside of the car. Such a problem often arises when the rods and valves within the compressor break. So, you may need to replace this part of the vehicle, budgeting around $500 or more.

Spare Parts and Repair Cost

Cars have varying costs for maintenance and repairs depending on their makes and models. Thus, you may need to have a different budget for changing the part from a Nissan vehicle to that of a Toyota car. Nevertheless, here is a glimpse of what you should expect when there is a need to repair your car.

S/N Part Name Car Make Car Model Part Price Range (Approx.) Labor Cost Range (Approx.) Total Cost
1 Head gasket BMW BMW 330i $512 $2,009-$2,534 $2,521 -$3,046
2 Fuel Injector Cadillac Cadillac Escalade $643 $200-$252 $843-$896
3 Engine mount Mercedes Benz C300 $329 $663-$836 $991-$1,165
4 AC compressor Audi Audi A4 $1,011 $151-$192 $1,163-$1,203
5 Alternator Honda Honda Accord $540 $83-$104 $623-$64  
6 Camshaft Toyota Toyota Corolla $483 $502-$633 $985-$1,116  
7 Brake line Hyundai Hyundai Elantra $197 $75-$95 $272-$292  
8 Clutch Jeep Jeep Wrangler $904 $471-$594 $1,374-$1,498  
9 Catalytic converter Toyota Toyota Prius $1,947 $83-$105 $2,032-$2,052  
10 Suspension strut or shock Dodge Dodge Ram $438 $97-$122 $535-$560
11 Head gasket Chrysler Chrysler 300 $266 $735-$927 $1,002-$1,194
12 Clutch Pontiac Pontiac Vibe $519 $550-$694 $1,069-$1,213
13 Transmission Dodge Dodge Caravan $1,712-$3,289 $88-$111 $1,800-$3,400

Kindly note that some of these car companies, like the Hyundai Motor Company, Mazda Motor Corporation, and Ford Motor Company, come with excellent warranties that cover some damages.

Thus, you are likely to spend less if you still have your car warranty covering a few costs. However, you may find the warranty exempting damages due to poor maintenance. 

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Q: What are the most common car repairs?

Most car owners’ common car repairs include oxygen sensor replacement, spark plug replacement, spark plug wire repairs, catalytic converter replacement, and thermostat repairs.

It is common for these parts of the car to develop some faults with constant use of the vehicle. Nevertheless, you can reduce the regular repairs and replacements by keeping a good maintenance routine.

Q: What is the hardest thing to fix on a car?

One of the hardest things that you can fix in a car is the vehicle’s body when damaged. It involves excellent skills to make the vehicle’s body look good again. Another issue is the clutch, as you have to take out a few components before reaching the clutch. 

By now, you should know that the clutch needs a suitable replacement after every 30,000km due to wear and tear. Aside from these, working on the AC and replacing a damaged engine may seem pretty tough.

Q: What can I do if my car is too expensive to fix?

It is often a problem if the car repair seems overly expensive; thus, you should first determine if the repair is worth it. Then, you should try to negotiate with your auto mechanic to see if you can get some discounts. With such deals, you can save some costs.

Again, you may ask the repairer if you can make payments in installments. Nevertheless, it is pretty sensible to invest in good car insurance to help you in such a situation.

Q: Is it worth fixing your own car?

Car repairs may appear pretty expensive, much more than the cost of labor charged by auto mechanics. Thus, you may save some cost fixing the issue yourself, but this involves excellent knowledge and skill.

Again, some intricate car repairs would need the attention of expert auto mechanics. In such a case, it would be worth it to allow these car experts to fix the issue to prevent further damage.

Q: Which cars last the longest?

You can find cars from the Honda motor company to be pretty durable and last long. Other car brands that seem to last long include Toyota, Ford, Lexus, GMC, Nissan, Chevrolet, Lincoln, and Subaru.

These vehicles come constructed with top-quality materials and have various excellent features. With a good maintenance routine, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your ride for an extended period.

Final Words

Cars come with outstanding features and technologies that allow a smooth ride. Nevertheless, vehicles are bound to develop some faults once in a while, which would require quick repair.

These repairs vary, with some having a higher cost than others. Thus, it would be best to learn about the most expensive car repairs, as this can help you make a reasonable budget for such repairs when the need arises.


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