10 Best HID Ballast Reviews and Complete Guide 2024

Most drivers are switching to high-intensity discharge lighting due to the amazing output these lights provide. They are excellent for different car light types, which need ample lighting, especially the headlights. When you get the HID lights, you will notice that they come with a box-like device, which is quite heavy. This item is the HID ballast. When getting a replacement for your lights, it is advisable to go for the best hid ballast.

What is the HID ballast’s main purpose in lighting? You may ask. It is an essential component of the HID lighting system, where it helps in current regulation and maintaining the voltage. This role is critical for the best performance of your lighting unit. As earlier mentioned, you should have your eyes set on the best hid ballast when looking for one. Based on our experience, we bring you a review of the best to help you get the right kit when installing HID headlights or a similar hid car light.

The Best HID Ballast

01. Xentec Slim HID Ballast

When looking for the best hid ballast in the market, top of your list to consider should be the Xentec Slim HID ballast. It is a simple yet effective HID light component, coming in a compact shape. One of the things you will benefit from this part is how easy it is to install. You do not need some mechanical know-how to pull its installation effectively, and you can follow a guide to know how to do it correctly. Its small body and lightweight further makes installation an effortless engagement.

Another great feature about the Xentec Slim HID ballast is that it is water-resistant. It means it won’t malfunction on exposure to water like most HID fixtures and makes it more durable. The HID ballast is also highly compatible with many HID bulbs, translating to versatility. This Xentec ballast has amperage of 85 amps and 12 volts, which contribute to stable working. The stability maintains light brightness.

  • The HID ballast is easy to install.
  • A durable build, translating to lengthy service.
  • It has a covering, which makes it water-resistant.
  • Highly compatible with many HID bulbs.
  • Stable functioning.
  • The ballast is quite lightweight, translating to easy handling.
  • The ballast tends to melt with poor use, which may affect light production.

02. Genxenon Replacement For Toyota And Lexus Xenon Hid Ballast

Versatility is an excellent feature to look at when getting a HID ballast for your lights. The GenXenon replacement for Toyota and Lexus xenon hid ballast for headlight is one of the most versatile ballasts you will encounter. It works with several Toyota and Lexus models and can also go to either the left or right headlight. It works with several HID lights, bringing on its stability, ensuring you have a sustained bright light.

A feature you will appreciate about this fixture is that it is easy to install. It is a plug and play installation, meaning you do not need to program or code your car to fix this ballast. It is very durable due to its sturdy construction; hence, it will serve you for a long time. This ballast will give you value for your money, where you bid goodbye to dim or malfunctioning headlights.

  • Installation is very simple.
  • It has a sturdy build, making it durable.
  • Works with many Toyota and Lexus models.
  • You can use it for either the right or left headlight.
  • This ballast will maintain your light’s brightness due to its stability.
  • No need for car programming when installing it.
  • The ballast may fail to work if not correctly installed.

03. Xentec 9005 600k Digital Slim Ballast

The Xentec 9005 600k digital slim ballast is one of the best hid kits 2021 when you pay attention to features like adaptability and durability. In adaptability, this HID kit will work perfectly with several light types like h1, h3, h11, h12, h16, 9004, 9005 and 9007, and many more. This means if you get this kit, there is a high chance that it will work with the bulbs installed on your vehicle.

It is very durable, featuring a zinc alloy casing, which also provides excellent cooling. It is also water-resistant; as such, water or any moisture won’t get into the way of its operation. Having this HID ballast guarantees you lengthy service. Installation is hassle-free, with its slim body being a contributing factor.

The ballast kit comes with bulbs and other accessories, giving you a decent value for your purchase. Among the available accessories include bridge ballast and car harness, and is a contributor behind the ease of installation. It is a great kit if you want to diversify your fog light color, and it boasts of an amazing color temperature.

  • The HID ballast is compatible with many bulb types.
  • The package comes with bulbs and other accessories.
  • The ballast is durable courtesy of the zinc alloy casing, which also promotes cooling.
  • The digital ballast is very consistent in its output.
  • Installation is an easy process.
  • A slim build makes it manageable.
  • The lights might show some slight flashing.

04. GenXenon Replacement Xenon HID Ballast For BMW, Mercedes, And Audi

The GenXenon replacement Xenon HID ballast for BMW, Mercedes and Audi is an excellent replacement, which gives you the best functionality. You can easily install it, and you do not need to pre-code or pre-program your car to have this installation. It is a versatile component, seeing that it can work with different car models like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, and Audi, both old and new. You may also install it on either the right or left-hand side, and it will still work perfectly.

This ballast has a consistent output, which you will notice through the headlights’ stable intensity. They will remain bright, with no signs of flashing. It has a hardy build meant to last you for a long time without considering a replacement. Before using this HID ballast, it is advisable to try it on both headlights to ensure that the bulbs and the kit are in good shape.

  • Installation is a simple engagement.
  • A very durable HID ballast.
  • The ballast works with different car models.
  • It has a consistent output.
  • No need to program the car when fixing this component.
  • You might notice a difference in light brightness and, at times, the color of your headlights.

05. GenXenon Replacement Xenon HID Ballast For Mazda, Acura, And Mitsubishi

If you want value for your spending when getting a HID ballast, GenXenon replacement xenon HID ballast for Mazda Acura, and Mitsubishi is the perfect kit. What makes it stand out is its excellent performance, especially when judging by the light output. Its stable performance ensures you do not encounter issues like flickering headlights, which can be a problem when driving.

This HID ballast is also versatile in that it works with different HID bulbs and compatible with many car models, like Acura, Mazda, and Mitsubishi. You can fit this kit into any of the headlights, right or lefts, and it will work perfectly. Installation is a simple engagement and does not require you to program your car, plug, and play style. It is an excellent HID ballast replacement that will see your bulbs working to their best. A sturdy build makes it a long-lasting component, and you won’t have to worry about it getting spoilt.

  • Installation is an easy process.
  • The ballast is very durable, meaning it will serve you for a long time.
  • It has consistent output in terms of light intensity.
  • This HID light component fits perfectly to the right or left headlight.
  • You can use it with different vehicle models, both new and older ones.
  • Its sturdy construction makes it durable.
  • Despite being durable, it may unexpectedly stop working.

06. COROTC Super Slim Xenon HID Ballast

One of the benefits you stand to gain when you go for the COROTC super slim xenon HID ballast is boosted performance, which you will notice from how bright your lights will be. It is a perfect HID kit for projector lights, particularly if you want them to have a high intensity. It is a plug and play kit, meaning you do not have to stress yourself with programing or coding your car when installing this kit.

There is no need for modification as it comes in a pair, one for each headlight.

There is much dedication to its construction to make it sturdy and durable. You can notice this through its heat and water resistance properties. The versatility of this HID ballast kit is another thing that makes it one of the best HID ballast that you can get. It works well with H series bulbs like H1, H3C, H3, H9, H11, and H10. It is also compatible with the 9 series such as 9004, 9005, and 9006.

  • This HID ballast is very durable, combining heat resistance and waterproof qualities.
  • Plug and play installation.
  • Compatible with many bulb types, especially the H series and 9 series varieties.
  • They can make your lights brighter.
  • Protects your light system from issues like high or low voltage and electromagnetism.
  • It has varying wattage different from its indications.

07. Xenon HID Replacement Universal Ballast

The xenon HID replacement universal ballast is like its name hints; it is a universal installation that will work with different halogen lamps and car models. It is a perfect companion for high-pressure gas discharge lamps, and it will enhance its illumination power. This feature makes this HID ballast an excellent option if you want brighter lights. Working with xenon lamps means you will have a brighter intensity than the standard halogen lamps.

You will also appreciate that its installation is a walk in the park, and if you follow the instructions, you will have it working. The small structure and lightweight of this ballast contribute to the ease of installation. There is also its high adaptability, where you can use it for different bulbs like H1, H3, H4, H8, H10, and many more. It also works with various color temperatures, for example, 3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 6000k, and 8000k.

  • The HID ballast enhances light brightness.
  • You can use it for different car models.
  • Works with various bulbs, more so under the H series.
  • Easy to install.
  • Consistent light discharge.
  • The ballast is long-lasting.
  • It won’t work with some bulbs, particularly those which are not of the H series.

08. Xentec Universal Ballast

A universal HID ballast saves you from the hassles of a poor fit, which is an experience many have when getting this essential lighting kit. The Xentec universal ballast is an ideal option when looking for a universal HID ballast, and it will work with several car models. However, in some, you will need minor modifications.

Something you will love about the Xentec universal ballast is the enhanced light intensity. When installed, the headlights will shine bright, making it a good option if you want a stable and strong light output. The ballast kit will work with various car models and different bulbs. Some of the bulbs it supports include those in the H series, 9 series, and 800 series. It is also compatible with different color temperatures like 3000k, 4300k, 6000k, and 8000k.

  • Easy to install.
  • It is universal, meaning it will work with various bulbs and cars.
  • The HID kit is very durable.
  • Enhanced light intensity.
  • It has waterproof properties, further making it long-lasting.
  • You may need an adapter or some modifications for it to work with some vehicle makes.

09. Xentec Alloy Advanced Slim Ballast

User-friendliness is one of the critical factors to look at when getting the best HID ballast for your car. Xentec alloy advanced slim ballast is one of the best when looking at user-friendliness, which is evident in different aspects. One of the aspects that hint at its convenience is its compatibility with any 35w Xentec HID bulb. If you use this brand of bulbs, then the Xentec alloy advanced slim ballast is a perfect choice.

Its performance is excellent and reliable, giving you a super-bright 3100-lumen capability. You will also note that there is no flickering or shuffling of the lights. This ballast has a stable build, which you notice from characteristics like water and heat resistance. Additionally, it is also resistant to shock and rumble, which translates to lengthy service.

  • Compatible with various bulbs, especially the 35w Xentec HID bulb.
  • Produces a super bright intensity.
  • It features a robust build.
  • Shock, heat, water, and rumble resistance.
  • Installation is straightforward.
  • The ballast is very durable.
  • It may unexpectedly burn out.

10. Wrdlosy Super Slim HID Ballast

Wrdlosy super slim HID ballast is a great HID conversion kit that will work with your HID lights and standard halogen lights. The selling point of this ballast kit is that it will enhance the brightness of your car’s light. It brings on consistent output, stability, where you will not have flickering lights, and an improved visual range. The Wrdlosy super slim HID ballast is also very robust, evident from its water and heatproof qualities. It is also resistant to dust and aging, meaning it will serve you decently for long. It can work with a 12v car or motorcycle and is compatible with H, 9, and D series bulbs.

This ballast comes with simple wiring, making it easy to install; you do not need modifications to fix it to your car. When working, it won’t interfere with other units like the FM radio, a common thing that presents itself as poor reception.

  • It enhances your headlights’ brightness.
  • Consistent and stable light output.
  • Water, heat, dust, and aging proof.
  • This kit is long-lasting.
  • Straightforward installation.
  • It won’t interfere with the FM radio and other car systems.
  • Not compatible with 24V car systems.

Things to Consider Before Buying HID Ballast

When looking for the best HID ballast kit, you need to consider a lot of factors for you to get the right thing. To help you get the right kit, we give you a buying guide, which will show you some of the elements to consider when buying HID ballast.


The first factor to look at when looking for an ideal HID ballast should be the price. Let your budget guide you to the right kit that will offer you the best value. As is the norm, a high-quality component has a higher cost, though it offers the best value. With this part, do not go for second-hand varieties. They may be faulty and can even damage the car lighting unit.

Bulb and Car Compatibility

You should also look at the compatibility of the ballast to the vehicle and the bulbs it uses. Some will only work with select vehicles and bulbs, meaning if you do not get the right kit, it won’t function. There are the universal HID ballast types, which work with various cars and bulbs, though they may need slight modifications, like having adapters.


The wattage value determines the intensity of your bulbs. If you want high-intensity lights that are bright, you should go for kits with a high watt value. You will find that the most common wattage value for these light fixtures is between 35w and 55w.


A durable ballast will serve you for a long spell without breaking down and will save you from replacement costs. Look at features like its casing and properties like water, heat, dust, and age resistance. A combination of these features will make you have a long-lasting installation that will not damage easily.

The Manufacturer

Some manufacturers take the top spot when it comes to producing various car installations. They have a good reputation due to quality, pricing, and also warranty. Some of the best HID ballasts when it comes to manufactures include GenXenon and Xentech HID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Is Better, AC Or DC HID Ballast?

AC ballasts run AC power while DC ballasts run DC power to the bulbs. AC ballasts produce brighter light intensity and bring along a lengthier life in both the bulbs and ballast. DC HID ballasts are cheaper. The AC variety is the best, though their prices are prohibitive to many who will go for the DC ballast.

Q: How Do I Know If My HID Ballast Is Bad?

There are several pointers of a bad HID ballast, and most of the time, it will show in the bulb. You may experience signs like dimming lights, or they will entirely go off. There can also be a flicker in the lighting. Other signs include a melted, swollen, or perforated casing. Should you encounter such issues, you may need to replace the HID ballast.

In case you think your HID ballast is not working, you should test it on other lights to rule out issues like a bad bulb or car battery death and alternator problems.

Q: Can I Use HID Bulbs Without Ballast?

HID bulbs need the ballast unit for them to function. The ballast plays an essential role in current control and prevents the bulbs from a high or low current. Most HID bulbs come with the ballast integrated into their unit. In short, the HID bulbs cannot function without the ballast.

Q: What Does Ballast Do For HID Lights?

The ballast is crucial to the HID lights and helps in their stability. They regulate the electricity flow, preventing an overflow or underflow, which may lead to dimming lights or burning the lights in severe situations. Some help make the lights brighter.

Q: Is 35w HID Better Than 55w?

35w is a lesser power value compared to 55w. However, it works fine on the road, producing bright light, though the 55w HID will be brighter. The 35w is better than 55w when you look at areas like longevity and heat generation. It will serve you for a long time compared to the other one and also produces less heat.

Q: What Causes A HID Ballast To Fail?

There are many causes of an HID ballast malfunction, and most come about due to its environment. Extreme temperature changes and moisture are the main culprits. When it is too cold or hot, the ballast may fail to work the headlights. The same applies if it comes to contact with water. Also, the quality can be an issue, as there are rip-offs in the market, which will spoil in a few weeks.

Q: What Happens If You Touch The HID Bulb?

It is advisable not to touch the HID bulb or any other headlight bulb as you may leave some residue on its surface. The residue can bring up issues with visibility or lead to uneven heating, which will eventually cause the bulb to burn out.

Q: Can HID lights harm your car?

HID lights will only harm your car if they are not the right fit or if you do the wiring poorly. Low-quality HID lights can cause damage to the lens or even cause a power surge, which can cause short-circuiting.

Final Words

HID lights are some of the best car lights, well-known for their brightness and longevity. A crucial component of the HID bulb is the ballast, which plays a regulatory role in improving the bulbs’ lives. This article shows you some of the best HID ballasts that you can get to support your car lights. For the best service, ensure you fix it correctly and have a clean headlight for a decent light intensity when driving.


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